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Thunderstruck (2004 film) Quotes

Thunderstruck (2004 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Thunderstruck completed its run in 1970.

It features Al Clark as producer.

Thunderstruck (2004 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in Australia. Each episode of Thunderstruck (2004 film) is 98 minutes long.

The cast includes: Callan Mulvey as Sam, Stephen Curry as Ben, Sam Worthington as Ronnie, Ryan Johnson as Lloyd, Damon Gameau as Sonny, and Callan Mulvey as Amy.

Thunderstruck (2004 film) Quotes

Ryan Johnson as Lloyd

  • (Ryan Johnson) "Sam, why can't I be in the band?"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Because you're no good. You're our manager"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "So why are you lead singer?"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Because I can sing."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "No you can't, you suck."
  • (Callan Mulvey) "OH yeah, you wanna have a go?"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Bring it on, I can take you. Me and my broom."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Do you have anything in white?"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "How many AC/DC shirts do you see made in white?"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Well, it's going to be a bit hot wearing black in the desert, Sam."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Right, so we're going to have to break the guys out, so we're going to have to blow out the side wall -- have you got any explosives?"
  • (Unnamed) "No -- but I can get some tomorrow"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "f***, that'll be too late"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "I'd be pretty good on bass --"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Watch the road."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Yeah. I'm just saying --"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Watch the road."

Damon Gameau as Sonny

  • (Damon Gameau) "Old McDonald had a farm, E I E I O. And on that farm he had dinosaurs, E I E I O --"
  • (Unnamed) "You suck."
  • (Damon Gameau) "f***. He's being cremated."
  • (Damon Gameau) "Ben, take the broomstick out of your ass. Sam's a dickhead. He's always been a dickhead. He always will be. So there's no point getting upset when he starts acting like one."
  • (Damon Gameau) "So was it the customs guy at the door?"
  • (Ryan Johnson) "Nah, it was just some old bloke that looked like Mr Miyagi."
  • (Damon Gameau) "You know, the day that Ronnie died, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It was perfect weather. So Ronnie goes out to play some golf. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this storm just appears. Ronnie's on the fourth hole. He goes to tee off."
  • (Damon Gameau) "You remember what the last song we all heard together was?"
  • (Stephen Curry) "No."
  • (Damon Gameau) "Thunderstruck."

Callan Mulvey as Sam

  • (Callan Mulvey) "Did that prick just give me the finger?"
  • (Stephen Curry) "Yeah. I think you got the whole hand"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Hey Lloyd. You can be in the band."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "YEEEEEAAAAAH."
  • (Callan Mulvey) "What'll your old man do when he finds out the van is gone?"
  • (Damon Gameau) "He'll be fine, once he wakes from his stress-induced coma"
  • (Unnamed) "You see, everything about me and Ronnie is valuable, even our ashes. You may not understand this, being so ordinary, but when I'm at a concert, I look past my happy singing fans and focus on the one person that isn't swaying, and I make it my mission to make them move."
  • (Callan Mulvey) "You still doing those shopping centre appearances, then?"
  • (Callan Mulvey) "Where've you been?"
  • (Stephen Curry) "Left foot red"

Sam Worthington as Ronnie

  • (Sam Worthington) "He went out in style."
  • (Callan Mulvey) "That's how I want to go out."
  • (Ryan Johnson) "What, choke on your own vomit?"

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