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Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) Quotes

Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Their Eyes Were Watching God ended in 1970.

It features Matthew Carlisle as producer, and Terence Blanchard in charge of musical score.

Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) is 113 minutes long. Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) is distributed by American Broadcasting Company.

The cast includes: Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Joe Starks, Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Janie Starks, Michael Ealy as Tea Cake, Lorraine Toussaint as Pearl Stone, and Nicki Micheaux as Phoebe Watson.

Their Eyes Were Watching God (film) Quotes

Michael Ealy as Tea Cake

  • (Michael Ealy) "Whatcha doin', Janie?"
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "I'm watchin' God."

Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Janie Starks

  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Thank you for your compliments, but my wife don't know nothin' bout speech-makin'. I didn't marry her for that."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "You talk a lot of brass, Joe, but there here's nothin' big about you but your voice. Hell, when you pull down yo' britches it look like you done hit the change of life."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Doctor say I'm dyin.' Guess you come to watch."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Jody, maybe I ain't been such a good wife to you. But you gave me everything a woman could ever dream of having, and I thank you. But Jody, you and me been together now for 20 years, and you don't know me half at all."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "I know you."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "You changed from that Jody I run off down the road with. I wanted to keep a house with you in a wonderful way, but you wasn't really satisfied with me the way I was."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "I built a whole town for us. But that ain't good enough for you."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "It's just that my own feelings had to be squeezed and crowded out of me to make room for yours in me."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Blame everything on me. I don't let you show me no feeling, huh? Janie, that's all I ever wanted."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Ain't nobody trying to blame nothing on you, Joe. But all this bowing down and obedience --.well, it just -- it ain't what I run off with you down that road for."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Even now, you got to die with me being obedient, instead of just letting me love you."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "I hope thunder and lightning kill you."

Lorraine Toussaint as Pearl Stone

  • (Lorraine Toussaint) "Lord, Janie? We been worried sick about you."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Go to hell."
  • (Lorraine Toussaint) "What's that you said?"
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "I said, "Good afternoon, ladies.""

Nicki Micheaux as Phoebe Watson

  • (Nicki Micheaux) "If that Tea Cake ever shows his behind in Eatonville again, he'll wish he hadn't. He knew you had just lost Joe, so he took advantage of you and your money."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "He ain't wasted none of my money. And if he were here, he'd tell everybody so, too."
  • (Nicki Micheaux) "But he gone, ain't he?"
  • (Nicki Micheaux) "He dragged you down to his level, and then --."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Y'all think he did me wrong."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Janie, we all know he did you wrong."
  • (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) "Well, I ain't stunned by what they think."

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