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The Stolen Eagle Quotes

The Stolen Eagle is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Stolen Eagle ended in 1970.

The Stolen Eagle Quotes

  • (Newsreader) "A fine reward is offered for the return of a slave woman, stolen or absconded, from the house of Marius Dolabella. Under the protection of Pompey Magnus and Julius Caesar, senate sits tomorrow. Be aware. No disorder will be tolerated."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Do you think of nothing but women?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "What else is there?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "Food, I s'pose."
  • (Mark Antony) "Lucius Vorenus. You have a brain. Or so the tribune's say --"
  • (Marcus Tullius Cicero) "When confronted by a hungry wolf, it is unwise to goad the beast, as Cato would have us do. But it is equally unwise to imagine the snarling animal a friend and offer your hand, as Pompey does."
  • (Pompey Magnus) "Perhaps you would have us climb a tree."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Me, I have simpler tastes. I like to kill my enemies, take their gold and enjoy their women."
  • (Marcus Junius Brutus) "Of course, you have to imagine, long hair down to here, huge moustasches, the most terriffic stench, they eat only raw meat and never wash. Though they do have one admirable custom, they settle their political disputes by a single combat to the death."
  • (Pompey Magnus) "Excellent idea."
  • (Marcus Junius Brutus) "Isn't it? Mother is always nagging me to attend politics."
  • (Servilia of the Junii) "Well it's been our family's tradition and duty for, uhm, five hundred years?"
  • (Marcus Junius Brutus) "Oh it's such dreadfully dull stuff. Now you see, if our senate conducted business in the German style I should certainly go and watch. Yeah, no tedious laws and endless debates, just swords, and daggers --"
  • (Gaius Octavian) "I am Gaius Octavian of the Julii. Great nephew of Julius Caesar."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Gaius who?"
  • (Gaius Octavian) "I am a Roman citizen of noble birth. And I order you to cut these ropes."
  • (Titus Pullo) "Say please."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Please."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Be assured you will be amply rewarded for your services to me."
  • (Titus Pullo) "See how good he talks?"
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "He's convincing, I'll give him that."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Caesar will prove who I am. Take me to him."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "We cannot do that as yet. We have orders."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "What orders?"
  • (Titus Pullo) "We are to retrieve Caesar's stolen eagle."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Caesar wouldn't pull a hair for his eagle. You're on a fool's errand."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "If Caesar doesn't care about the eagle, why did he send us to find it?"
  • (Gaius Octavian) "It would look strange if he made no efforts. Actually, losing the eagle is useful to Caesar."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Why would that be useful to Caesar?"
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Because Pompey is no deep philosopher. He will take a symbolic loss for a real weakness."
  • (Lucius Vorenus) "Explain."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "Caesar doesn't want to strike the first blow against an old friend, so he wishes to lure Pompey into attacking him first. Pompey will only do this if he believes Caesar is weak."
  • (Titus Pullo) "No. They're as good as brothers, those two."
  • (Gaius Octavian) "When Julia died, the last true bond between them was cut. Caesar has taken the love of the common people from Pompey, and that was his most prized possession. A battle is inevitable."
  • (Scipio) "What a dreadful noise plebs make when they're happy."
  • (Porcius Cato) "This is music. Wait until Caesar starts them howling for our blood. Then you'll hear something dreadful."
  • (Servilia of the Junii) "How is Caesar?"
  • (Marcus Junius Brutus) "Who?"
  • (Servilia of the Junii) "Don't be cruel. Is he well? Did he speak of me?"
  • (Marcus Junius Brutus) "Did he? I can't recall. I think not. He did write you a letter though."
  • (Servilia of the Junii) "Oh you beast."
  • (Mark Antony) "Ah, you've got brains, right?"

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