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Timecop Quotes

Timecop is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Timecop ended in 1970.

It features Moshe Diamant; Sam Raimi; Robert Tapert as producer, Mark Isham; Robert Lamm in charge of musical score, and Peter Hyams as head of cinematography.

Timecop is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Timecop is 98 minutes long. Timecop is distributed by Universal Pictures.

The cast includes: Ron Silver as McComb, Bruce McGill as Matuzak, Scott Bellis as Ricky, Gloria Reuben as Fielding, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Walker, Mia Sara as Melissa, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Palmer, and Jason Schombing as Atwood.

Timecop Quotes

Jean-Claude Van Damme as Walker

  • (Handlebar) "I went 10 rounds with John L. Sullivan himself."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I saw Tyson beat Spinks on TV."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Fifty thousand volts, motherf***er. Have a nice day."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I'm still kicking. I must be on Broadway."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Freeze."
  • (Ron Silver) "Do you realize how inappropriate that word is? Do I look frozen to you?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You look like s*** to me."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I'll tell you this: if I can't go back to save her, this scumbag is not going back to steal money."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Don't tell anyone I killed you. I'm on bail."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Read it."
  • (Rollerblades) "Wolverine?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Between the lines."
  • (Rollerblades) "I should get the f*** out of here?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Very good. First -- I think you have a purse to return."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I guess I should have told him to 'freeze'."
  • (Ron Silver) "I think he got the picture."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "He must have read my mind."
  • (Mia Sara) "The way you speak English, he'd have to."

Ron Silver as McComb

  • (Ron Silver) "Country's down the drain because of the special interests. We need somebody in the White House so rich he doesn't have to listen to anybody."
  • (Ron Silver) "Look, don't expect to be my Chief of Staff if my slamming your face into the side of the car is gonna turn you into a sniveling worm."
  • (Ron Silver) "What's the problem? You just point it, pull the trigger, and boom, someone dies."
  • (Ron Silver) "Never interrupt me when I'm talking to myself."
  • (Ron Silver) "You see, I'm an ambitious Harvard-educated visionary who deserves to be the most powerful man in the world and you -- you're a f***ing idiot who never figured out that the only way to make anything of himself with all that fancy kicking was on Broadway."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Thanks for clearing that up."
  • (Ron Silver) "When I'm in office it's going to be just like the 80's. The top 10% will get richer and the other 90% can emigrate to Mexico where they can get a better life."
  • (Ron Silver) "That's C-4. Not only will it turn this house into dust, but it will also separate every part of you from every other part of you."
  • (Ron Silver) "Do yourself a favor: lay off the f***ing candy bars."

Bruce McGill as Matuzak

  • (Bruce McGill) "Damn it, Ricky, I catch you f***ing this machine again, I'll break your neck."
  • (Scott Bellis) "Sorry, chief."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "Looks like safe sex to me."
  • (Bruce McGill) "She's a little shaky."
  • (Scott Bellis) "Blood pressure's gonna loosen her teeth and her pulse is pushing 140."
  • (Bruce McGill) "If she farts she'll get ahead of the pod."
  • (Bruce McGill) "You're allowed to have a life, you know. I read it in a manual somewhere."
  • (Bruce McGill) "Here goes the pension."

Gloria Reuben as Fielding

  • (Gloria Reuben) "You're not funny."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I'm never funny."
  • (Gloria Reuben) "I really could care less whether you like me or not, but you don't know a thing about me. I was with IA for two years, I'm field-rated in weapons and tactics, and speak three languages. Impressed?"
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "I'm blown away."
  • (Gloria Reuben) "I read the Atwood file."
  • (Jean-Claude Van Damme) "You didn't mention you could read."

Jason Schombing as Atwood

  • (Jason Schombing) "I can't tell you anything. He'll send somebody back to wipe out my grandparents. It'll be like I'll never existed. My mother, my father, my wife, my kids, my f***ing cat."

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