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The Ugly Quotes

The Ugly is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . The Ugly completed its run in 1970.

It features Jonathan Dowling as producer, Victoria Kelly (New Zealand Composer) in charge of musical score, and Simon Raby as head of cinematography.

The Ugly is recorded in English and originally aired in New Zealand. Each episode of The Ugly is 93 min / Australia:91 min / France:91 min / UK:91 min / Argentina:92 min long. The Ugly is distributed by Gativideo (Argentina) (VHS), Kamras Film Group (Finland), Swift Distribution (France), Trimark Pictures (US).

The cast includes: Paolo Rotondo as Simon Cartwright, Rebecca Hobbs as Dr. Karen Shoemaker, and Roy Ward as Dr. Marlowe.

The Ugly Quotes

Paolo Rotondo as Simon Cartwright

  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Haven't you been listening?"
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Refresh my memory."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "People pick on me."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "People pick on me. I don't slice them ear to ear."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Maybe you should."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I was happy for the briefest moment."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Is that offer still open? To try on you what I tried on that bitch?"

Roy Ward as Dr. Marlowe

  • (Roy Ward) "Did you see them?"
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "What?"
  • (Roy Ward) "Did you see something?"
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "No, you said, "Did you see them?" What have you seen?"
  • (Roy Ward) "Oh, I've seen a lot of things."
  • (Roy Ward) "He once told me he thought he was being pursued by Russians. It was during the Olympics. He told us that they wanted to assassinate him. We knew he was suffering from acute paranoia, possibly even schizophrenia. He told us the assassins were on the Olympic team. So we brought a television in at his request to he could identify the killers. We spent two weeks watching him, monitoring his every move, noting every statement. When it was all over, he admitted that he simply wanted to watch the diving. He was lying. He thought it was a hell of a joke."

Rebecca Hobbs as Dr. Karen Shoemaker

  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "How did you pick your victims?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Different ways."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "How did you feel when you killed them?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I felt free."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Who are the visitors?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "My victims."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Your victims? And do they all come visiting together?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "All of them."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Is it like a big picnic?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Don't f***ing belittle me."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Then stop trying to bulls*** me. You're being visited by a bunch of dead corpses? And you keep killing, so there's more of them to harass you next time."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Just stop."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "What's inside your head?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Just f***in' stop."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Victims Simon. Girls as young as 17. Men, hitchhikers, young boys. People want to know. If you go to trial you're going to have to face a lot more difficult questions than the ones I'm asking. In a courtroom you can't hide behind being crazy. After all, you're fit to stand trial aren't you? That's what you want. And they're gonna want to know why. Are you the sick bastard they think you are? You did it because you liked killing. That's what you told me, isn't it? But the families of the people you killed aren't going to accept that, and neither am I. Come on Simon. Tell me why. We have been here two days Simon and you have not said why. Talk to me. I want to know, Simon. Why did you kill them?"
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Why did you kill her?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I've already told you."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "No, you told me how. I asked you why. Why did you kill her?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I killed them because I had to."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Why did you think you had to?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Because I heard voices."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Oh, I know all this Simon, The Ugly would talk."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "That's right."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "No."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "What do you mean no?"
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Serial killers get a sense of control from their killings."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I'm not a serial Killer."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "You're not crazy either."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I heard voices. That's not uncommon in post trauma cases."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "You said others, do you hear voices?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "I heard voices."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "The Ugly's voice?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Yes, I heard voices."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "More than one voice?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "What's the difference, I hear voices."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "You mean heard Simon."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "What's the f***in' difference. I hear voices."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Who Simon?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "... The Visitors."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Up until Julie's murder, none of your victims were sexually assaulted."
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Neither was she."
  • (Rebecca Hobbs) "Was that the first time you'd ever been with a woman?"
  • (Paolo Rotondo) "Yes."

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