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Tom Jones (1963 film) Quotes

Tom Jones (1963 film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Tom Jones ended in 1970.

It features Tony Richardson as producer, John Addison in charge of musical score, and Walter Lassally as head of cinematography.

Tom Jones (1963 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Tom Jones (1963 film) is 128 minutes long. Tom Jones (1963 film) is distributed by United Artists (UK).

The cast includes: Albert Finney as Tom Jones, Julian Glover as Lt. Northerton, George Devine as Squire Allworthy, Edith Evans as Miss Western, Hugh Griffith as Squire Western, Joyce Redman as Jenny, Rachel Kempson as Bridget Allworthy, Peter Bull as Mr. Thwackum, Patsy Rowlands as Honor, Susannah York as Sophie Western, Redmond Phillips as Lawyer Dowling, and Diane Cilento as Molly Seagrim.

Tom Jones (1963 film) Quotes

George Devine as Squire Allworthy

  • (George Devine) "Do not grieve, my dear nephew. Do not grieve."
  • (Albert Finney) "Sir, you cannot die."
  • (George Devine) "Death comes to us all, Tom. I've asked you here to tell you my will. Nephew Blifil, I leave you heir to my whole estate, with three exceptions. To you my dear Tom, I have given an estate of 800 pounds a year, together with a thousand pounds in ready money. I am convinced, my boy, that you have much goodness, generosity and honor in your nature. If you will add prudence, and religion, to these, you must be happy. One thousand pounds I leave to you, Mr. Thwackum, and a like sum to you, Mr. Square, which I am convinced exceeds your desires as well as your wants."
  • (George Devine) "Who is the father, Jenny?"
  • (Joyce Redman) "Sir, I am under the most solemn ties not to reveal the father's name."
  • (George Devine) "You must be sent away from this shame and degradation. As for your child I will bring him up as if he were my own son."
  • (Rachel Kempson) "What will you call him, brother?"
  • (George Devine) "Tom Jones."
  • (Unnamed) "-- of whom the opinion of all was that he was born to be hanged."
  • (George Devine) "I am convinced, my boy, that you have much goodness, generosity and honor in your nature. If you will add prudence and religion to those, you must be happy."

Albert Finney as Tom Jones

  • (Albert Finney) "It's a good night to be abroad and looking for game."
  • (Albert Finney) "; Sing, thick Thwackum, your bounty's flown."
  • (Peter Bull) "You have good reason for your drunkenness, you beggarly bastard. He provided well enough for you."
  • (Albert Finney) "Do you think any such consideration could weigh with me? Damn you, Thwackum."
  • (Peter Bull) "How dare you, sir."
  • (Albert Finney) "And damn me if I don't open another bottle."
  • (Albert Finney) "I shall sing you a ballad which I have entitled "Sing, Thick Thwackum, Thy Bounty has Flown.""
  • (Albert Finney) "Sing, Thick Thwackum, thy bounty has flown. You lost all the money you thought that you'd own."
  • (Unnamed) "Mr. Jones. This house is in mourning on account of the death of my dear mother."
  • (Albert Finney) "Forgive me. The joy of Mr. Allworthy's recovery --"
  • (Unnamed) "I had the misfortune to know who my parents were. Consequently, I'm grieved by their loss."
  • (Albert Finney) "You rascal. You dare to insult me?"
  • (Albert Finney) "Sir, I will stand no jesting with this lady's character."

Peter Bull as Mr. Thwackum

  • (Unnamed) "You have only taught Tom to laugh at whatever is decent, and virtuous and right."
  • (Peter Bull) "I've taught him religion."
  • (Unnamed) "Mr. Thwackum, the word "religion" is as vague and uncertain as any in the English language."
  • (Peter Bull) "When I mention religion I mean the Christian religion. Not only the Christian religion, but the Protestant religion, and not only the Protestant religion but the Church of England."
  • (Unnamed) "I fear that Tom is the embodiment of the old truth: that foundlings should be left to the parish."
  • (Unnamed) "My dear tutors, I'm afraid that neither of you can touch his bastard's heart."
  • (Unnamed) "Neither indeed. But there was another who could --"

Julian Glover as Lt. Northerton

  • (Julian Glover) "Better luck in the next world, Mr Jones."

Patsy Rowlands as Honor

  • (Patsy Rowlands) "Look at him, ma'am. He's the most handsome man I ever saw in my life."
  • (Susannah York) "Why, Honor. I do believe you're in love with him."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "I assure you, ma'am, I'm not."
  • (Susannah York) "If you were, I see no reason that you should be ashamed of it -- for he certainly is a handsome fellow."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "That he is. The most handsome man I ever saw in my life. And as you say, ma'am, I don't know why I should be ashamed of looking at him, even though he is my better. For gentle folk are but flesh and blood like other persons. I am an honest person's child, and my mother and father were married, which is more than some people can say as high as they hold their heads."
  • (Susannah York) "Honor."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "My grandfather was a clergyman and he would have been very angry to have thought any of his family had taken up with Molly Seagrim's leavings -- Why, ma'am, the young gentleman is awake."
  • (Susannah York) "Yes, you've awakened him with your foolish chatter."
  • (Albert Finney) "I feel awake for the first time ever."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "And after everyone's kindness, too. She had laid the child at young Mr. Jones's door. All the parish say Mr. Allworthy is so angry with Mr. Jones that he won't see him. To be sure one can't help but pity the poor young man. He's so pretty a gentleman. I should be sorry to see him turned out of doors."
  • (Susannah York) "Why do you tell me all this? What concern have I of what Mr. Jones does?"
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "Why, ma'am, I never thought it was any harm to say a young man was handsome. But I shall never think of him any more now, for handsome is as handsome does."
  • (Susannah York) "Tittle-tattle, tittle-tattle. I shall be late for the hunt."
  • (Patsy Rowlands) "Sorry, I'm sure, madam."

Diane Cilento as Molly Seagrim

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Hugh Griffith as Squire Western

  • (Hugh Griffith) "Well, there's another one gone."
  • (Hugh Griffith) "Madam, I despise your politics as much as I do a fart."

Edith Evans as Miss Western

  • (Edith Evans) "You are such a boor."
  • (Hugh Griffith) "A boar? I am no boar."
  • (Edith Evans) "Rouse yourself from this pastoral torpor, sir."

Redmond Phillips as Lawyer Dowling

  • (Redmond Phillips) "Sir, sometime before your mother died, she gave me a letter. Her instructions were to hand it over to Mr. Allworthy as she was buried."
  • (Unnamed) "Hand it to me. I will give it to my uncle."
  • (Redmond Phillips) "She expressly said into no hands but Mr. Allworthy's."
  • (Unnamed) "Lawyer Dowling, if my uncle lives, he will need a new steward. I intend to recommend you."
  • (Redmond Phillips) "You are most kind, sir."

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