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The War of the Worlds (1953 film) Quotes

The War of the Worlds (1953 film) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . The War of the Worlds stopped airing in 1970.

It features George Pal as producer, Leith Stevens in charge of musical score, and George Barnes (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

The War of the Worlds (1953 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Jack Kruschen as Salvatore, William Phipps as Wash Perry, Gene Barry as Dr Clayton Forrester, Lewis Martin as Pastor Dr. Matthew Collins, Ann Robinson as Sylvia, and Gene Barry as Forrester.

The War of the Worlds (1953 film) Quotes

Gene Barry as Forrester

  • (Marine Commanding Officer) "Hey, you, better get out of here."
  • (Gene Barry) "I'm looking for someone, a girl."
  • (Marine Sergeant) "Come on, get in."
  • (Gene Barry) "She's kind of lost."
  • (Marine Commanding Officer) "You look kind of lost."
  • (Gene Barry) "This is amazing."
  • (Gene Barry) "Are they sure it's a meteor? It certainly didn't come down like one."
  • (Unnamed) "That's right -- it came down in kind of spurts, didn't it?"
  • (Gene Barry) "We know now we can't beat their machines. We've got to beat them."
  • (Gene Barry) "If they're mortal, they must have mortal weaknesses. They'll be stopped, somehow."
  • (Spanish Priest) "Don't go, son. Stay with us."
  • (Gene Barry) "No, I'm looking for someone. She'll be in a church, standing by the door."
  • (Gene Barry) "You might get a clue from that anemic blood."
  • (Duprey) "Are you suggesting a biological approach?"
  • (Gene Barry) "We know now that we can't beat their machines. We've got to beat them."
  • (Gene Barry) "Any news from abroad?"
  • (Major General Mann) "Washington is in constant touch with the leaders of other nations. Apparently they're coming down all over. South America; Santiago has two cylinders. They're outside London. They're in Naples. We've got them between here and Fresno, outside Sacramento, two on Long Island."
  • (Gene Barry) "They're just coming down at random?"
  • (Major General Mann) "No. According to information from foreign sources, they're working to some kind of a plan. Now what it may be isn't clear yet. Simply because once they begin to move, no more news comes out of that area."
  • (Gene Barry) "My instruments."
  • (Gene Barry) "Did the mob grab the trucks ahead of me? Did you see anything?"
  • (Well-Dressed Looter) "I don't know what you're talking about other trucks. These mobs have been fighting on every street corner."
  • (Gene Barry) "This is important. There was a school bus among the trucks ahead of me. A girl was driving it. Did they take that?"
  • (Well-Dressed Looter) "I don't know. If they saw it, they took it. They grab anything on wheels. You can't buy a ride anymore for love or money."
  • (Major General Mann) "That skeleton beam must be what they used to wipe out the French cities."
  • (Gene Barry) "It neutralizes meson somehow. They're the atomic glue holding matter together. Cut across their lines of magnetic force and any object will simply cease to exist. Take my word for it, General, this type of defense is useless against that kind of power. You'd better let Washington know, fast."
  • (Gene Barry) "Sylvia."

Jack Kruschen as Salvatore

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Lewis Martin as Pastor Dr. Matthew Collins

  • (Lewis Martin) "Colonel, shooting's no good."
  • (Col. Ralph Heffner) "It's always been a good persuader."
  • (Major General Mann) "Look at it will you."
  • (Lewis Martin) "Beings from another world."
  • (Major General Mann) "Is that some kind of a flying machine?"
  • (Gene Barry) "No, no. It's supported from the ground by rays, probably some form of magnetic flux, like invisible legs. This is amazing. They must keep the opposing poles in balance and lift the machine."
  • (Col. Ralph Heffner) "All command posts; stand by to fire."
  • (Lewis Martin) "But, Colonel. Shooting's no good."
  • (Col. Ralph Heffner) "It's always been a good persuader."

Ann Robinson as Sylvia

  • (Ann Robinson) "They seem to murder everything that moves."
  • (Ann Robinson) "Did you see it come down?"
  • (Gene Barry) "Yes, I was fishing up in the hills."
  • (Ann Robinson) "Well, you must have caught plenty with all that tackle."

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