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Tremors (film) Quotes

Tremors (film) is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Tremors ended in 1970.

It features Gale Anne Hurd as producer, Ernest Troost in charge of musical score, and Alexander Gruszynski as head of cinematography.

Tremors (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Tremors (film) is 96 minutes long. Tremors (film) is distributed by Universal Studios.

The cast includes: Fred Ward as Earl Bassett, Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee, Michael Gross as Burt Gummer, Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck, Victor Wong as Walter Chang, Bobby Jacoby as Melvin Plug, Richard Marcus as Nestor, Reba McEntire as Heather Gummer, and Conrad Bachmann as Dr. Jim.

Tremors (film) Quotes

Fred Ward as Earl Bassett

  • (Fred Ward) "Don't he have a home to go to?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "That's why Edgar never got down off that damn tower."
  • (Finn Carter) "I think I have an idea."
  • (Fred Ward) "You know, we're gonna have to come up with some sort of plan, he's just going to wait us to death."
  • (Fred Ward) "Damn it Valentine, you never plan ahead, you never take the long view, I mean here it is Monday and I'm already thinking of Wednesday -- It is Monday right?"
  • (Fred Ward) "You're hung up I tell you.You're gonna burn the clutch."
  • (Fred Ward) "Run for it? Running's not a plan. Running's what you do, once a plan fails."
  • (Fred Ward) "No breakfast?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I did it yesterday. It was baloney and beans."
  • (Fred Ward) "No, it was eggs. I made eggs. Over easy."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "The hell you did. Baloney and beans. It's your turn."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, I guess when I'm your age, I'll forget what I eat, too."
  • (Fred Ward) "We gotta run. We've got a schedule to keep."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah. See, we plan ahead, that way we don't do anything right now. Earl explained it to me."
  • (Fred Ward) "You little asswipe. You don't knock it off you're gonna be s***tin' this basketball -- pardon my French."
  • (Fred Ward) "Dammit, Valentine. You never go for any girl unless she fits that stupid list of yours from top to bottom."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, sure."
  • (Fred Ward) "Yeah, and it's dumber than my hind end. Like that Bobbie Lynn Dexter."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Tammy Lynn Baxter."
  • (Fred Ward) "Doesn't matter. They're all the same: dead weight. "Ooh, I broke a nail." Ugh. Makes my skin crawl."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah, well, I'm a victim of circumstance."
  • (Fred Ward) "I thought you called it your pecker."
  • (Fred Ward) "You suppose he wanted to kill himself?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Come on, somebody must'a chased him up there."
  • (Fred Ward) "You mean someone that ain't scared of a Winchester rifle? Then what'd they do? Camp out down below and wait for him to die?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Y'know, that's a good way to break an axle."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Could you shut up?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Hey, I don't need to spend the night out here."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Crybaby."
  • (Fred Ward) "There's no way Walter Chang's getting his slick mits on this for no 15 bucks."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You got that right."
  • (Fred Ward) "Is this a job for an intelligent man?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, show me one and I'll ask him."
  • (Fred Ward) "They must be long gone by now."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah. Hey, why don't you go take a little stroll and find out?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Pardon my French."
  • (Fred Ward) "What kind of fuse is that?"
  • (Michael Gross) "Cannon fuse"
  • (Fred Ward) "What the hell do you use it for?"
  • (Michael Gross) "My cannon."
  • (Fred Ward) "Dammit, I'm gonna kick his ass."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I'm gonna help you."
  • (Fred Ward) "Well, there sure as hell ain't nothing to stop us now -- everybody we know between here and Bixbe's already dead."
  • (Fred Ward) "Here's the plan. We don't even stop. Ride like hell. Tonight we keep right on going. We'll walk the horses."
  • (Fred Ward) "What're you bringin' that vacuum cleaner, for?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I like this vacuum cleaner."
  • (Fred Ward) "Y'never use it."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Well, it's good for parts."
  • (Fred Ward) "So we're stuck here. That pisses me off."
  • (Fred Ward) "AHHH. AHHH."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What? What is it?"
  • (Fred Ward) "Damn prairie dog burrow."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Sons a bitches."
  • (Fred Ward) "Melvin. One of these days someone's gonna kick your ass."
  • (Fred Ward) "Stupid son-of-a-bitch, knocked itself cold."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Cold, my ass, he's dead. We killed it. We killed it. f*** you."
  • (Fred Ward) "Damn it, listen to me. I'm older and wiser."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah, well you're half right."

Kevin Bacon as Valentine McKee

  • (Kevin Bacon) "So where the hell's that god**** golden oldie comin' from?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "So what if we make it back to the rocks? We'll only last for 3 days."
  • (Fred Ward) "Well I wanna live for the 3 days."
  • (Kevin Bacon) ""We gotta do somethin'." I don't know why "we" always has to be me every damn time. We, we, we. What do I look like, an expert in worm?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Who died and made you Einstein?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "You will have long blonde hair, big green eyes, world class breasts, ass that won't quit and legs that go all the way up."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Earl explained it to me: we plan ahead, that way, we don't do anything right now."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I'll tell you. Nobody handles garbage better than we do."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I've got a god**** plan."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Good luck s***head."
  • (Fred Ward) "Don't worry about me jerkoff."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What the s***?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Come on you two, let's go, we're headed for the mountains."
  • (Michael Gross) "If that's how we're doin it, we're going prepared."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What's it doing, Rhonda?"
  • (Finn Carter) "Why do you keep asking me?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "STAMPEDE. Stampede, Earl. Get out of the way, get out of the way."
  • (Fred Ward) "You dumb s***. I was in a stampede once. Five hundred head, all hell-bent for the horizon."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Now, exactly how many cattle are required for a stampede, Earl? Is it three or more? Is there a minimum to 'pede?"
  • (Fred Ward) "I wish they'd stampede up your ass."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "They're mutations caused by radiation. No, wait; the government made 'em. Big surprise for the Russians."
  • (Finn Carter) "Well, there's nothing like them in the fossil record -- Okay, so they predate the fossil record."
  • (Finn Carter) "That'd make them a couple of billion years old -- and we've just never seen one until now. Right."
  • (Fred Ward) "I vote for outer space. No way these are local boys."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Hey; check this out. I found the ass end."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "GET OUT OF YOUR PANTS."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "That's how they git you. They're under the god****ed ground."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "We decided to leave town just one damn day too late."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Who died and made you Einstein?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Was it a heart attack, Doctor?"
  • (Conrad Bachmann) "No, died of dehydration, thirst."
  • (Kevin Bacon) "That doesn't make any sense, that takes a couple days, doesn't it?"
  • (Conrad Bachmann) "Maybe even three or four."
  • (Fred Ward) "You mean he sat up there three or four days? He just sat up there and died of thirst?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "What the hell are those things? And how can they bury a whole station wagon?"
  • (Fred Ward) "WHY would they do it?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "I can't believe we said no to free beer."

Bobby Jacoby as Melvin Plug

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Michael Gross as Burt Gummer

  • (Michael Gross) "Broke into the wrong god**** rec room, didn't ya you bastard."
  • (Michael Gross) "I wouldn't give you a gun if it were World War 3."
  • (Michael Gross) "No tracks, no sign, no spoor -- you'd think after eating all those sheep they'd have to take a dump some place"
  • (Michael Gross) "Food for five years, a thousand gallons of gas, air filtration, water filtration, Geiger counter. Bomb shelter. Underground -- God damn monsters."

Finn Carter as Rhonda LeBeck

  • (Finn Carter) "I think I have a plan. Why don't we throw a bomb the way we want to go and then when it goes off, we run like god**** bastards."
  • (Finn Carter) "Pardon my French."
  • (Finn Carter) "They only respond to vibration, right? Couldn't we -- distract them somehow?"
  • (Kevin Bacon) "Yeah, something to keep 'em busy, like a -- like a decoy."
  • (Fred Ward) "Hey Melvin -- wanna make a buck?"
  • (Finn Carter) "Did you notice anything weird a minute ago?"
  • (Finn Carter) "Well, thanks for everything, you know, saving my life and stuff."

Victor Wong as Walter Chang

  • (Victor Wong) "That's what I like -- Graboids. That's it, Graboids."
  • (Fred Ward) "Jesus, Walter."
  • (Victor Wong) "You're gonna be sorry if you don't give it a name."

Reba McEntire as Heather Gummer

  • (Reba McEntire) "You didn't get penetration even with the elephant gun?"
  • (Michael Gross) "s***."
  • (Reba McEntire) "Good Lord."

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