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The Tailor of Panama (film) Quotes

The Tailor of Panama (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Tailor of Panama completed its run in 1970.

It features John Boorman as producer, Shaun Davey in charge of musical score, and Philippe Rousselot as head of cinematography.

The Tailor of Panama (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Ireland. Each episode of The Tailor of Panama (film) is 109 minutes long. The Tailor of Panama (film) is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Geoffrey Rush as Harry Pendel, Pierce Brosnan as Andrew 'Andy' Osnard, Geoffrey Rush as Harold 'Harry' Pendel, Pierce Brosnan as Andy, Catherine McCormack as Francesca Deane, Jamie Lee Curtis as Louisa Pendel, Lola Boorman as Sarah Pendel, Daniel Radcliffe as Mark Pendel, Brendan Gleeson as Michelangelo 'Mickie' Abraxas, Harold Pinter as Uncle Benny, Leonor Varela as Marta, David Hayman as Luxmore, Jonathan Hyde as Cavendish, Dylan Baker as Gen. Dusenbaker, and John Fortune as Maltby.

The Tailor of Panama (film) Quotes

Jamie Lee Curtis as Louisa Pendel

  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Do you love her?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Yes, I love her. But I have never made love to her."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "What is all this bulls*** about Abraxas and Delgado?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Don't worry about it. It's crap. It's all a game."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Why?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "I don't know. I thought it was a game."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Tell me about this Andy Osnard."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "He's become a sort of a pal. As such."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "I used to be your pal. As such."

Pierce Brosnan as Andrew 'Andy' Osnard

  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Don't you ever feel like breaking out -- running wild? Just for the badness?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Never. Harry is my virtue. Without him I'd be --"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You'd be like Harry without Arthur Braithwaite."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You're right -- it WAS open. Just TIGHT from lack of use."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Look at those tits. Yum-yum."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "It's dark and lonely work, Harry; like oral sex, but someone has to do it."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Don't be a c***, Harry, we're made for each other. You've got the debts, I've got the money. Where's your patriotism?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "I had it out in prison, without an anesthetic."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "There's two ways we can deal with this one, old girl. Sweat it out for six months, then fall into each other's arms. "Darling, why didn't we ever do this before?" Method B, the preferred one -- full-on affair, now. Observing tight security all round. See how we like it. If we don't, chuck it in. No one's the wiser."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "I don't suppose it's occurred to you that I might hugely prefer someone else?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Is that a "no"?"
  • (Catherine McCormack) "No."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "It's all right. I'm your fairy godmother."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Get out of my way. Don't be bloody annoying, Harry."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Come and dance."
  • (Catherine McCormack) "Oh God. You don't DANCE as well, do you?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "As well as what?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "You've excelled yourself. This is a better yarn than Arthur Braithwaite."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Are you implying that I'm --"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Doesn't matter what I think. It plays."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Without the Yanks to hold our hands, London will pull the entire project."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Why?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Because in matters of intelligence, dear Harry, as in most matters merry England sucks on the American hind tit. It's called "The Special Relationship"."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Are you pulling my pisser?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Not unless the President's pulling mine."

Dylan Baker as Gen. Dusenbaker

  • (Dylan Baker) "There's a missing star on our flag, gentlemen. It looks to me as if God is giving us a second chance here."

Geoffrey Rush as Harry Pendel

  • (Geoffrey Rush) "I never lied to you, Marta, you know that. I didn't tell you everything, but what I told you was true. There's only so many people you can do that to. Tell the truth. Other people are different. They need to be --"
  • (Leonor Varela) "-- tailored."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "-- helped."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "So we have to stop all this, you hear? Mickie knew nothing about it. You know and I know, I made it all up."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Oh, it's too late for that, old boy. Out of our hands. A case of life imitating art."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "The way I see it, we all have a dream of ourselves, that we could be more than we are. Well, Pendel and Braithwaite are here to help you realize that dream, in the Savile Row tradition."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "And do we dress right or left, sir? Most of my gentlemen favour left these days, don't think it's political."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Never know where the bloody thing is. Bobs about like a wind-sock."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "And I didn't finish his suit, it would've given him back his dignity, he wouldn't have shot himself in it."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "You press me too hard, Andy."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Sweetheart, you haven't even felt me yet."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "When they took Noriega out, I said to myself, Harry, they got Ali Baba, but they missed the forty thieves."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Oh, yes. The lies. Very, very sorry about the lies. Louisa, I never did work in Saville Row, did I? Not as such. I learned the tailoring in prison. I burned down my Uncle Benny's warehouse to help him out. And then when I done my time, Uncle Benny, he gives me my portion, sends me out here so I can't get into trouble. I pretended he was Arthur Braifwaite. You see, lying's what we do in prison, luv. It's instead of love, really. You tell a thing the way it ought to be because that's so much better than how it is. Well, it's that bad. If you follow me."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Why didn't you just tell me from the start?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Because I fell in love with you, my princess, and I knew that I wasn't good enough for you. Not as I stood."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Harry, you are such a fool."
  • (Lola Boorman) "Dad, you promised to tell me a story. Where were you?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Oh, Sarah, I'm so sorry."
  • (Lola Boorman) "No need to cry about it, Dad."
  • (Daniel Radcliffe) "Hi, Dad."
  • (Lola Boorman) "Hi, Mum."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "What do you want me to do?"
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "What do I want you to do? What you always do."
  • (Jamie Lee Curtis) "Make breafast."
  • (Daniel Radcliffe) "Can we have pancakes?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Do you know what the poor call those? The Cocaine Towers. And our 85 banks? The laundrettes."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "A very creditable 34 plus, sir."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Plus what?"
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Plus lunch, put it that way, sir."
  • (Geoffrey Rush) "Welcome to Panama, Casablanca without heroes."

Catherine McCormack as Francesca Deane

  • (Catherine McCormack) "Do you know I think you're the wickedest human being I've ever met."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "That was the attraction, wasn't it?"

David Hayman as Luxmore

  • (David Hayman) "Their leading man is one Michaelangelo Abraxas, known to many, I am sure, as the elusive Pimpernel of the Popular Movement Against General Manuel Noriega. Abraxas is a man of proven integrity, skilled at clandestine warfare. His second in command, but, I submit, his equal in skill and resolution, is code-named "Marta," another veteran of the anti-Noriega resistance. For cover purposes, she is employed as a counter receptionist by our own Panamanian head agent, the redoubtable "Bucket.""
  • (Elliot) "Do you think, personally, this Abraxas is Presidential material?"
  • (Jonathan Hyde) "Oh -- Scotty --"
  • (David Hayman) "Abraxas is world-class. Courageous. Unsullied. Incorruptible. A man to dream of when you're shaping nations."

John Fortune as Maltby

  • (John Fortune) "I'll walk you to your plane."
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Could this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship?"
  • (John Fortune) "I think it desperately unlikely."

Jonathan Hyde as Cavendish

  • (Jonathan Hyde) "Not the Osnard who got drummed out of Madrid? Foreign Minister's wife, wasn't it?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "Not his wife. Mistress. There are some things I won't do for England."

Brendan Gleeson as Michelangelo 'Mickie' Abraxas

  • (Brendan Gleeson) "You know what I would do if I were president of Panama?"
  • (Pierce Brosnan) "What?"
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "I'd shoot every f*** in this room."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "I couldn't do it again. No more prison. They break you in there. You -- you get so much courage in life; when it's gone, it's spent. I got none left."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "The only good men left in Panama City are you and me. That's all, you and me."
  • (Brendan Gleeson) "Look at us. Look at us. We got everything God needed to make paradise. And what do we do? We sell each other. We sell our country. We sell it all away."

Harold Pinter as Uncle Benny

  • (Harold Pinter) "Harry boy, I've told you time and again, a man who tells the truth is bound to be found out sooner or later. Try sincerity, that's a virtue. But truth, it's an affliction."

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