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To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Quotes

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar ended its run in 1970.

It features Walter F. Parkes as producer, Rachel Portman in charge of musical score, and Steve Mason as head of cinematography.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar is 109 minutes long. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Wesley Snipes as Noxeema Jackson, John Leguizamo as Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez, Patrick Swayze as Vida Boheme, Stockard Channing as Carol Ann, Chris Penn as Sheriff Dollard, Alice Drummond as Clara, Jennifer Milmore as Bobby Lee, Robin Williams as John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Michael Vartan as Tommy, Arliss Howard as Virgil, Blythe Danner as Beatrice, Beth Grant as Loretta, RuPaul as Rachel Tensions, Jason London as Bobby Ray, and Melinda Dillon as Merna.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar Quotes

John Leguizamo as Miss Chi-Chi Rodriguez

  • (John Leguizamo) "If I was your bread, would you be my butter?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Well, you don't know me very well, do you, Creepella? I'm the Latina Marilyn Monroe. I got more legs than a bucket of chicken."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Mamies. Don't quote me but I think this one is decease-ed."
  • (John Leguizamo) "I'm the Latina Marilyn Monroe. I've got more legs than a bucket of chicken."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Now she's gonna get herself kidnapped by some mountain man and we will have to rescue her."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Live life before it lives you."
  • (John Leguizamo) "How do I look?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Like the Miami Sound Machine just exploded all over you."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Vida, how come you never told us you were rich, mama?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I'm not rich, my parents are."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Lets throw you two a pity party. Two fraidy ol' ladies. You gotta live live before it lives you, you stupid -- You gonna be second class you gonna be second rate your whole life."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Maybe if somebody gave me back my "Princess" points, I would do the hitchhiking thing and get us a ride."
  • (John Leguizamo) "There's something you need to know about Vida -- She --"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Vida works out. Yeah, Vida works out."
  • (John Leguizamo) "A lot."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Uh uh I'm not sleeping with the Wicked Witch of the West's toenails in my face and your Godzilla breath on me, no way."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Get with the program mijas, no one is so rich as to throw away a friend."
  • (John Leguizamo) "You know what Vida, you're not a queen because you rule people or you sat on a throne, baby. You're a queen because you couldn't cut it as a man so you had to put on a dress, that's why."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "What did you say?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "You heard me."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I've had quite enough --"
  • (John Leguizamo) "I think maybe he's prejudice-said."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I'll bet you were the brightest in your class, weren't you?"
  • (Crazy Elijah) "Please, it's a wreck, ladies. Be careful with the -- It'll never get you to California."
  • (John Leguizamo) "It's the look."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Now, Noxee, how could you possibly refuse?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "I'm a loser, I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate everything."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Oh no. No You're a winner, why you look like. You are a winner."
  • (John Leguizamo) "I didn't ask to come on this trip, did I? No, I don't think so. Did I ask you to be making me over and jump all kinds of hoops like some circus poodle? No, I don't think so. Do I want to go to jail because of some cop killer? No, I don't think so. So as soon as we get to the next town I am jumping on the first man and riding him all the way to New York City and away from you two puckered up, stuck up putas 'cause this trip sucks. It sucks."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "After all we've done to include you, you would leave us so quickly?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Maybe if somebody gave me back my "Princess Points", I would do the hitchhiking thing and get us a ride."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "How you gonna hitchhike, huh?, if there are no cars, stupid?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Well, you don't know me very well, do you, Creepella. I'm the Latina Marilyn Monroe. I got more legs than a bucket of chicken."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Now, she's going to get herself kidnapped by some wild mountain main and WE will have to rescue her."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Why she always gotta have the last word, huh?"

Jennifer Milmore as Bobby Lee

  • (Jennifer Milmore) "I know, I know, that is Ms. Anne Baxter in the Ten Commandments and those are the moves."
  • (Jennifer Milmore) "Are you serious about Bobby Ray, Miss Chi-Chi?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "Baby, you can have him. I've got a million dream lovers, alright. I've got a broken heart for every light on Broadway. And when one of them goes out, I just screw in another one, okay, hello good-bye."

Alice Drummond as Clara

  • (Alice Drummond) "Can I have my shoe please?"
  • (Chris Penn) "You're a drag queen?"
  • (Alice Drummond) "Nothin' this pretty could be real."

Patrick Swayze as Vida Boheme

  • (Patrick Swayze) "Virgil is beating up Carol Ann."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Sounds like --"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Well, we have to help her."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "No. There are times when you help people, and there are times when if you help people you might get killed, so you don't help people."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Carol Ann, if we're going to be friends, there really is something I should tell you --"
  • (Stockard Channing) "Adam's Apple?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "What?"
  • (Stockard Channing) "Adam's Apple. Women don't have Adam's Apples, only men have Adam's Apples. The first night that you came to town I noticed that you had yourself an Adam's Apple."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Then, then you know?"
  • (Stockard Channing) "I know, that I am very fortunate to have a lady friend who just happens to have an Adam's Apple."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "It's like living in a Tex Avery cartoon."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "And who would think that this ebony enchantress would one day share a title with moi?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I feel like Miss Jayne Mansfield in this car."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Oooh, Jayne Mansfield. Not a good auto reference."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Here is where they asked young Miss Vida to stop imitating Esther Williams in Million Dollar Mermaid, thus marring the Methodist annual picnic."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Ready or not, here comes mama."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Excuse me Jimmy Jay."
  • (Jimmy Joe) "Joe."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Sorry, Joe Jay."
  • (Jimmy Joe) "No, Jimmy Joe."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Chi-Chi, you just sit right here. I am going upstairs to have a talk with Miss Noxeema. We will be right back."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I am not going upstairs with you. I ain't drivin' you no more, Miss Daisy."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I declare."
  • (Jennifer Milmore) "I declare."
  • (Stockard Channing) "I declare."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I decline."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Now she going to herself kidnapped by some wild mountain man and we will have to rescue her."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Think of it as 'Easy Rider' in dresses."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "You have the potential of a lifetime and you are squandering it."
  • (John Leguizamo) "So what do you care?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Yes you will start off a mere boy in a dress, but by the time we are done with this crusade your Auntie Vida and your Auntie Noxee will give you the outrageous outlook and indomitable spirit that it will take to make you a full-fledged Drag Queen."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "So now, I want you to turn your swayback little self around on those Robert Clergerie Knockoffs and get back in this car."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Maybe I'm not just a boy in a dress."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "All right you are -- a Drag Princess."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Sheriff Dullard --"
  • (Chris Penn) "It's Dollard -- with an "o.""
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Well, it says "Dullard" on your badge."
  • (Chris Penn) "It's a misprint."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "All right, Ladies. Operation Decorator Storm."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Oh, Carol Ann, what on earth?"
  • (Stockard Channing) "I'm just so clumsy. I mean -- Virgil yelled at me. I mean, he called out to me. And, well, I just spilled the stew."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Hun, do you like, ever, not cry in this room?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Maps are for cheating."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Don't do that. Don't do that. What are you doing?"
  • (Crazy Elijah) "Ladies, please, I implore you. For your own safety, go with the Toyota Corolla."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Well, pumpkins, looks like it's the age-old dilemma. Style -- or substance."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Enchanté."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Your approval is not needed."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Approval neither desired nor required."

Wesley Snipes as Noxeema Jackson

  • (Wesley Snipes) "Hi. I'm Noxeema Jackson. Jesse's daughter."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "This America does not respond kindly to our sort of person."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Oh. No one say anything frivolous for the next few moments. I am having a significant experience."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Whoopy."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Look, Miss Julie Newmar has been watching silently over this entire conversation. And look at her, vintage Miss Julie. She is the perfect, the ultimate -- oh. Try to describe her and not use the word "statuesque". Oh, Miss Julie, you are statuesque and you were the only Catwoman. Oh, read it please."
  • (John Leguizamo) ""To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar." Who was Wong Foo?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I don't know but evidently they were close."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I've had enough of this conversation, I'm hungry."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "We must take this message from Miss Newmar with us across the land as our sovereign token."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Let's just relax. It's gonna be alright."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I wish I was back in the club car, now we're driving across America."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Ms. Vida seems to think that I don't have a dream. Well, honey, I'm not Martin Luther King. I don't need a dream. I have a plan. You know I'm gonna tell you what it is, because instinctively I knew I could trust you, being as you're not a big talker and everything. My plan is that while in Hollywood I will be approached by an imminent producer, at The Ivy no doubt, to star in the lush film version of the Life of Ms. Dorothy Dandridge. Yes that noble blacktress, who never played domestic help. And then who's career was crushed by the white Hollywood machine."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Little latin boy in drag, why are you crying?"
  • (John Leguizamo) "It's just cause the two of you are so pretty, you know. You're so pretty."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Yes, of course we're pretty, but why are you crying?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Maybe she just found out Menudo broke up."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Step four: Larger than life is just the right size."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "You know, Vida, you were absolutely right."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "About what?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I mean, now I realize that -- you gotta take chances. Because you never know, you know what I mean? I mean, what the hell. I'm not gonna worry about if people accept me or not. I'm gonna make Hollywood wherever I am at."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I would like --"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Stand up, Vida."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Do you like my nails?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Ohhh, there will be a barbeque at 12 Oaks tonight."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Why she always have to have the last word, huh?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "You obviously have me mistaken for Miss Rosa Parks."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "When a straight man puts on a dress and gets his sexual kicks, he is a transvestite. When a man is a woman trapped in a man's body and has a little operation he is a Transsexual."
  • (John Leguizamo) "I know that."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "When a gay man has way too much fashion sense for one gender he is a drag queen."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Thank you."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "And when a tired little Latin boy puts on a dress, he is simply a boy in a dress."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "If you want them to know there is steak for dinner, you got to let them hear it sizzle. Understand?"
  • (Jennifer Milmore) "Yeah."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Ooh, Miss Clara, we gonna make you look like Emma Peel."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "How're you gonna hitchhike, huh?, if there are no cars, stupid?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Look, I'm sorry about the way the civil war turned out."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I think I'm gonna black out."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Look at her, runnin' like she's runnin' cross the border."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "That might be all fine and dandy but still have a lot more to learn before you become a full fledged Queen, my dear."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Can't I just stay a princess they're so much younger than Queens"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Does everything have to be a joke with you, this is not a masquerade. This is real life. There are steps to becoming a Queen."
  • (John Leguizamo) "I'm sorry. How many?"
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Four. There are four steps to becoming a Drag Queen."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Don't be stingy tell me what are they."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Patience mon cheri. You will know when you've done them. Noxeema our Dutchess of Protocol will inform you."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "That's right just sit back. Auntie Vida's gonna make you a big ol'queen don't you worry."

Chris Penn as Sheriff Dollard

  • (Chris Penn) "You're so tall."
  • (Chris Penn) "When the founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, what have you. "Liberty and justice for all", they didn't mean that."
  • (Unnamed) "I can tell you one thing about them founding fathers of America."
  • (Chris Penn) "What's that?"
  • (Unnamed) "They sure had fabulous wigs."
  • (Chris Penn) "Men, acting like women. Men wanting to be with one another, men touching each other. Their stubbly chins rubbing up against one another. Touching each other. Manly hands touching swirls of of chest hair. An occasional wiff of a rugged aftershave. Their low, baritone voices sighing, grunting. They hold one another in manly, masculine arms. Hold one another. Tight."
  • (Chris Penn) "Shut up. Just shut up. I'm gonna bring back three corpses here. And when you look up their dresses, if you don't find something you shouldn't find, I don't know what."
  • (Chris Penn) "I know there are drag queens in this town."
  • (Chris Penn) "I know what you want. Do you know what you career girls want?"
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Careers?"
  • (Chris Penn) "Same things every girl wants."

Stockard Channing as Carol Ann

  • (Stockard Channing) "Vida I do not think of you as a man and I do not think of you as a woman"
  • (Stockard Channing) "I think of you as an angel."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I think that's Healthy."
  • (Stockard Channing) "I love you Ms. Vida Boheme."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "I've waited my whole life to hear those words said to that name. And I'm very, very, very happy that you're the one to say them."
  • (Stockard Channing) "This is the presidential suite."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Must've been one of those bad presidents."
  • (Stockard Channing) "This is the presidential suite."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Must've been one of those bad presidents."

Robin Williams as John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

  • (Robin Williams) "Oh, my God, I'm like a compass near north."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Thank you."

Blythe Danner as Beatrice

  • (Blythe Danner) "This is my Aunt Martha's dress. I thought you could use it. She was real big on the shoulders."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Thank you, girl."
  • (Patrick Swayze) "Oh, sweet pea. Now, you listen to your Auntie Vida. I want you to believe in yourself, imagine good things and moisturize, I cannot stress this enough."
  • (Alice Drummond) "Miss Noxeema."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Miss Clara."
  • (Alice Drummond) "Now, listen, when you get to Hollywood, you give this letter to Mr. Robert Mitchum."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Oh, I will, I will, I promise you. I'll guard it with my life. Thank you. I'm gonna miss you."
  • (Alice Drummond) "I'm gonna miss you, too."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Good bye."
  • (Alice Drummond) "Bye."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I hope she leaves me those albums in her will. Alright, let's see. Can I hear it?"
  • (Michael Vartan) "Good afternoon."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "Sounds wonderful. And look at the shirt, the shirt is fierce, and the hair is working. Get along now. You take care. Be good to yourself."
  • (Blythe Danner) "Hello, Loretta."
  • (Beth Grant) "Hello."
  • (Blythe Danner) "Alcoholic. Low self-esteem. Why, her daddy used to call her "baby ugly." She took to the bottle just as soon as she could drink."

RuPaul as Rachel Tensions

  • (RuPaul) "I don't know who he is, but if there's a snowstorm tonight, he's going on my tires."

Michael Vartan as Tommy

  • (Michael Vartan) "Baby, you are a whole lot of woman -- and I know what you need."
  • (Wesley Snipes) "I hardly think you're the man to give it to me."

Jason London as Bobby Ray

  • (Jason London) "Don't cry, Miss Chi-Chi, please don't cry -- Miss Chi-Chi, if you were my girl, you'd never cry for anything, except -- maybe -- for happiness."
  • (John Leguizamo) "You said a mouthful"

Arliss Howard as Virgil

  • (Arliss Howard) "Actin' real proud of yourself just like a New York City girl."

Melinda Dillon as Merna

  • (Melinda Dillon) "Vaya con dios, Miss Chi-Chi."
  • (John Leguizamo) "You ruin my language and I still love you."
  • (Beth Grant) "These all grow wild around here."
  • (John Leguizamo) "You all grow wild around here. This reminds me of the story of Princess Laritza in 'Revenge of the Wench'. Seem everyone was giving her flowers because they thought she was dead, right? But she had taken this magical concoction --"
  • (Beth Grant) "Well, anyway, bye-bye."
  • (Melinda Dillon) "Bye."
  • (John Leguizamo) "Bye."

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