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The Wizard (1989 film) Quotes

The Wizard (1989 film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . The Wizard completed its run in 1970.

It features David Chisholm, and Ken Topolsky as producer, J. Peter Robinson in charge of musical score, and Robert D. Yeoman as head of cinematography.

The Wizard (1989 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The Wizard (1989 film) is 100 minutes long. The Wizard (1989 film) is distributed by Universal Studios (United States and Canada).

The cast includes: Jenny Lewis as Haley, Will Seltzer as Putnam, Luke Edwards as Jimmy Woods, Fred Savage as Corey, Jackey Vinson as Lucas, Beau Bridges as Sam, Christian Slater as Nick, Frank McRae as Spankey, Wendy Phillips as Bateman, and Wendy Phillips as Christine Bateman.

The Wizard (1989 film) Quotes

Jenny Lewis as Haley

  • (Jenny Lewis) "I know what you were trying to do and you can just forget it. There is no way. I am not kissing a boy."
  • (Fred Savage) "A girl maybe?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "You smart ass."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Aaaaaaaah. He touched my breast."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "I don't get scared."
  • (Fred Savage) "Never?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Corey. You're so thick."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "What's his problem?"
  • (Fred Savage) "Jimmy's just shy."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Shy a few bricks I'd say."
  • (Fred Savage) "No he's okay. He just kicked ass on Double Dragon."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "She packed it in. She was a showgirl. Great legs. I got her legs, what do you think?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "You're a quitter Corey. And I don't care if you did like me. Your attitude sucks."
  • (Fred Savage) "You wanted me to like you?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Not anymore."
  • (Fred Savage) "Great."

Will Seltzer as Putnam

  • (Will Seltzer) "All right, I'm looking for a couple of kids. This one's a mental case, have you seen them?"
  • (Pinball Teen) "Does he dress like you?"
  • (Will Seltzer) "No."
  • (Pinball Teen) "Then he can't be too much of a case, all right?"
  • (Will Seltzer) "I want all of your driver's license numbers. Every one of ya. I want your driver's license numbers."
  • (Frank McRae) "So you touched her breast, huh?"
  • (Will Seltzer) "Oh, my God. All right. All right. Let's not lose our tempers. It's very hot --"
  • (Will Seltzer) "I touched her breast. She doesn't have any breasts."
  • (Will Seltzer) "All right. All right. This is no need to get crazy. It's very hot. This is a professional matter."
  • (Beau Bridges) "Yeah."
  • (Will Seltzer) "I touched her breast. She doesn't have breasts."

Christian Slater as Nick

  • (Christian Slater) "You eat the casserole."
  • (Christian Slater) "You know Bateman, I always knew that you were a jerk. I just until now thought that it was guilt by association."
  • (Christian Slater) "That cannot possibly be one of the four major food groups"
  • (Beau Bridges) "It's a casserole genius."
  • (Christian Slater) "Pop I think we got it."
  • (Beau Bridges) "Wait a second. I'm on the sixth palace of Hyrule. Yeah. I got past the river devil."
  • (Christian Slater) "Terrific."
  • (Beau Bridges) "What the hell are you doing? I had the magic key. I got the cross. I was closing in on the barbarian."
  • (Christian Slater) "You're losing it pop."

Beau Bridges as Sam

  • (Beau Bridges) "Hey where the hell are we?"
  • (Christian Slater) "What is that? Donuts?"
  • (Beau Bridges) "Yeah. So?"
  • (Christian Slater) "That's disgusting."
  • (Beau Bridges) "Ha ha. From the guy who steals my pickup, who stays up drinking. From the guy with a foul mouth, that's a compliment."
  • (Beau Bridges) "Sorry about that."
  • (Will Seltzer) "WOODS. You maniac. I'm gonna sue. Ya hear me? I'm gonna SUE your ass when this is over."
  • (Beau Bridges) "You make money off of little kids, you miserable jerk. YA OUGHTA BE SHOT."
  • (Beau Bridges) "I don't believe this. I got the scroll weapon, and I almost beat Mecha-Turtle at the end of level three."

Jackey Vinson as Lucas

  • (Jackey Vinson) "Hey, it's the wizard. I hope you don't get nervous like last time. We wouldn't want you to -- "wiz" on someone."
  • (Jackey Vinson) "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad."

Fred Savage as Corey

  • (Fred Savage) "Yeah, well, uh, just keep your Power Gloves off her, pal, huh?"
  • (Fred Savage) "So, according to this, we're in Goblin Valley. Great. I mean, I mean, I mean -- it couldn't be Happy Valley or Wonderful Valley. Goblin Valley. Why not, Axe Murderer's Valley?"
  • (Fred Savage) "50,000. You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"
  • (Fred Savage) "It's like the Adventures of Link. He has to find Zelda, you have to find a house. Same difference."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Boy, is THAT sexist."
  • (Fred Savage) "It's not sexist. It's -- romantic."
  • (Fred Savage) "Where are we?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "Does it matter? We're broke."
  • (Fred Savage) "Oh yeah you're telling me. You're the one with all the trucker friends, the one who knows all the codes."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "I got you this far, didn't I?"
  • (Fred Savage) "Oh, I don't even know where "this" is."
  • (Jenny Lewis) "A lot of faith you got."
  • (Fred Savage) "Oh will you stop Haley? I mean we don't have any money. Aren't you just a little scared?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "I don't get scared. Now give me the four bucks you're holding out on."
  • (Fred Savage) "What?"
  • (Jenny Lewis) "You flashed 21, you stashed four from the change at lunch. They didn't get it because you put it in your shorts. Now dish it up."
  • (Fred Savage) "You're getting awful personal you know."
  • (Fred Savage) "Two tickets to California."
  • (Unnamed) "Do you have someplace specific in mind or do you just want to be dumped off at the border?"
  • (Fred Savage) "Is Los Angeles specific enough?"

Wendy Phillips as Bateman

  • (Wendy Phillips) "Jimmy just picks up his little lunch pail. What is in that thing? And off he goes. He can go anywhere: downtown, the canyons, the river --"
  • (Wendy Phillips) "He doesn't go to the river. He never even goes near the river."
  • (Wendy Phillips) "Okay, he stays away from the river. But I'm telling you anytime, I mean he could just pick up and go, The Happy Wanderer at the stroke of midnight, if he feels the urge, in the middle of his Frosted Flakes. "I've got the neighborhood on red alert and I'm putting the cops on overtime.""

Luke Edwards as Jimmy Woods

  • (Luke Edwards) "California."

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