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True Grit (1969 film) Quotes

True Grit (1969 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . True Grit ended its run in 1970.

It features Hal B. Wallis as producer, Elmer Bernstein in charge of musical score, and Lucien Ballard as head of cinematography.

True Grit (1969 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of True Grit (1969 film) is 128 minutes long. True Grit (1969 film) is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The cast includes: Robert Duvall as Ned Pepper, John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn, H.W. Gim as Chen Lee, Alfred Ryder as Goudy, Kim Darby as Mattie Ross, Jeremy Slate as Emmett Quincy, Glen Campbell as LaBoeuf, Strother Martin as Col. G. Stonehill, John Doucette as Sheriff, Jeff Corey as Tom Chaney, John Fiedler as Lawyer Daggett, Dennis Hopper as Moon, John Pickard as Frank Ross, and Edith Atwater as Mrs. Floyd.

True Grit (1969 film) Quotes

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn

  • (John Wayne) "Any man who packs a big bore Sharps carbine could come in mighty handy, if we're attacked by buffalo -- or elephants."
  • (John Wayne) "Texican -- saved my neck twice. Once after he was dead."
  • (John Wayne) "You sure you don't want the snake, too?"
  • (John Wayne) "Why, by God, girl, that's a Colt's Dragoon. You're no bigger than a corn nubbin, what're you doing with all this pistol?"
  • (Kim Darby) "It belonged to my father, he carried it bravely in the war, and I intend to kill Tom Chaney with it if the law fails to do so."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, this'll sure get the job done if you can find a fence post to rest it on while you take aim."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, sister, the time has come for me to ride hard and fast."
  • (Capt. Boots Finch) "So this is the man shot Ned Pepper's horse from under him."
  • (John Wayne) "Yeah. This is the famous horse killer from El Paso. He believes in puttin' everybody afoot. Says there'll be less mischief that way."
  • (Glen Campbell) "Fewer horses; fewer horse thieves."
  • (John Wayne) "Boots, I got Hayes and some youngster outside with Moon and Quincy. I want you to bury 'em for me. I'm in a hurry."
  • (Capt. Boots Finch) "They're dead?"
  • (John Wayne) "Well, I wouldn't want you to bury 'em if they wasn't."
  • (John Wayne) "Mr. Rat -- I have a writ here says you're to stop eating Chen Lee's cornmeal forthwith. Now it's a rat writ, writ for a rat, and this is lawful service of the same. See? Doesn't pay any attention to me."
  • (H.W. Gim) "Outside is place for shooting."
  • (John Wayne) "I'm serving some papers."
  • (John Wayne) "Judge Parker. Old carpetbagger, but he knows his rats. We had a good court going on here 'til them pettifogging lawyers moved in."
  • (John Wayne) "Damn you, Bo. First time you ever give me reason to -- cuss you."
  • (John Wayne) "LaBoeuf, you get cross ways of me and you'll think a thousand of BRICK have fell on you. You'll wish you was back at the Alamo with TRAVIS."
  • (John Wayne) "You can never tell what's in a Chinaman's mind, that's the way he bests you at cards."
  • (H.W. Gim) "I go."
  • (John Wayne) "They don't call him "Lucky" Ned Pepper for nothing."
  • (Kim Darby) "That man gave his life for him and he didn't even look back."
  • (John Wayne) "Looking back is a bad habit."
  • (John Wayne) "What outfit were you with during the war?"
  • (Glen Campbell) "Shreveport, with Kirby Smith."
  • (John Wayne) "Oh, I mean what side were you on?"
  • (Glen Campbell) "I served with General Kirby Smith."
  • (Glen Campbell) "And I don't have to hang my head when I say it either. Go ahead and make another joke about it. You want to make me look foolish in the girl's eyes anyway."
  • (John Wayne) "You don't need me for that."
  • (Glen Campbell) "I don't like the way you make conversation."
  • (John Wayne) "And I don't like your conversation about Captain Quantrill?"
  • (Glen Campbell) "Captain ? Captain of what? Bunch of thieves?"
  • (John Wayne) "Young fella, if you're looking for trouble, I'll accommodate you. Otherwise, leave it alone."
  • (John Wayne) "When's the last time you saw Ned Pepper?"
  • (Jeremy Slate) "I don't remember any Ned Pepper."
  • (John Wayne) "Short feisty fella, nervous and quick, got a messed-up lower lip."
  • (Jeremy Slate) "That don't bring nobody to mind. A funny lip?"
  • (John Wayne) "Wasn't always like that, I shot him in it."
  • (Jeremy Slate) "In the lower lip? What was you aiming at?"
  • (John Wayne) "His upper lip."
  • (John Wayne) "You can't serve papers on a rat, baby sister. You gotta kill him or let him be."
  • (Capt. Boots Finch) "So this is the man that shot Ned Pepper's horse from under him."
  • (John Wayne) "Yeah, this is the famous horse killer from El Paso. He believes in putting everybody afoot. Says there will be less mischief that way."
  • (Glen Campbell) "Fewer horses, fewer horse thieves."
  • (John Wayne) "Damn that Texan; when you need him, he's dead."
  • (Glen Campbell) "I ain't dead yet, you bushwhacker. Hang on."
  • (John Wayne) "Baby sister, I was born game and I intend to go out that way."

Kim Darby as Mattie Ross

  • (Kim Darby) "You never told me you had a wife."
  • (John Wayne) "Oh, well, I didn't have her long. My friends was a pack of river rats and she didn't crave their society so she up and left me and went back to her first husband who was clerkin' in a hardware store in Paducah. "Goodbye, Reuben," she says, "the love of decency does not abide in you." That's a dee-vorced woman talkin' for you, about decency. Well, I told her. I said, "Goodbye, Nola, and I hope that nail-sellin' bastard makes you happy this time.""
  • (Kim Darby) "Did you have any children?"
  • (John Wayne) "There was a boy. Nola taken him with her. He never liked me anyway. A clumsier child you'll never see than Horace; I bet he broke 40 cup."
  • (Kim Darby) "We cannot leave him like this."
  • (John Wayne) "I'm the one that's leaving him. If I don't get you to a doctor you're going to be deader than he is."
  • (Kim Darby) "I'll walk over there by myself."
  • (John Wayne) "You scared of the dark?"
  • (Kim Darby) "I've never been scared of the dark."
  • (John Wayne) "Well if I had a big horse pistol like that I wouldn't be scared of no "boogerman"."
  • (Kim Darby) "I'm not scared of no "boogerman"."
  • (Kim Darby) "I won't rest until Tom Chaney's barking in hell."
  • (Kim Darby) "Now I know you can drink whiskey and I saw you kill a rat, but all the rest has been talk. I'm not paying for talk. I can get all the talk I need at the Monarch Boarding House."
  • (John Wayne) "I ought to paddle your rump."
  • (Kim Darby) "I don't know how you propose to do that from that hog wallow you're sunk into. If I smelled as bad as you I wouldn't live near people."
  • (Kim Darby) "What is your opinion of a federal marshal called Rooster Cogburn?"
  • (Edith Atwater) "Rooster Cogburn. Lord, I've heard some terrible things about him. He loves to pull a cork, I know that."
  • (Kim Darby) "Are you gonna let him do this?"
  • (John Wayne) "I don't believe I will. Drop that switch, LaBoeuf. Put it down, I said. You're enjoying it too much."
  • (Glen Campbell) "You'll find I go ahead with what I start."
  • (John Wayne) "You do and it'll be the biggest mistake YOU ever made, you Texas brush-popper."
  • (Kim Darby) "Why do you keep that one chamber empty?"
  • (John Wayne) "So I won't shoot my foot off."
  • (Kim Darby) "I hope you don't think I'm going to keep you in whiskey?"
  • (John Wayne) "I don't buy that, I confiscate it. And a touch of it wouldn't do you any harm against the night air."
  • (Kim Darby) "I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, it's the real article. Genuine, double-rectified bust head. Aged in the keg."
  • (Kim Darby) "Trust you to buy another tall horse."
  • (John Wayne) "Yeah. He's not as game as Beau, but Stonehill says he can jump a four rail fence."
  • (Kim Darby) "You are too old and fat to be jumping horses."
  • (John Wayne) "Well, come see a fat old man some time."
  • (Kim Darby) "That tastes like iron."
  • (Glen Campbell) "You're lucky to be where water's so handy. I've seen the time I've drank out of a filthy hoofprint; and was glad to get it."
  • (John Wayne) "If ever I meet one of you Texas waddies who ain't drunk water from a hoofprint, I think I'll -- I'll shake their hand or buy 'em a Daniel Webster cigar."
  • (John Wayne) "How long you boys down there been mounted on sheep?"
  • (Kim Darby) "Who's the best marshal they have?"
  • (John Doucette) "Bill Waters is the best tracker. The meanest one is Rooster Cogburn, a pitiless man, double tough, fear don't enter into his thinking. I'd have to say L.T. Quinn is the straightest, he brings his prisoners in alive."
  • (Kim Darby) "Where would I find this Rooster?"
  • (John Doucette) "He'll be at the federal court this afternoon, he's bringing in a load of prisoners from the territories."
  • (Kim Darby) "I have no regard for you, but I'm sure you have enough for yourself to go around."
  • (Kim Darby) "Hooray for the man from Texas. Some bully shot."
  • (Kim Darby) "I would not put a thief in my mouth to steal my brains."
  • (Kim Darby) "I will not bandy words with a drunkard."
  • (Glen Campbell) "That's real smart. You've done nothing when you've bested a fool."
  • (Kim Darby) "Do you know a Marshal Rooster Cogburn?"
  • (Strother Martin) "Most people around here have heard of Rooster Cogburn and some people live to regret it. I would not be surprised to learn that he's a relative of yours."
  • (Kim Darby) "Those horses can't get away from Little Blackie; they're loaded down with fat men and iron."
  • (Talkative Woman at Hanging) "It's Judge Parker. He watches all the hangings. Says it's his sense of duty."
  • (Kim Darby) "Who knows what's in a man's heart."
  • (Kim Darby) "Now I'm sure you'll find a buyer for those ponies very soon."
  • (Strother Martin) "I have a tentative offer of ten dollars a head from the soapworks at Little Rock."
  • (Kim Darby) "It seems such a shame to render such spirited horseflesh into soap."
  • (Strother Martin) "I'm confident the deal will fall through."
  • (Kim Darby) "I'm here to take you back to Fort Smith and hang you."
  • (Jeff Corey) "And I think I will not go, now how do you like that?"
  • (Kim Darby) "This man wants to take Chaney back to Texas. That's not what I want."
  • (John Wayne) "He wants him caught and punished; so do you."
  • (Kim Darby) "I want Tom Chaney to hang for killing my father. It's little to me how many dogs and senators he killed in Texas."
  • (John Wayne) "You can tell him to his face, you can spit in his eye, you can make him eat sand out of the road, you can shoot him in the foot and I'll hold him for you; but first we gotta catch him."

Glen Campbell as LaBoeuf

  • (Glen Campbell) "You're not gettin' on this ferry."
  • (Kim Darby) "This is open to the public. I paid my ten cents for horse and rider."
  • (Glen Campbell) "Red, take this girl into town to the sheriff. She's a runaway. There's also a $50 reward."
  • (Kim Darby) "That's a big story."
  • (Glen Campbell) "Ask the marshal."
  • (John Wayne) "Oh, she's a runaway, all right. Bound to be paper on her."
  • (Kim Darby) "They're in this story together. Now, I've got business across the river and if you interfere with me you may land up in court which you don't want to be. I've got a good lawyer in J. Noble Daggett."
  • (John Wayne) "Lawyer Daggett again."
  • (Glen Campbell) "She draws him like a gun."
  • (Glen Campbell) "A little earlier I gave some thought to stealin' a kiss from you, although you are very young -- and you're unattractive to boot. But now I'm of a mind to give you five or six good licks with my belt."
  • (Kim Darby) "Well, one would be as unpleasant as the other."
  • (Glen Campbell) "I wouldn't count too much on bein' able to shade somebody I didn't know, fella."
  • (John Wayne) "I ain't never seen nobody from Texas I couldn't shade."

Alfred Ryder as Goudy

  • (Alfred Ryder) "Now is it not true that you sprang up on old man Wharton and his two sons with a deadly, six shot revolver in your hand?"
  • (John Wayne) "I always try to be ready."
  • (Alfred Ryder) "Was this revolver loaded and cocked?"
  • (John Wayne) "Well, a gun that's unloaded and cocked ain't good for nothin'."
  • (Alfred Ryder) "I believe you testified that you backed away from old man Wharton?"
  • (John Wayne) "Yes, sir."
  • (Alfred Ryder) "Which direction were you going?"
  • (John Wayne) "Backward. I always go backward when I'm backin' away."

John Pickard as Frank Ross

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Strother Martin as Col. G. Stonehill

  • (Strother Martin) "I'll take it up with my attorney."
  • (Kim Darby) "And I will take it up with mine; Lawyer Daggett. And he will make money and I will make money and your lawyer will make money -- and you, Mr. Licensed Auctioneer, you will foot the bill."
  • (Strother Martin) "I will pay a total of two hundred dollars to your father's estate when I have in my hand a letter absolving me of all liability from the beginning of the world to date."
  • (Strother Martin) "Do you entertain plans of ever leaving this city?"
  • (Kim Darby) "Yes, I'm off early tomorrow morning for the Indian nation. Marshal Rooster Cogburn and I are going after the murderer, Tom Chaney."
  • (Strother Martin) "Cogburn. How did you light on that greasy vagabond?"
  • (Kim Darby) "They say he has grit. I wanted a man with grit."
  • (Strother Martin) "Well, I suppose he has that. He's a notorious thumper. He's not a man I would care to share a bed with."
  • (Kim Darby) "Nor would I."

Dennis Hopper as Moon

  • (Dennis Hopper) "Quincy, he never played me false until he killed me."

Robert Duvall as Ned Pepper

  • (Robert Duvall) "Now, what are you doin' here?"
  • (Kim Darby) "Tom Chaney shot my father to death in Fort Smith. I was told that Rooster Cogburn has grit. I hired him to go after the murderer. I found him myself and I shot him. If I killed him I would not be in this fix. My revolver misfired."
  • (Robert Duvall) "They will do it. Most girls like little play pretties, but you like guns, don't you?"
  • (Kim Darby) "If I did I'd have one that worked."
  • (Robert Duvall) "What's your intention? Do you think one on four is a dogfall?"
  • (John Wayne) "I mean to kill you in one minute, Ned. Or see you hanged in Fort Smith at Judge Parker's convenience. Which'll it be?"
  • (Robert Duvall) "I call that bold talk for a one-eyed fat man."
  • (John Wayne) "Fill your hand, you son of a bitch."

John Fiedler as Lawyer Daggett

  • (John Fiedler) "Am I addressing Marshal Reuben J. Cogburn?"
  • (John Wayne) "You're addressing him, Chen Lee and General Sterling Price."
  • (John Fiedler) "Well -- I'll not ask which is which. But I'll identify myself: I am lawyer J. Noble Daggett."
  • (John Wayne) "I'll be damned."
  • (John Fiedler) "What?"
  • (John Wayne) "Well, you're not -- exactly what we expected. You're a little -- You're shrunk."
  • (John Fiedler) "I'll tell you frankly. I fully intended to have you jailed, and I'm just the man who could do it. But when Mattie told me the straight of the matter, I had second thoughts. I still think you showed poor judgment in this affair, but you're not the scoundrel I took you for. You have my thanks and, with certain reservations, my respect."

Jeff Corey as Tom Chaney

  • (Jeff Corey) "What are you doin'?"
  • (Kim Darby) "I'm getting some water so I can wash my hands."
  • (Jeff Corey) "A liitle smut won't hurt you."
  • (Kim Darby) "That's true; or else you and your chums would surely be dead."
  • (Jeff Corey) "Don't provoke me. There's rattlesnakes down there in that pit and I'm gonna throw you in it."
  • (Jeff Corey) "Everything happens to me. Now I'm shot by a child."

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