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The Ultimate Gift Quotes

The Ultimate Gift is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . The Ultimate Gift stopped airing in 1970.

It features Rick Eldridge as producer, Mark McKenzie in charge of musical score, and Brian Baugh as head of cinematography.

The Ultimate Gift is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Ultimate Gift is 117 minutes long. The Ultimate Gift is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Bill Cobbs as Ted Hamilton, Abigail Breslin as Emily, James Garner as Red Stevens, Drew Fuller as Jason Stevens, Drew Fuller as Sarah Stevens, Ali Hillis as Alexia, and Drew Fuller as Bill Stevens.

The Ultimate Gift Quotes

James Garner as Red Stevens

  • (James Garner) "Our lives should be lived not avoiding problems but welcoming them as challenges that will strengthen us so that we can be victorious in the future."
  • (James Garner) "What I could not accomplish in life I have done in death. As long as you're still alive, I will be, too."
  • (James Garner) "Yeah, well, you don't begin to live until you've lost everything."
  • (James Garner) "When I achieved my dreams, it was like going home to a place I'd never been before. You don't know that feeling, do ya? The first few gifts I've given you have been practical; show up, do this and do that; and then the gifts started needing you to provide input. They needed intuition. Still, your average person is too weighted down. Jason, you need to be free, free to dream. You need to come up with a dream then act on it."
  • (James Garner) "A parent should never have a child precede them in death. It is the most painful experience imaginable."

Abigail Breslin as Emily

  • (Abigail Breslin) "Do you know God paints every color on a butterfly with his fingers?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Wow. An airport gift shop gift. How thoughtful. Does it come with needles?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Yeah, you can kiss me, even though you're a guy."
  • (Drew Fuller) "I missed you, too."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Whatever. Let's cut to the chase. You really blew it with us this Christmas."
  • (Drew Fuller) "I -- I was unavoidably detained."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Okay, yeah. I want Christmas. I want; to ride; a horse."
  • (Drew Fuller) "Oh, I-I got, like, a week or two left with this other thing but, um -- , lemme make a call and we'll s --"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Jason. Now."
  • (Drew Fuller) "Okay."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "You screwed up big-time you know. I had to eat a rubber hospital turkey for Thanksgiving. You better be back by Christmas."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Look at her, isn't she beautiful? I mean, except for her choice in lipstick."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "But you have to admit, even if you for nothing else out of the deal but her, you'd still be a huge winner."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Two completely opposite people, who wouldn't have had a chance without me, destined to make each other miserable."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "So, you have a bet with a dead guy?"
  • (Drew Fuller) "Mm-hm."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Cool."

Bill Cobbs as Ted Hamilton

  • (Bill Cobbs) "What he's trying to do is for your benefit, not your destruction."
  • (Drew Fuller) "You know, Hamilton, you sound just like him. But guess what. You're not him."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "I don't know, son. I do have one of his kidneys."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "So you're Jason's friend?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Yes. I am."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "True friend?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Absolutely. Pinkie promise."
  • (Bill Cobbs) "So how long have you known Mr. Stevens?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "We go way back, we're like this."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Now where do I sign?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "And, um -- , he hasn't promised you any compensation for this friendship?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Look at him. Does he LOOK like he has anything to offer?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "So, uh -- , you expect this friendship to continue?"
  • (Abigail Breslin) "I plan on knowing Jason for the rest of my life."
  • (Bill Cobbs) ""To Sarah, widow of my late son, Jay Howard Stevens. I am truly sorry for the events of the past. Please know that Jay's death represents the greatest tragedy I have ever experienced. I leave you control of my Myers Park estate where you now reside and a managed trust for expenses as long as you live.""
  • (Drew Fuller) "There we go."
  • (Bill Cobbs) ""Since your choice of male companionship is vast and varied, the deed and title for the house shall remain under the control of my trustees.""

Ali Hillis as Alexia

  • (Ali Hillis) "Emily's bet that they are perfectly normal people."
  • (Drew Fuller) "Oh, yeah? How much?"

Drew Fuller as Bill Stevens

  • (Drew Fuller) "Great sector; health care. A little flat in the third quarter but poised to rocket."
  • (Drew Fuller) "That was the gift? I do manual labor for a month and you're trying to tell me it was a favor -- to ME?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "The gift of work."
  • (Drew Fuller) "Wow."
  • (Drew Fuller) "I think it's only fair that I know the amount of money that we're dealing with here. Don't you? I mean, I've been gone for a month. Just -- tell me. What do I have to do? What is it?"
  • (Bill Cobbs) "Red said "a series of gifts," but let me add a personal note: I, too, think this is a waste of time, but it will end shortly because you are going to fail. I expect you to fail and to fail miserably. Now, if you DO want to continue, make an appointment with Miss Hastings."
  • (Drew Fuller) "You know, I, um -- I don't know much about God or -- or Jesus, but I can promise you that those arms are meant for you."
  • (Drew Fuller) "I don't need his money."
  • (Caitlin) "Yeah, but one can always use some extra walking around money."
  • (Drew Fuller) "Not if I have to sell my soul."
  • (Drew Fuller) "I need a friend."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "Explain yourself."
  • (Drew Fuller) "It's complicated."
  • (Abigail Breslin) "No. It's not. It's pathetic."
  • (Caitlin) "So I'm dying to know. What did you get?"
  • (Drew Fuller) "Uh, it's complicated, but it involves land, building materials and slave labor."
  • (Caitlin) "They're giving you a shopping mall?"
  • (Drew Fuller) "I'm afraid to ask."
  • (Bella) "Oh, you will love it. It's so rare we catch one."

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