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Towelie Quotes

Towelie is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Towelie stopped airing in 1970.

Towelie Quotes

  • (Towelie) "You wanna get high?"
  • (Stan Marsh) "Come on Towelie, the guy said you have the security system in your memory banks."
  • (Towelie) "Hey, it's been a long time."
  • (Eric Cartman) "You just have no long term memory because you get high all the time."
  • (Towelie) "Don't preach to me, Fatso."
  • (Eric Cartman) "I can preach to you all I want because you're stupid."
  • (Towelie) "You're stupid."
  • (Eric Cartman) "Yeah, you're a towel."
  • (Towelie) "You're a towel."
  • (Towelie) "Just let me get high. I know I can remember if I get high."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Oh, God damn it. Alright, fine. Here's your stupid lighter."
  • (Towelie) "Hold on. Wait a second"
  • (Towelie) "That's it."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "That's it?"
  • (Towelie) "Yeah, that's the melody to "Funkytown.""
  • (Towelie) ""Won't you take me down to 'Funkytown'.""
  • (Stan Marsh) "No Towelie, the entry code."
  • (Towelie) "For what?"
  • (Towelie) "Don't forget to bring a towel --"
  • (Sharon Marsh) "No. That, that came from me. Just put it away."
  • (Eric Cartman) "This came outta you? You just left it in the trash can? You shouldn't a done that, he's just a boy. Poor little feller."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "How long has it been since you've been back there?"
  • (Towelie) "I've been wondering around on my own for the past few weeks. Ya know, helpin' people out with towel safety and proper towel use. It's important."
  • (Eric Cartman) "No it isn't."
  • (Towelie) "Is."
  • (Eric Cartman) "No it isn't."
  • (Towelie) "Is."
  • (Towelie) "Wait turn down here. It's down this dirt road."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Break Kenny, break."
  • (Towelie) "Maybe it was down that dirt road."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Dude, don't you remember where it is?"
  • (Towelie) "I can't remember, it all looks the same. Hold on, let me get high. Then I'll remember where it is."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Alright, so where is it?"
  • (Towelie) "Where's what?"
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "The base where you're from and where our Okama Gamesphere is."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Alright, that does it. Break angrily Kenny."
  • (Stan Marsh) "Now listen Towelie, we've just about had it with you."
  • (Towelie) "Now come down."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "That's it, you're not getting high again until we have our Okama Gamesphere back."
  • (Towelie) "That's my last J, asshole."
  • (Kyle Broflovski) "I don't care. You better remember where your base is."
  • (Towelie) "Oh man, why is everyone ridin' me today? God damn it."
  • (Towelie) "Wanna get high?"
  • (Eric Cartman) "You're the worst character ever Towelie."
  • (Towelie) "I know."

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