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The Three Bad Wolves Quotes

The Three Bad Wolves is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . The Three Bad Wolves ended its run in 1970.

It features Naren Shankar, Norberto Barba; Jim Kouf; David Greenwalt; Sean Hayes, and Todd Milliner as producer, and Richard Marvin (composer) in charge of musical score.

Each episode of The Three Bad Wolves is 43 minutes long.

The Three Bad Wolves Quotes

  • (Angelina Lasser) "He's a Grimm."
  • (Hap Lasser) "What? No. He's a cop. Monroe, tell her she's wrong."
  • (Monroe) "She's not."
  • (Hap Lasser) "He's a cop and a Grimm? Is that legal?"
  • (Lt. Peter Orson) "This isn't between you and me."
  • (Monroe) "Then what's with the shotgun?"
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "So, how did Buddy get himself in trouble?"
  • (Juliette Silverton) "He went after Eloise, that huge, yellow cat a couple of doors down."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "How did Eloise come out of it?"
  • (Juliette Silverton) "On top. Apparently, Buddy bit off more than he could chew."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "The cat beat up the dog?"
  • (Juliette Silverton) "Don't piss off a woman with claws."
  • (Monroe) "My aim is to keep the toilet clean."
  • (Hap Lasser) "Cool"
  • (Monroe) "Your aim will help."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Let's try to figure out who might want to harm you."
  • (Hap Lasser) "Detective. Listen, bro. I'm a pretty happy guy. That's the reason the name "Hap" works so well for me. I love everybody, and everybody loves me. Even the guys I owe money to."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Follow me."
  • (Hap Lasser) "Uh, Jimmy Damon. I'm into him for about three grand. It's a bar thing."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "A bar tab?"
  • (Hap Lasser) "No, Jimmy Damon was for a bar that I opened. He was one of my backers. It was a really, really great idea. You actually had your own bar right there at your own table."
  • (Hap Lasser) "We lost our shirts. Uh, then there's Sammy Runyon. I owe him, like, a couple grand. Strip mall creperie. You know, those really thin French pancakes? Now, pancakes are the new cupcakes. Or, at least, they should have been. In fact, maybe I could interest you guys in a really unique investment opportunity --"
  • (Hap Lasser) "My brother's baseball cards. Now, if my brother knew about this, he would crap a car."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Monroe, it's Nick. Open up."
  • (Monroe) "Maybe I should just get you your own key."
  • (Monroe) "This Blutbad-Bauerschwein feud goes back centuries. We get blamed for every Bauerschwein death. Even the suicides."
  • (Monroe) "Angelina just came by. She says she knows who killed her brothers.Says it was a Bauerschwein."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "A what?"
  • (Monroe) "A pig. And I don't mean a cop. But I do mean a cop."
  • (Sgt. Wu) "We ran blood tests on her clothes."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "And what have you got?"
  • (Sgt. Wu) "Believe it or not, Bugs Bunny. They apparently had something to do with the death of a rabbit."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "A rabbit?"
  • (Monroe) "Uh Yeah, I lapsed."
  • (Nick Burkhardt) "Maybe she is not the right girl for you."

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