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Torment (1944 film) Quotes

Torment (1944 film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Torment stopped airing in 1970.

It features Victor Sjöström as producer, Hilding Rosenberg in charge of musical score, and Martin Bodin as head of cinematography.

Torment (1944 film) is recorded in Swedish and originally aired in Sweden. Each episode of Torment (1944 film) is 101 minutes long. Torment (1944 film) is distributed by Svensk Filmindustri.

The cast includes: Stig Järrel as Caligula, Alf Kjellin as Jan-Erik Widgren, and Mai Zetterling as Bertha Olsson.

Torment (1944 film) Quotes

Alf Kjellin as Jan-Erik Widgren

  • (Sandman - Student) "I suppose you want a girl who's pure and innocent."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Yes."
  • (Sandman - Student) "They don't exist."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Really?"
  • (Sandman - Student) "All women are tramps. And if they're not, they want to be. Nietzsche and Strindberg both say so."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "I'm so happy right now. I don't care what happens."
  • (Sandman - Student) "Wouldn't it be great to have a bed like the one in the movie? And a nice dame too."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "You think?"
  • (Sandman - Student) "You bet. A table filled with grub and booze, that bed and a dame. I wouldn't get up for two weeks. I'd just eat and sleep and make it with the broad."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "I'm going to write and play the violin all the time, once I'm out of that hellish place."
  • (Sandman - Student) "When you turn over a stone, you find nasty creatures underneath. Caligula isn't a genuine swine. He's a nasty little venomous creep."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "I don't believe a person can be all evil."
  • (Sandman - Student) "You're still an adolescent. Just wait. You'll see how rotten everything is."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "You must think I'm a real fool."
  • (Sandman - Student) "Nonsense. You're the only one I can talk to. You can't help it if you're an idealist who believes in innocent women."

Stig Järrel as Caligula

  • (Stig Järrel) "Examples of the genitive with impersonal verbs. Kreutz?"
  • (Kreutz - Student) "Miseret, paenitet, piget, pudet, taedet."
  • (Stig Järrel) "Mr.Widgren is lazy, he ignores me and my homeworks."
  • (Stig Järrel) "This is cheating, sir. Cheating."
  • (Stig Järrel) "Caesar hostem aggressus devicit. Widgren?"
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Caesar defeated the enemy."
  • (Stig Järrel) "Example of what?"
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Participial construction."
  • (Stig Järrel) "Which one?"
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Participium coniunctum. Predicative attribute."
  • (Stig Järrel) "Of what?"
  • (Stig Järrel) "Didn't you prepare for the lesson?"

Mai Zetterling as Bertha Olsson

  • (Mai Zetterling) "He has such horrid white hands, with hairy fingers."
  • (Sandman - Student) "Hello, my dear Carmen."
  • (Mai Zetterling) "Hello. What will it be; a cola?"
  • (Sandman - Student) "Ha."
  • (Mai Zetterling) "You know I can't sell tobacco to schoolboys."
  • (Mai Zetterling) "You see that star?"
  • (Alf Kjellin) "It seems to hang far below the sky on an invisible string."
  • (Mai Zetterling) "It's been a great company to me. If you only knew how lonely I've been."
  • (Alf Kjellin) "Lonely? Who hasn't been lonely."

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