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Triple Dog Quotes

Triple Dog is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Triple Dog ended its run in 1970.

It features Thomas L. Carter, Mike Jackson; R. D. Robb, and Pascal Franchot as producer, Ian Honeyman in charge of musical score, and George Campbell as head of cinematography.

Triple Dog is recorded in English and originally aired in Canada. Each episode of Triple Dog is 95 minutes long. Triple Dog is distributed by Gravitas Ventures.

The cast includes: Alexia Fast as Eve, Scout Taylor-Compton as Liza, Emily Tennant as Sarah, Carly McKillip as Nina, Britt Robertson as Chapin Wright, Janel Parrish as Cicely, Richard Harmon as Stephan, Brett Davern as Whisper, Nolan Gerard Funk as Todd, Raugi Yu as Mr. Wang, Aubrey Mozino as Mallory Silvers, and Julia Maxwell as Stacy St. Clair.

Triple Dog Quotes

Britt Robertson as Chapin Wright

  • (Britt Robertson) "Have we sung 'Happy Birthday'?"
  • (Janel Parrish) "Yes. Guess you're a little late."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Good. Song's gay anyway."
  • (Britt Robertson) "What the hell is your problem?"
  • (Brett Davern) "I'm problem-free, Chapin."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Then why didn't you -- I mean, she's cute, right?"
  • (Brett Davern) "You were watching me?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Of course I was watching you. It's the frickin' game."
  • (Brett Davern) "Well, then you know exactly what my problem is."
  • (Britt Robertson) "What about -- Triple Dog?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "What is your problem, Mallory?"
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "What really happened to Stacy St. Clair?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "She jumped."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "Yes, she did. Because someone dared her to."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Is that true?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Nothing had was supposed to happen. It was supposed to be fun."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "Fun? Are you guys having fun?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "People jump off that bridge all the time and nothing happens."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "There's a current, idiot. But you weren't thinking about that. You needed to be the center of attention, so you Triple Dog Dared Stacy St. Clair to do something you knew you couldn't."
  • (Britt Robertson) "I could've."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "I don't think so."
  • (Britt Robertson) "You daring me, Mal?"
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "I wouldn't be that dumb."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Look, I know you're about to like, wet your pants right about now, but I'm not gonna ruin Eve's birthday. So you don't have to run home, you can stay. But we're not gonna be down until I get an apology."
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "Then I guess we're not gonna be down. I know all about you, Chapin."
  • (Emily Tennant) "My mom says she probably needs Ritalin."
  • (Unnamed) "Anything you wanna talk about?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Mmm -- God?"
  • (Unnamed) "What about God?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Do you think God ever gets bored?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "And just so you know, nobody in their right mind would ever leave you behind."
  • (Britt Robertson) "If I kiss you, then will you hook up with her?"
  • (Brett Davern) "Are you serious?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "You heard me. Will you?"
  • (Brett Davern) "What the hell is the matter with you?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Look, it's -- It's a game. She's my best friend. It's her birthday. Her dad hasn't called and she's all upset about it. She's got this huge crush on you and now. I you don't hook up with her, she has to get her head shaved. Doesn't that sound messed up to you?"
  • (Brett Davern) "Yeah."
  • (Britt Robertson) "It's supposed to be fun, and everything goes wrong."
  • (Brett Davern) "You mean like Stacy?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Don't talk about it. I never should've even told you."
  • (Brett Davern) "It wasn't your fault."
  • (Britt Robertson) "How do you know? You weren't even there."
  • (Brett Davern) "It wasn't."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Stop talking about it."
  • (Brett Davern) "Chapin, accidents happen all the time, and it's not your fault."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Ugh, why do you talk to them?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "They're nice."
  • (Britt Robertson) "They're like a sorority. Do you know what happens to sorority girls? They turn into Kelly Ripa."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Noun."
  • (Richard Harmon) "Balls."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Adjective."
  • (Unnamed) "What's an adjective?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Yet another reason why you should stop skipping English."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Who's got the juice?"
  • (Janel Parrish) "We don't drink."
  • (Britt Robertson) "You don't drink, you don't smoke, you don't screw? Congratulations, you're all Saints. Gold stars for everyone. Let's stick 'em to your foreheads."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Well, that's four to two. Democracy. Lovin' it."

Alexia Fast as Eve

  • (Alexia Fast) "You came."
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "My mother made me."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Is she making you stay?"
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "Do you want me to leave?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Do you want to leave?"
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "Are you asking me to go home?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Do you always answer questions with questions?"
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "Do you?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Liza came."
  • (Britt Robertson) "No shiz?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Shiz."
  • (Alexia Fast) "You bitch."
  • (Alexia Fast) "You moron."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Look, if we're not cool anymore, then I can just walk home."
  • (Alexia Fast) "The walk yourself home."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Fine, I will, bitch."
  • (Alexia Fast) "How could you be so selfish?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "I just needed to see for myself because it was my fault, so f*** you for not understanding that."
  • (Britt Robertson) "I shouldn't have done it. I should've just kept my big mouth shut. The current was really, really rough. I didn't know. I shouldn't have dared her."
  • (Alexia Fast) "That wasn't your fault, Chapin."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Yes, it was."
  • (Alexia Fast) "No, it wasn't."
  • (Britt Robertson) "I didn't know about the current, I just -- I just -- I didn't know."
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "It was an accident, Chapin."
  • (Britt Robertson) "God, I totally suck."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Yeah, ya kinda do. Are you okay?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Yeah, I think I'll be alright."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Sometimes being around you is like babysitting a kid with ADD."

Scout Taylor-Compton as Liza

  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "I guess I should go find out where everyone else is."
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "Or we could bone."
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "I'm gonna go get dressed."
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "Can I watch?"
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "What's going on?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "I was just about to ask you the same thing. Slut up."

Brett Davern as Whisper

  • (Brett Davern) "Eve, look, I think you're cool, but --"
  • (Alexia Fast) "But?"
  • (Brett Davern) "I've got my eye on someone else."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Who?"
  • (Brett Davern) "Your girl."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Chapin?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Are you serious?"
  • (Brett Davern) "Eve, look, you're cute. I'm sorry."
  • (Alexia Fast) "Shut up. I knew it."
  • (Brett Davern) "What was your big dare? Come on."
  • (Britt Robertson) "I had to mug a Penthouse from Carby's."
  • (Brett Davern) "And?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "Exactly. So I stole a bunch of s*** and blew up a microwave."

Carly McKillip as Nina

  • (Carly McKillip) "We could take turns reading each other's blogs. It'll be like theater."
  • (Britt Robertson) "I'd rather be shot. Twice."
  • (Carly McKillip) "Hey, Eve."
  • (Alexia Fast) "What's up?"
  • (Janel Parrish) "Hey."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Oh, I forgot. I'm invisible today."
  • (Janel Parrish) "Hello, Chapin."
  • (Britt Robertson) "What's the bitch-uation, Cecily? Has anyone ever told you you look exactly like Kelly Ripa?"
  • (Janel Parrish) "Oh."
  • (Emily Tennant) "I love Kelly Ripa."

Raugi Yu as Mr. Wang

  • (Raugi Yu) "Mallory, call 'amblance'."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "Hell no."
  • (Britt Robertson) "What's 'amblance'?"
  • (Raugi Yu) "'Amblance'. 'Amblance'."
  • (Raugi Yu) "Sirens?"
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "I said N-O. No."
  • (Britt Robertson) "See how salty she is? Like, like MSG. Fire her ass."
  • (Raugi Yu) "Mallory, no MSG."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Call the 'amblance'."

Janel Parrish as Cicely

  • (Janel Parrish) "I'll take a pedicure, Sarah."
  • (Emily Tennant) "I'm not touching your feet, Cecily. Seriously, they smell like yogurt."
  • (Janel Parrish) "They do not smell like yogurt."
  • (Janel Parrish) "Great, she flipped the f*** out."

Emily Tennant as Sarah

  • (Emily Tennant) "Gross."
  • (Carly McKillip) "Like, "2 Girls, 1 Cup" gross."
  • (Emily Tennant) "Why is everyone looking at me?"
  • (Janel Parrish) "They're not looking at you; they're looking at me."
  • (Emily Tennant) "I don't think this is fair."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Okay, if you don't wanna do it, then challenge Liza. But if she does it, I'm shaving your head."
  • (Scout Taylor-Compton) "I can tell you, I have no problem streaking."

Richard Harmon as Stephan

  • (Richard Harmon) "That's so bitchin'."

Nolan Gerard Funk as Todd

  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "Nice."
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "You stink."
  • (Alexia Fast) "You're ugly. Pizza and cake downstairs if you want it."
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "Did you take ten bucks from me the other day?"
  • (Alexia Fast) "Yeah. Now you owe me $71.19. And where's my birthday present?"
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "I refuse to celebrate it."
  • (Nolan Gerard Funk) "I wanted a dog."

Julia Maxwell as Stacy St. Clair

  • (Julia Maxwell) "Who's next?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "You. Pick someone to dare you."
  • (Julia Maxwell) "Then how about you, smartass? And make it good; I'm getting bored."
  • (Britt Robertson) "Jump."
  • (Julia Maxwell) "From?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "The bridge."
  • (Julia Maxwell) "The Jogger Bridge?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "I Triple Dog Dare you to jump off The Jogger Bridge."
  • (Aubrey Mozino) "That's stupid."
  • (Julia Maxwell) "So's your head, Baldy. How much is in the pot?"
  • (Britt Robertson) "$280."
  • (Julia Maxwell) "Well, you may as well just put it in my pocket now. Let's go."

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