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Twitches Too Quotes

Twitches Too is a television program that appeared on TV in 2007 on Disney Channel. Twitches Too completed its run in 1970.

Each episode of Twitches Too is 83 minutes long. Twitches Too is produced by Zachary & Evie Productions, Inc. and distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

The cast includes: Kristen Wilson as Miranda, Tia Mowry as Alex Fielding, Karen Holness as Emily Barnes, Tamera Mowry as Camryn Barnes, Arnold Pinnock as David Barnes, Pat Kelly as Karsh, and Leslie Seiler as Ileana.

Twitches Too Quotes

Kristen Wilson as Miranda

  • (Kristen Wilson) "Aron, I miss you so much."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "Since Ileana is your protector she will also be your teacher."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "Don't worry I'm a cool teacher. We can totally have class on the lawn -- If the dragons aren't loose."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "In two days the sun and the moon will be in perfect alignment."
  • (Tia Mowry) "A solar eclipse."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "And both of you will be at your most powerful."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "He was funny, sweet, and strong. I was just about your age when I meet him at the Winter Festival. Ended up dancing the whole night together, and when it was over he said he wanted to give me a present so I'd remember him forever. I could pick whatever I wanted."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "What did you ask for?"
  • (Kristen Wilson) "A star, from the North sky."
  • (Tia Mowry) "It's a real star."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Good gift."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "I never told anyone that story. It was our secret."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "So we'll have to make do without her, even though I believe I specifically request the presence of both of my daughters."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "See I told you she'd notice."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Look, I'm trying."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "I'm so relieved to know that your safe."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Safe? Why wouldn't I be safe, we just destroyed Thantos and the Darkness. Right?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Right?"
  • (Leslie Seiler) "Right."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "Right?"
  • (Kristen Wilson) "Right."

Pat Kelly as Karsh

  • (Pat Kelly) "Work to do? Secure the Kingdom? What are you talking about?"
  • (Kristen Wilson) "I don't want to alarm them until we're certain. But there's something moving through the Shadow Lands. Something evil."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Thantos, he's still alive?"
  • (Leslie Seiler) "But if he regains human form the first thing he'll do is go after the twins."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "I know. Use and illuminating spell to secure the entrances, then meet me in the dungeons. I want every inch of this castle searched."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Should I insist that Alex return to Coventry? And by insist I mean beg, plead, and congeal --"
  • (Kristen Wilson) "No -- for now she might actually be safter in her own dimension."
  • (Pat Kelly) "He's got one purpose and one purpose only; to destroy the two of you."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "Yeah."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Their doomed."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "Oh yeah."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Are you coming?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "I, uh -- I think I'll take my closet."
  • (Leslie Seiler) "That would have been a good idea."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Oh, you think so."

Tia Mowry as Alex Fielding

  • (Tia Mowry) "Once upon a time the magical Kingdom of Coventry was besieged by the forces of darkness. In the midst of this battle the twin daughters of Miranda and Aron were born. For their safety the twins were separated and hidden away in another dimension."
  • (Tia Mowry) "21 years later the sisters were reunited and returned to the land of their birth where they vanquished their evil Uncle Thantos."
  • (Tia Mowry) "And destroyed the darkness forever."
  • (Tia Mowry) "Or did they --"
  • (Tia Mowry) "Us? Why us? Why can't they do some of the heavy pointing for a change?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "No offence."
  • (Pat Kelly) "None taken."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "But it is a good question they never do anything."
  • (Pat Kelly) "Okay some taken."
  • (Tia Mowry) "I think we're safe."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "Hi."
  • (Tia Mowry) "AH."
  • (Kristen Wilson) "Isn't there a spell you should be studying?"

Leslie Seiler as Ileana

  • (Leslie Seiler) "He'll be fine-ish."
  • (Pat Kelly) "But his shadow, not so fine-ish."

Tamera Mowry as Camryn Barnes

  • (Tamera Mowry) "Wait. You know when you go to a horror movie and there's that stupid girl who goes inside the creepy house even through there are a gazillion signs saying 'Keep Out' and the whole audience is screaming 'Don't go in there'?"
  • (Tia Mowry) "Yeah?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "You're that girl."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Alex --"
  • (Tia Mowry) "What."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Good luck."

Karen Holness as Emily Barnes

  • (Karen Holness) "Honey?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "Oops --"
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "Camryn Elizabeth."
  • (Tamera Mowry) "I'm sorry. I don't know why but that actually happens a lot."
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "A lot? What else you been praticing on?"
  • (Karen Holness) "Camryn, this might be a good time to tell your father about the car."
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "What about the car."
  • (Karen Holness) "Now don't get too upset, she's got all the pieces."
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "Pieces? Car's aren't supposed to be in pieces. Isn't there a spell to fix all of this?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "I thought that too, but when I tried to do everything I had just done backwards -- that's when I lost the other tire."
  • (Karen Holness) "Oh, I found it, it's in the pool."
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "You lost the tires?"
  • (Tamera Mowry) "No, one's in the pools. Aren't you listening?"
  • (Arnold Pinnock) "Oh --"

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