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The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan Quotes

The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan is a Drama that appeared on TV in 1970 on CBS. The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan ended in 1970.

It features Betty Gunn as producer, Glenn Paxton in charge of musical score, and Al Francis as head of cinematography. The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan is executive produced by Charles W. Fries.

The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan is 94 minutes long. The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan is produced by Joe Wizan Television Productions and distributed by CBS.

The Two Worlds Of Jennie Logan Quotes

  • (David Reynolds) "You're tempting fate by being here, Elizabeth."
  • (Elizabeth Harrington) "I may have expected his anger, but never his cruelty."
  • (Michael Logan) "You should see some of the dreams that I have."
  • (Jennie Logan) "This was so specific. I really felt like I was back in another century."
  • (Michael Logan) "Wouldn't you like that? That dress, this house; you're in a continual 19th-century mood. You got old on the brain, kid. No wonder you're dreaming about it."
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "You told me that whenever you wear the dress, it happens."
  • (Jennie Logan) "Yes."
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "Why don't you destroy the dress?"
  • (David Reynolds) "She wants you, you know."
  • (David Reynolds) "Poor Elizabeth. I think she feels there was more between us than actually existed. She's jealous of you. She has reason to be."
  • (David Reynolds) "Today's been the nicest day I've spent in some time, for which you bear no small responsibility."
  • (Mrs. Bates) "Did you know a painter lived there once, an artist?"
  • (Jennie Logan) "The attic is very much like an artist's studio."
  • (Mrs. Bates) "Oh, yes, yes. He was very talented, you know, studied in Paris and everything but unfortunately, he died young, still unknown, and only one of his paintings survived."
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "Listen, Jenny, the dress is the trigger that your subconscious uses to keep you from getting close to Michael."
  • (Jennie Logan) "How can you sit there and be so --"
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "Narrow-minded?"
  • (Don) "I wouldn't live in this house, 'cause it's haunted."
  • (Michael Logan) "Don't laugh, I think it is."
  • (Michael Logan) "Glass doesn't break just because it's old."
  • (Jennie Logan) "If the past still exists right now and I can go to him, couldn't I change what's gonna happen?"
  • (Michael Logan) "A psychiatrist? Well, I certainly don't think you have to do anything that drastic."
  • (David Reynolds) "This is very foolish, Elizabeth. Your father has detectives planted all over the place, I'm sure you'll be in their reports this evening."
  • (Elizabeth Harrington) "If that's the case, then the damage has been done. So let's have an enjoyable afternoon -- as we always used to."
  • (Harrington) "Tomorrow night, this town will celebrate the coming of a new century. For me, sir, it will be a double celebration, for tomorrow night, I will kill you."
  • (Jennie Logan) "I'll stay if you don't frighten me."
  • (Beverly) "You know, there's a theory that the past, present and future exist simultaneously, and if you only knew how, you could move from one to the other."
  • (Jennie Logan) "I belong there. I don't want to live here in this time anymore. I feel warm there. By everything, by him, by the way the world was then. The kind of life I could have with him. I want to have his children, I want to grow old with him, I love him."
  • (Michael Logan) "You can't go away with him. You can't save him, he's already dead."
  • (David Reynolds) "Since that first day on the road, seeing you, I've lived in a kind of unreal fever. I thought maybe Pamela had found a way to come back to me in whatever form the afterlife allows us. So, you see, I cannot be too happy to find that I was wrong."
  • (David Reynolds) "Pamela. Stay. I love you. Pamela."
  • (Elizabeth Harrington) "I used to be David's favorite model, Miss Logan. That is, before my baby sister came back from finishing school and snatched him right from under my nose."
  • (Mrs. Bates) "There's very little I don't know about this town. Aunt Betty used to tell me stories by the hour when I was a child. She's our town's oldest citizen, well over a hundred and her mind wanders, but she used to be a grand storyteller."
  • (Jennie Logan) "I'm sorry I wasn't Pamela."
  • (Michael Logan) "What should I believe, that you're some kind of backwards reincarnation? I might as well believe in the poltergeists that Beverly was talking about."
  • (David Reynolds) "You look lovely. Even wet."
  • (Jennie Logan) "I didn't ask for this to happen to me. I'm not doing it. It just happens, it's real."
  • (David Reynolds) "I thought you were a ghost. Pamela's ghost. They thought I was going mad. I thought so too."
  • (Realtor) "I tell ya, most people don't want these big lovely old houses, consider 'em white elephants. That's why it's a steal at the price."
  • (Jennie Logan) "So you're trying to tell me that I'm not really seeing this man that I know I am?"
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "That is exactly what I'm telling you. It's an illusion of your own making. It's not reality, Jennie."
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "Doors to the past do not open."
  • (Jennie Logan) "Men walk on the moon."
  • (Dr. Erica Lauren) "Real men, with real boots, in real machines."
  • (Jennie Logan) "You don't believe a word I've been saying."
  • (David Reynolds) "I believe that you believe it."
  • (Elizabeth Harrington) "Sorry, mustn't speak ill of the dead, must we?"
  • (Michael Logan) "Jennie. Give me that dress. I'm gonna burn it."
  • (Jennie Logan) "Do you believe in immortality?"
  • (David Reynolds) "I don't know. I can't imagine a heaven that wouldn't have trees and fields and oceans, just like the earth. Whenever I'm involved in a genuinely creative act, I feel like I'm part of something larger than myself, that I'm expressing part of some immortal creative force we've come to call God. I feel that when I make love to you. I think that's what the phrase "let your acts glorify God" really means. When you act out of love creatively, you express part of that immortal force."
  • (Jennie Logan) "It's possible to break through the barriers of time and space, I know that now, Michael."

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