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Trick (film) Quotes

Trick (film) is a TV program that first aired in 1970 . Trick ended its run in 1970.

It features Jim Fall as producer, David Friedman (composer) in charge of musical score, and Terry Stacey as head of cinematography.

Trick (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Trick (film) is 89 minutes long. Trick (film) is distributed by Fine Line Features.

The cast includes: Tori Spelling as Katherine, Christian Campbell as Gabriel, Lorri Bagley as Judy, and John Paul Pitoc as Mark.

Trick (film) Quotes

Tori Spelling as Katherine

  • (Tori Spelling) "Oh my god, I have to tell you about this reall artsy party this French-Canadian girl in my acting class threw. Like everyone there they wrote like poems or novellas or something. So this one college guy, he was asian, he gets up with his little leather portfolio with a satin ribbon to tie it shut and he's gonna read his poetry. But before he starts reading, he tells us about his fascinations with the human body and he says what fascinates him even more is what comes out of the human body."
  • (Tori Spelling) "I know I'm really lactose intolerant but I really wish these had cheese on them. Anyway, evidentally he's tasted everything that's come out of his body except s*** and he says he'll probably taste that one day too. And then he reads a poem about "s***" so I'm thinking, "Okay, this guy really likes s***," right? And then he keeps reading and he reads 17 poems all about s***. 17. I'm not kidding. And he's talking about the smells and the colors and the farting -- Gabe, can you pass me the ketchup? Thanks. Anyway, I was so relieved when he got tired of reading. Then this ethnic woman stands up, she was like Native American or Pilipino, I can never really tell the difference, she didn't have a poem to read so she tells us about a problem that she's having. A sex problem. She says that there's like some force that's making her screw around all the time. All these guys are after her and I mean, she's not what I would call sexy. Well, not that I'm into women that way, but I can tell when a woman's sexy. I mean, she's not what I would call a skank or anything, she's just not what I would call sexy, that's all. So, anyway, this is really funny"
  • (Tori Spelling) ", I drank soo much homemade ice tea that I really had to pee right in the middle of her story, right? So I get up, I go to the bathroom, but the bathroom door's locked. So I'm kind of standing there looking at the wallpaper, which is really kind of giving me a headache. Then all of a sudden the toilet flushes, the door opens and the "s*** guy" walks out and he's smiling. And not one of those like polite acknowledgement smiles, but he's like SMILING like he's happy about something and all of a sudden I didn't have to pee anymore."
  • (Tori Spelling) "Did you find a rhyme for the lyric in the second "A?""
  • (Christian Campbell) "I'm working on it."
  • (Tori Spelling) "-- Enter you In less than no time LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LUM LITTY --"
  • (Tori Spelling) "Where are you going? I thought we could grab a chicken Caesar at Cozy's Soup and Burger?"

John Paul Pitoc as Mark

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Christian Campbell as Gabriel

  • (Unnamed) "See, you work for tips. Sometimes you make a hundred, and if they like you, you make a hundred and fifty. And -- If you do the other stuff --"
  • (Unnamed) "Shove off baby, that's all you're getting from me tonight."
  • (Christian Campbell) "Do you do the other stuff?"
  • (Unnamed) "No, not since I found Jesus."
  • (Christian Campbell) "I left because of what the drag queen in the bathroom told me."
  • (Lorri Bagley) "There was a drag queen in the bathroom?"
  • (Christian Campbell) "Enter you / In less than no time /"
  • (Christian Campbell) "this ugly drama has become pretty."

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