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The Young Girls of Rochefort Quotes

The Young Girls of Rochefort is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . The Young Girls of Rochefort stopped airing in 1970.

It features Gilbert de Goldschmidt as producer, Michel Legrand in charge of musical score, and Ghislain Cloquet as head of cinematography.

Each episode of The Young Girls of Rochefort is 126 minutes long. The Young Girls of Rochefort is distributed by Comacico (French release).

The cast includes: Jacques Perrin as Maxence, Catherine Deneuve as Delphine, Françoise Dorléac as Solange, Michel Piccoli as Simon Dame, Grover Dale as Bill, George Chakiris as Etienne, Geneviève Thénier as Josette, Françoise Dorléac as Yvonne Garnier, Jacques Riberolles as Guillaume Lancien, René Bazart as Pépé, and Gene Kelly as Andy Miller.

The Young Girls of Rochefort Quotes

Françoise Dorléac as Yvonne Garnier

  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Passion"
  • (George Chakiris) "Spirit"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love"
  • (George Chakiris) "Folly"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Genius"
  • (George Chakiris) "Joy"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love and happiness --"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "We are a pair of twins born in the sign of Gemini, Mi fa so la mi re, Re mifa so so so re do, We're two demoiselles who took to the boys long ago, Mi fa so la mi re, Re mifa so so so re do."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Our mama brought us up on her own, Working herself all her life to the bone."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "To make sure our minds could expand, She's spent all her time behind a French-fry stand."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Papa was somebody that we never knew, But when we undress one thing is true, In the small of our backs; in the very same place."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "There's the same beauty spot"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "He had on his face --"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "We are a pair of twins born in the sign of Gemini, Mi fa so la mi re, Re mifa so so so re do, Who love catchy tunes, silly puns and repartee, Mi fa so la mi re, Re mifa so so so re do --"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "It's Jules and Jim."
  • (Grover Dale) "Hello, Miss."
  • (George Chakiris) "Hello."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "You two again."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Well, we got applause."
  • (George Chakiris) "Not quite the Asian shimmy, but it's got charm."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Enough out of you."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Go find your shimmiers, you boors."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Sweetie, guys like that don't hang out in Rochefort."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Not right now. He's in Paris. He did my portrait."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Who is it? You never mentioned him."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "A painter. I don't know him. He exists and he loves me. But I've never seen him."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Why all the boxes?"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Our costumes, fit for a queen"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Quick. Let me see."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "So simple, they suit us to a T. Nifty."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Naughty."
  • (Boubou Garnier) "I'm hungry."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "We're going, just wait a minute more"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Won't we look a bit like whores?"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Funny, the idea never occurred to me"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love your life"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Love the flowers"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love to laugh, love to cry"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Love the day"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love the night"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Love the sunshine and showers"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love the cold"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Love the wind"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love the cities and the fields"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Love the sea"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love the flames"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Love the world and be happy again"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Ever heard of Lola-Lola?"
  • (René Bazart) "I've never known any dancers."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Delphine; my daughter."
  • (George Chakiris) "She's a peach."
  • (Grover Dale) "So are you."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "So I've been told."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "The sandman's gone a bit insane. He sprinkled Booboo with champagne."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You won't find anyone here to do an Asian shimmy."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "I'm afraid I can never get out. I'm confined to this aquarium. Me, who was meant to live in the open air on the Pacific shore, listening to sweet music and reading poetry."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "How do you treat the ladies?"
  • (George Chakiris) "They aren't our ladies -- not really."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Performers?"
  • (George Chakiris) "The blonde does an Indian shimmy, the redhead a Chinese shimmy."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Oh, my God. One of Booboo's pranks."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Going somewhere?"
  • (Jacques Perrin) "I have two days of leave left. I'm going home to Nantes. My leave's immi-Nantes."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Aren't you funny."

Jacques Perrin as Maxence

  • (Jacques Perrin) "Knowing she's out there fills me with more desire, Than all the naked girls in my wildest fantasies --"
  • (Jacques Perrin) "Braque, Picasso, Klee, Miró, Matisse; - that's life."
  • (Jacques Perrin) ", I've looked everywhere, I've sailed the seven seas. Can she be far? Is she close to me? I couldn't say, But I know that she exists, Is she a wicked girl or born to royalty? A movie celebrity? Or a simple florist? I know she'll belong to me."
  • (Jacques Perrin) "I must steer clear of dreary bourgeoisie art, I must be avant-garde and paint what's in my heart."
  • (Jacques Perrin) "Paris is small for great passion like us."
  • (Jacques Perrin) "I've searched for her, I've traveled countless miles, From Bali to Lima, Across the South Sea isles, From deep river beds to beds where young girls smile, I keep running after her, Hoping all the while, Just knowing she's alive makes her my beacon fire --"

Grover Dale as Bill

  • (Grover Dale) "Set up here?"
  • (George Chakiris) "OK."
  • (Grover Dale) "OK."
  • (Grover Dale) "Fly away, turtledoves, Get along to your tropics, Since our eyes are not topics to make you melt with love,"
  • (Grover Dale) "Since our eyes"
  • (George Chakiris) "Are not topics"
  • (Grover Dale) "To make your melt with love, Go on then, my lovelies, Good sailing and good loving."
  • (Grover Dale) "We're in love with you."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "What are they talking about?"
  • (George Chakiris) "So we want to sleep with you."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "What?"
  • (Grover Dale) "It's normal when you're in love."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "That explains the ride?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "We'll take the train. Ha-ha."
  • (George Chakiris) "You're not very accommodating."
  • (Grover Dale) "You're quite pretty."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "So I've been told."
  • (Grover Dale) "Miss. Miss, your slip is showing."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "So I've been told."

Jacques Riberolles as Guillaume Lancien

  • (Jacques Riberolles) "Hello, dear rose. You're lovely, dear soul."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "By "soul" you mean my body."
  • (Jacques Riberolles) "You're so right, dear heart."

Gene Kelly as Andy Miller

  • (Gene Kelly) "Can she be far? Is she near to me? I never saw her again, but I know now she exists. Is she chaste? Or does she live fast and free? Her virtue means nothing because I am an artist. And love is the sole authority."

Geneviève Thénier as Josette

  • (Geneviève Thénier) "We go from place to place, Across rivers and valleys. / They call us carnies, The road is our home base."

George Chakiris as Etienne

  • (George Chakiris) "Hurry, they're waiting."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Solange isn't here?"
  • (George Chakiris) "Too bad."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "But we were to meet at noon."
  • (Grover Dale) "It's nearly half past, get in."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Wait. Here she comes."
  • (George Chakiris) "No, it's Josette."
  • (Geneviève Thénier) "Wait for me. Take me, I want to see Paris."
  • (George Chakiris) "Hop in."
  • (George Chakiris) "To liven up our stand at the fair, we thought; - Well, it was Bill's idea. We thought that maybe you could do a number; - something lively."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "A number?"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "They think we're strippers."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Obviously."
  • (George Chakiris) "Sing of love"
  • (Grover Dale) "Or even hate"
  • (George Chakiris) "Just make it bright"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Sing today"
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Dance tonight"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Sing of light"
  • (George Chakiris) "Dance for joy"
  • (Grover Dale) "Sing of wind"
  • (George Chakiris) "Sing of sun and rain. Fire us."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "Inspire us."
  • (George Chakiris) "Enchant and astonish us --"

Michel Piccoli as Simon Dame

  • (Michel Piccoli) "How very sad it was the night she fled the scene, she didn't want the name of Madame Guillotine. She had this silly fear that if she went to bed, she'd suddenly wake up one day without her head"

Catherine Deneuve as Delphine

  • (Catherine Deneuve) "You'll never get a man, old girl."
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "You were born 12 minutes later, so don't "old girl" me."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Did he have a camera?"
  • (Françoise Dorléac) "No."
  • (Catherine Deneuve) "Then how did you know he was an American?"

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