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The Wanderers (1979 film) Quotes

The Wanderers (1979 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Wanderers ended in 1970.

It features Martin Ransohoff as producer, and Michael Chapman (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The Wanderers (1979 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Wanderers (1979 film) is 117 minutes long. The Wanderers (1979 film) is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Val Avery as Mr. Sharp, Toni Kalem as Class, Tony Ganios as Perry, Michael Wright as Clinton, Toni Kalem as Despie Galasso, Ken Wahl as Richie, Dolph Sweet as Chubby Galasso, Linda Manz as Peewee, John Friedrich as Joey, Jim Youngs as Buddy, William Andrews as Emilio, Alan Rosenberg as Turkey, and Karen Allen as Nina.

The Wanderers (1979 film) Quotes

John Friedrich as Joey

  • (John Friedrich) "Twenty seven guys with the last name "Wong' all know Jujitsu and kill you with one judo chop."
  • (Peppy Dio) "You guys are gonna win big tonight."
  • (John Friedrich) "What, are you kidding, Peppy Dio? These guys is good enough to be pros."
  • (Peppy Dio) "Now you're thinkin'. They is pros. Chubby checked up on them. They go around to the different lanes. Hustle the house bowlers. They hustle the hustlers. They are greedy boys."
  • (John Friedrich) "Hey, what's Chubby gonna do?"
  • (Peppy Dio) "Chubby got a way of creating miracles."
  • (John Friedrich) "Gotta go, but if you ever need us just whistle loud and we'll be there."

Linda Manz as Peewee

  • (Linda Manz) "Nobody f***s with the Baldies."
  • (Linda Manz) "Hey, Terror. This guy just said we look like a bunch of pricks with ears."
  • (John Friedrich) "I didn't say that. I didn't say that."
  • (Linda Manz) "Oh yeah. What did you say?"
  • (John Friedrich) "I said, uh, you guys look like a bunch of, uh, ears without pricks."

Toni Kalem as Despie Galasso

  • (Toni Kalem) "Please, Richie, let me do it with my hand."
  • (Ken Wahl) "No. I can do it with my hand."

Dolph Sweet as Chubby Galasso

  • (Dolph Sweet) "I don't blame you. When I was your age, I was knockin' 'em off left and right; but I never did it with nobody's daughter. You should have given her an ankle bracelet and stuck to jerkin' off."

Val Avery as Mr. Sharp

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Alan Rosenberg as Turkey

  • (Alan Rosenberg) "Hey, look listen to me, I call my friends in the Baldies."
  • (Alan Rosenberg) "NO, those Guys Like Me. If we call'em I think they'll come in with us. With them in, you know, it's all over."
  • (Ken Wahl) "Listen, I ain't callin' those guys Turkey, I got my pride."
  • (Jim Youngs) "Yeah, sometimes all you got is pride. You got to hold your head up high. You know, I seen this movie once where this guy was being tortured by the Japs. But he wouldn't give them any information. Every time they tortured him, he started singing the Star Spangled Banner."
  • (John Friedrich) "WOW, what happened?"
  • (Jim Youngs) "They killed him."
  • (Ken Wahl) "Shut-Up, will yuh' Buddy. You're depressing me."

Michael Wright as Clinton

  • (Michael Wright) "Mr. Sharp -- Now them white boys here, They is getting obstreperous."

Tony Ganios as Perry

  • (Tony Ganios) "Leave the kid alone."

William Andrews as Emilio

  • (William Andrews) "Who are these guys; friends of yours?"

Ken Wahl as Richie

  • (Ken Wahl) "You hear the whistle?"
  • (Jim Youngs) "Yeah. Ready to kick some ass."
  • (Ken Wahl) "Hey, Hey Joey. Who we fighting?"
  • (John Friedrich) "The Baldies."
  • (Ken Wahl) "The Baldies? Oh, s***."

Karen Allen as Nina

  • (Karen Allen) "Hey, wait a minute there's something fishy going on here. You know, in a couple minutes we're going to be naked, and then what?"
  • (Ken Wahl) "Then we play one more hand."
  • (Karen Allen) "For what?"
  • (Karen Allen) "For What?"
  • (John Friedrich) "Then we get to do whatevah' we want to do."
  • (Toni Kalem) "OK, that's IT. We got to back to the party."
  • (Ken Wahl) "What the party? What are you talkin' about we're just havin' some fun here."
  • (Karen Allen) "C'mon Despie, we don't have to stop playing."
  • (Ken Wahl) "We've just been lucky that's all. I know you're going to get lucky, you're going to win the next one I just know it."
  • (John Friedrich) "Just playin' a nice little innocent game here."

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