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The Substitute Quotes

The Substitute is a television show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Substitute ended its run in 1970.

It features Morrie Eisenman as producer, Gary Chang in charge of musical score, and Bruce Surtees as head of cinematography.

The Substitute is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Substitute is 114 minutes long. The Substitute is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Tom Berenger as Shale, Raymond Cruz as Joey, Marc Anthony as Juan Lacas, Ernie Hudson as Principal Claude Rolle, William Forsythe as Hollan, María Celedonio as Rodriguez, Glenn Plummer as Mr. Darrell Sherman, Peggy Pope as Hannah Dillon, Sharron Corley as Jerome Brown, Luis Guzmán as Rem, Richard Brooks as Wellman, and Cliff De Young as Matt Wolfson.

The Substitute Quotes

William Forsythe as Hollan

  • (William Forsythe) "Shale, I got four dead cowboys here, and one very f***ed-up looking Indian Johnny Glades. Can I put him out of his misery pretty-please?"

Luis Guzmán as Rem

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Tom Berenger as Shale

  • (Tom Berenger) "I'd like to know what area of history you're studying."
  • (Student) "The f*** you history."
  • (Tom Berenger) "I'm sorry about those windows."
  • (Peggy Pope) "Hey, f*** it."
  • (Tom Berenger) "And they said busing would never work."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Did you ever look up the word "mercenary"? It's someone who "works merely for money.""
  • (Raymond Cruz) "Everybody works for money."
  • (Tom Berenger) "It's not the money that bothers me; it's the "merely.""
  • (Tom Berenger) "You don't want soldiers, you want killers."
  • (Cliff De Young) "You know, you'll have to excuse me here Shale, 'cause I wasn't aware there was that much of a difference."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Oh, there's a difference. You wanna know what the difference is?"
  • (Cliff De Young) "Yeah, I'll play. You tell me what the difference is. But I don't want any --"
  • (Tom Berenger) "The difference is -- the difference is, you're still breathing."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Hey, that cereal really does work."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Tilt those little puppies over here, baby."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Ohh, I can't tell you boys how much I needed this."
  • (Marc Anthony) "When we're done, I want you to say 'I'm Sorry' 100 times."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Shh. No talking in the library."
  • (Tom Berenger) "I'm in charge of this class. I'm the warrior chief. I'm the merciless god of anything that stirs in my universe. You f*** with me, and you will suffer my wrath."

María Celedonio as Rodriguez

  • (María Celedonio) "Move that briefcase, I wanna see that beautiful ass."

Glenn Plummer as Mr. Darrell Sherman

  • (Glenn Plummer) "You're sellin' out your own people, motherf***er."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Sell out? You know what I see when I look at you, Darrell? I see me. I see me when I was young and stupid. Young man, I'm just doing you a favor."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "Rolle was a cop. He knows the law."
  • (Peggy Pope) "Yeah, that's right Darrell, you keep the faith."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "You're a liar."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "I know. It upset me too."
  • (Glenn Plummer) "So is this a personal mission, or a joint operation between the CIA and the PTA?"

Sharron Corley as Jerome Brown

  • (Sharron Corley) "Mr. Smith, you lost any homeboys?"
  • (Tom Berenger) "Yeah Jerome, I lost a few homeboys."

Ernie Hudson as Principal Claude Rolle

  • (Ernie Hudson) "Two of your students are in the nurse's office talking a lawsuit right now."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Why, is the nurse a lawyer?"
  • (Ernie Hudson) "Power perceived is power achieved."
  • (Ernie Hudson) "You don't teach history anymore Smith. You ARE history."

Raymond Cruz as Joey

  • (Raymond Cruz) "It's definitely time to relocate."
  • (Tom Berenger) "Yeah."
  • (Raymond Cruz) "It's too bad we had to f*** up the school. I feel bad for the kids tomorrow, man."
  • (Tom Berenger) "They'll be okay. At least it's their school again."
  • (Raymond Cruz) "Yeah. Where the hell we gonna go, man?"
  • (Tom Berenger) "Uh, how's L.A. sound?"
  • (Raymond Cruz) "More bomb threats."
  • (Tom Berenger) "I heard the schools out there have a major drug problem."
  • (Raymond Cruz) "No. Ah, no, no more schools, man. Forget it."

Richard Brooks as Wellman

  • (Richard Brooks) "Snipa on palm tree"

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