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They Learned About Women Quotes

They Learned About Women is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . They Learned About Women ended its run in 1970.

It features Milton Ager (composer) in charge of musical score, and Leonard Smith (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

They Learned About Women is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of They Learned About Women is 95 minutes long. They Learned About Women is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Gus Van as Jerry Burke, Joe Schenck as Jack, Mary Doran as Daisy, and Bessie Love as Mary.

They Learned About Women Quotes

Joe Schenck as Jack

  • (Joe Schenck) "Aren't those magnolias beautiful? You know, you're like a magnolia: white, cool and nice."
  • (Bessie Love) "Oh, thanks."
  • (Joe Schenck) "Some women are like red roses."
  • (Bessie Love) "Yeah, well, you look out for those red roses, they have thorns you know."
  • (Joe Schenck) "Someday you'll be glad when the right man comes along."
  • (Mary Doran) "I know. That's what I try to tell myself. But, but most men won't have anything to do with a girl; with a girl that's good."
  • (Joe Schenck) "Just for that I'm gonna give you a little kiss."
  • (Bessie Love) "Why a little one?"

Mary Doran as Daisy

  • (Mary Doran) "Whenever I get blue and discouraged, I just think of the wonderful advice you gave me on the train."
  • (Joe Schenck) "That's the spirit. Don't let 'em whip ya."
  • (Mary Doran) "Oh, tell me you love me and you do as I ask."

Gus Van as Jerry Burke

  • (Gus Van) "Listen, chisler, I'm hep to you."
  • (Mary Doran) "Oh, so you're a smart guy, huh?"
  • (Gus Van) "I don't have to be smart to get wise to a gal like you."
  • (Gus Van) "No, I'm not crazy, but, you are. You'd have to be to ditch a little gal like Mary and run around with that dizzy blonde sharpshooter."
  • (Gus Van) "You know, Mary, I'd be a good dancer if it wasn't for my feet."
  • (Gus Van) "Look at the fun you're havin'."
  • (Joe Schenck) "Oh, you call that fun? Playing Santa Claus to a lot of baby doll gold diggers."
  • (Gus Van) "Oh, Jack, now they're all good little girls; every one of 'em."
  • (Joe Schenck) "Oh, just an 18 carat sap. Any chump in the world would know what they're after."
  • (Gus Van) "You insinuating that I'm a Sugar Daddy?"
  • (Gus Van) "Say, Jack, I'd lay off that porcupine; she's full of needles."
  • (Gus Van) "Hey Jack, can't you fix me up a little drink?"
  • (Joe Schenck) "One more drink and you'll explode."
  • (Gus Van) "Well, get me it and get outta the way."
  • (Gus Van) "Say, waiter, bring me the bad news, please."
  • (Bessie Love) "Oh, are we going already?"
  • (Gus Van) "Thanks Jack. Now everything's KO."
  • (Gus Van) "Say, lay off me or I'll smack you so hard you'd think you were kissed by a million John Gilberts."
  • (Gus Van) "Say, Jack, she's so crooked they'll have to bury her in a trombone."

Bessie Love as Mary

  • (Bessie Love) "Oh, no kidding, I missed you so much, I started talkin' to your picture."
  • (Joe Schenck) "That's nothing. I wrote poetry to you."
  • (Bessie Love) "You did? Let's see it."
  • (Joe Schenck) "I tore it up."
  • (Bessie Love) "Oh, why?"
  • (Joe Schenck) "For no rhyme or reason."

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