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Tribute to a Bad Man Quotes

Tribute to a Bad Man is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Tribute to a Bad Man stopped airing in 1970.

It features Sam Zimbalist as producer, Miklós Rózsa in charge of musical score, and Robert Surtees (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Tribute to a Bad Man is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Tribute to a Bad Man is 95 minutes long. Tribute to a Bad Man is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: James Cagney as Jeremy Rodock, Stephen McNally as McNulty, Lee Van Cleef as Fat Jones, Don Dubbins as Steve Miller, Irene Papas as Jocasta Constantine, and Vic Morrow as Lars Peterson.

Tribute to a Bad Man Quotes

Lee Van Cleef as Fat Jones

  • (Lee Van Cleef) "Say, friend -- You don't just happen to have one of them new mail order catalogues?"
  • (Don Dubbins) "No, I ain't."
  • (Lee Van Cleef) "Feller told me they had pictures in them this year; women in corsets."
  • (Wrangler in bunkhouse) "Fats, you got a dirty mind. That's why you'll never amount to nothin'."
  • (Lee Van Cleef) "I ain't seen a woman; outside 'o Jocasta; in eight months. And you ain't gettin' no prettier."

James Cagney as Jeremy Rodock

  • (James Cagney) "I ain't ready to die yet. I got too many good times left in me."
  • (James Cagney) "I got reason to like you, boy. Don't spoil it."
  • (James Cagney) "I tell ya' Jo, it's the only way. It's FEAR that keeps men honest. And with that hangin' today, I laid fear like a fence ten feet high, around my property."
  • (James Cagney) "You know, I ain't got you figured yet, McNulty. You act like a man with a lot of ideas. But all of them second rate -- and not one honorable."
  • (Stephen McNally) "Kee; rect."
  • (James Cagney) "I'm sorry you're so hard, boy."
  • (Vic Morrow) "I learned through you."
  • (James Cagney) "Then I'm sorry for both of us."
  • (James Cagney) "A fella doesn't die of a broken heart from his first love, only from his last."
  • (James Cagney) "Jo -- you come as close to bein' -- well, as close to bein' everything to me as anything livin'. But I still can't do what you want me to do. We're livin' in the middle of nowhere. Two hundred miles from any kind of law and order. Except for what I built myself. Ever since I started; and this you don't know; I've been badgered, skunked, bitten out and bushwhacked by thieves from everywhere. And now, one of my men's been killed. I find my horses, I find the killer. If I find the killer, I hang him. I gotta' keep my own reckoning, Jo. It's the way I built my life and half the transportation of the West. Goodbye, Jo."
  • (James Cagney) "One thing you gotta learn tho; horse is man's slave but treat 'em like a slave and you ain't a man."

Irene Papas as Jocasta Constantine

  • (Irene Papas) "I understand now why you never married or ever wanted to marry. To marry you have to invest your heart in someone. How can you invest if you don't trust?"
  • (Irene Papas) "Go home. Before you kill your first man. Or put a rope on your first hanging, and it begins to eat you up alive. Learn a decent trade. Find yourself a nice girl and get married. Live in a place where you can bring up children. A normal life. A normal life that -- Steve, I -- I'm sorry. Sometimes I think you're my own man. The old dreams."
  • (Irene Papas) "I'd lend you more, if you would use the money to go back home."
  • (Don Dubbins) "Go home? Why?"
  • (Irene Papas) "Steve, we've only talked a few times since you came here. But I know this about you. You are gentle. You haven't been used, and made hard. This is not your kind of life. Look at the men in the bunkhouse: Baldy, and Fat Jones, and Abe. Never a chance for a family, or a home. In ten years, you're gonna' be like them; a "nobody" on a horse. That's what a wrangler is: a "nobody" on a horse. With bad teeth, broken bones, double hernia, and lice."

Don Dubbins as Steve Miller

  • (Don Dubbins) "Maybe I ain't hard, maybe that's why. But Mr. Rodock, you didn't have to hang him."

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