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The Unholy Three (1930 film) Quotes

The Unholy Three (1930 film) is a television program that debuted in 1970 . The Unholy Three ended in 1970.

It features Irving Thalberg as producer, William Axt in charge of musical score, and Percy Hilburn as head of cinematography.

The Unholy Three (1930 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Unholy Three (1930 film) is 72 minutes long. The Unholy Three (1930 film) is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Lila Lee as Rosie O'Grady, Elliott Nugent as Hector, Armand Kaliz as Jeweller, Sidney Bracey as Arlington, Ivan Linow as Hercules, and Harry Earles as Midget.

The Unholy Three (1930 film) Quotes

Lila Lee as Rosie O'Grady

  • (Professor Echo, aka Mrs. 'Grandma' O'Grady) "You lay off of that guy. Or, how would you like a sock in the nose?."
  • (Lila Lee) "Oh, cut it out. Nobody's gonna beat me up."
  • (Lila Lee) "Go ahead, you yap. Fight among yourselves and see how long this racket lasts."
  • (Lila Lee) "You take a tip from me; and blow."
  • (Lila Lee) "The way you look at me. You and that horrible little Midge. You give me the creeps."
  • (Professor Echo, aka Mrs. 'Grandma' O'Grady) "All right, bring the boob in with his Christmas tree. And remember, I'll be in the next room."
  • (Lila Lee) "For crying out west."

Ivan Linow as Hercules

  • (Ivan Linow) "I'm sick of it."
  • (Professor Echo, aka Mrs. 'Grandma' O'Grady) "Yes and you're going to be a whole lot sicker if I don't do some fast thinkin'."
  • (Ivan Linow) "I don't want to think about it. I want you to go out and leave me alone."
  • (Professor Echo, aka Mrs. 'Grandma' O'Grady) "Yes, If I left you alone you'd fry. The both you you'd fry."

Armand Kaliz as Jeweller

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Harry Earles as Midget

  • (Harry Earles) "The trouble with you guys is you're too effeminate."

Elliott Nugent as Hector

  • (Elliott Nugent) "It would be wonderful to be with you any night, eh, every night, eh, that is, eh, every evening."
  • (Lila Lee) "Hector, you're gettin' very bold."
  • (Elliott Nugent) "Well, I don't mean to be bold, but, ah Rosie, there's no use beating around the bush. You know how I feel."
  • (Elliott Nugent) "Say, it's a lot of fun Christmas shopping, isn't it?"
  • (Lila Lee) "Yes. It's wonderful what you can get in a 5 and 10."
  • (Elliott Nugent) "Oh, I know one young couple that furnished their whole apartment there. They have two children now."
  • (Lila Lee) "Well, you can't get them at the 5 and 10."
  • (Elliott Nugent) "Oh, Rosie --"
  • (Lila Lee) "What?"
  • (Elliott Nugent) "Well, I; I was just gonna say it's wonderful the way your grandmother can make those birds talk."
  • (Lila Lee) "Hector, she could make Coolidge talk."

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