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The World Changes Quotes

The World Changes is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . The World Changes completed its run in 1970.

It features Robert Lord (screenwriter) as producer.

The World Changes is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of The World Changes is 91 minutes long. The World Changes is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Paul Muni as Orin Nordholm Jr., Paul Muni as Orin Nordholm Sr., Aline MacMahon as Anna Nordholm, Margaret Lindsay as Jennifer Clinton Nordholm, and Donald Cook as Richard Nordholm.

The World Changes Quotes

Paul Muni as Orin Nordholm Jr.

  • (Buffalo Bill Cody) "You heard right, mister. They're drownin' in beef down in Texas. I've seen a million head roamin' about wild; yours for the takin'."
  • (Paul Muni) "Well, why don't they drive 'em up north, and sell 'em?"
  • (Buffalo Bill Cody) "'Cause they got better sense, that's why."
  • (Paul Muni) "Well, they could drive 'em up over the Texas Trail, or the Chisholm Trail, on through to the new railroad at Sioux City or Abilene."
  • (Buffalo Bill Cody) "Ha ha, it ain't quite that easy, son. I've been up and down that trail, and there's 2,000 miles of bad country. It's all a man can do to get through himself, without draggin' a herd of steers after him, ha ha."
  • (Paul Muni) "Still, a man could make himself a heap of money if he could do it --"
  • (Buffalo Bill Cody) "Now, mind you, I ain't sayin' it can't be done. But drivin' steers ain't like drivin' cows to pasture. Texas longhorns are ornery critters."
  • (Paul Muni) "Well, only a fool'd try it."
  • (Paul Muni) "Can't never tell. That's what you said folks called you when you left for Dakota 20 years ago."
  • (Paul Muni) "Hmm, maybe they did, son, but that was different."
  • (Paul Muni) "Not to my way of thinkin'."
  • (Aline MacMahon) "Yes, that was different, Orin. We come out here to get land, and build a home, for us. For you and your children after you where, God willing, we could all live -- with no selfish seekin' after money."
  • (Buffalo Bill Cody) "Ha ha, your ma's got you there, son."
  • (Paul Muni) "Ice boxes on wheels --. Ice boxes on wheels --. Ice boxes on wheels."
  • (Paul Muni) "You've been browbeaten by your wife into accepting a fool and his title. Richard, if the name Nordholm still means something to you, don't do it."
  • (Margaret Lindsay) "Mr. Nordholm, if you have honored us with a visit, for the purpose of interfering with our affairs, I should thank you not to --"
  • (Donald Cook) "Jennifer, please."
  • (Paul Muni) "Richard, I've made it possible for you to do everything, and be everything your mother wanted. I've paid for all your mistakes. We've made a mess of our own lives. Must we drag the children down with us?"
  • (Margaret Lindsay) "I should think, Mr. Nordholm, having driven your own wife insane, you would stop meddling in affairs you know nothing about."
  • (Paul Muni) "If I only had a heart like yours, Patton --"
  • (Mr. Patten) "Hmm?"
  • (Paul Muni) "I'd use it to freeze meat with."

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