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The Thing from Another World Quotes

The Thing from Another World is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The Thing from Another World ended its run in 1970.

It features Edward Lasker as producer, Dimitri Tiomkin in charge of musical score, and Russell Harlan, ASC as head of cinematography.

The Thing from Another World is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Thing from Another World is 87 minutes long. The Thing from Another World is distributed by RKO Radio Pictures.

The cast includes: James Young as Eddie, Robert O. Cornthwaite as Dr. Arthur Carrington, Kenneth Tobey as Hendry, Robert Nichols as Lt. Ken McPherson, Dewey Martin as Bob, Crew Chief, William Edwin Self as Cpl. Barnes, Margaret Sheridan as Nikki, and Eduard Franz as Dr. Stern.

The Thing from Another World Quotes

Margaret Sheridan as Nikki

  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Say that again."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "Oh Nikki, not you, too."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "No, silly, your breath."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "Well, I'm sorry, but I've been under a great deal of strain lately."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Oh, you ninny, look."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Who wants some coffee?"
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Anybody around here want some coffee?"
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "No, but you can come in."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "That's the only reason I brought it. I was hoping you'd ask me."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "Here's the sixty-four dollar question; what do you do with a vegetable?"
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Boil it."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "What did you say?"
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Boil it -- bake it -- stew it -- fry it?"

Robert Nichols as Lt. Ken McPherson

  • (Robert Nichols) "What if he can read our minds?"
  • (James Young) "He'll be real mad when he gets to me."
  • (Robert Nichols) "Hey Pat. The heat's off in the mess hall."
  • (Dr. Chapman) "No more oil coming in."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "Pat, it's off in there, too. Could the tank be empty?"
  • (Dr. Chapman) "Filled the day before yesterday."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "The main line could be plugged. You better run outside and fix it."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "And probably run smack into our visitor. He'll be waiting for you to do just that."
  • (Robert Nichols) "We underestimate this guy."

Kenneth Tobey as Hendry

  • (Kenneth Tobey) "And don't tell me I'm right."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "Did you get your picture?"
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "No, you were in the way and the door wasn't open long enough."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "You want us to open it again?"
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "NO."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "Ready, Bob?"
  • (Dewey Martin) "No, but go ahead and open it."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "What if we haven't enough voltage?"
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "Just keep swinging at its arms."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "I've given all the orders I want to give for the rest of my life."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "If I thought that was true I'd ask you to marry me."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "Wait a minute, Scotty. You won't need any boots. When it comes you go back with the others. You don't belong out here."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "I didn't belong at Alamein or Bougainville or Okinawa. I was just kibitzing. And I write a very good obit, a obituary to use."

Robert O. Cornthwaite as Dr. Arthur Carrington

  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "You're acting like frightened children."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "You're right, Doctor -- I am frightened."
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "Miss Nicholson."
  • (Margaret Sheridan) "Yes, Doctor?"
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "At 12:10 AM the hand became alive. The temperature of the forearm showed a 20-degree rise. Because of this rise in temperature I believe it was able to ingest the canine blood with which it was covered. I believe --"
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "You mean -- You mean it lives on blood."
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "You're doing more than breaking army orders. You're robbing science of the greatest secrets that ever come to it."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "You'd better go back, Doctor."
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "Knowledge is more important than life, Captain. We've only one excuse for existing; to think, to find out, to learn."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "What can we learn from that thing except a quicker way to die?"
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "It doesn't matter what happens to us. Nothing counts except for our thinking. We thought our way into nature. We split the atom."
  • (James Young) "Yes, and that sure made the world happy, didn't it?"
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "You're doing more than breaking Army orders, you're robbing science of the greatest secret that's ever come to it. Knowledge is more important than life, captain. We've only one excuse for existence: to think, to find out, to learn. It doesn't matter what happens to us. Nothing matters except our thinking. We've fought our way into Nature, we've split the atom -- We owe it to the brain of our species to stay here and die, without destroying a source of wisdom. Civilization has given us orders."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "Get him out of here."
  • (Robert O. Cornthwaite) "I doubt that it can die -- as we understand dying."

Dewey Martin as Bob, Crew Chief

  • (Dewey Martin) "I think you're right, sir."
  • (Kenneth Tobey) "I think you are."

James Young as Eddie

  • (James Young) "Come on, Mr. Martian and get some nice Scotch blood. One hundred proof. Nothing like it -- for babies."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "All right, fellas, here's your story: North Pole, November Third, Ned Scott reporting. One of the world's greatest battles was fought and won today by the human race. Here at the top of the world a handful of American soldiers and civilians met the first invasion from another planet. A man by the name of Noah once saved our world with an ark of wood. Here at the North Pole, a few men performed a similar service with an arc of electricity. The flying saucer which landed here and its pilot have been destroyed, but not without causalities among our own meager forces. I would like to bring to the microphone some of the men responsible for our success -- but as Senior Air force officer Captain Hendry is attending to demands over and above the call of duty -- Doctor Carrington, the leader of the scientific expedition, is recovering from wounds received in the battle."
  • (James Young) "Good for you, Scotty."
  • (Ned "Scotty" Scott) "And now before giving you the details of the battle, I bring you a warning: Everyone of you listening to my voice, tell the world, tell this to everybody wherever they are. Watch the skies. Everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the skies."

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