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Ulee's Gold Quotes

Ulee's Gold is a television program that was first aired in 1970 . Ulee's Gold completed its run in 1970.

It features Jonathan Demme as producer, Charles Engstrom in charge of musical score, and Virgil Mirano as head of cinematography.

Each episode of Ulee's Gold is 113 minutes long. Ulee's Gold is distributed by Orion Pictures.

The cast includes: Traber Burns as Chance Barrow, Peter Fonda as Ulee Jackson, Jessica Biel as Casey Jackson, Patricia Richardson as Connie Hope, Vanessa Zima as Penny Jackson, Christine Dunford as Helen Jackson, and J. Kenneth Campbell as Sheriff Bill Floyd.

Ulee's Gold Quotes

Traber Burns as Chance Barrow

  • (Traber Burns) "So he says to me, I just soon they cut and stay off just north of Orlando. And let the bottom half go, right out into the Gulf. Say it didn't sound like such a bad idea --"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Fair enough on the uh, Bakery Bridge, Chance. I want 92 for the Tupelo."
  • (Traber Burns) "Ulee."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "I could sell it myself -- Fact is I've been thinking of doing just that."
  • (Traber Burns) "Can you expect by next Thursday?"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "I can give you 39 barrels, I'll keep the rest --"
  • (Traber Burns) "You're not workin' as many bees these days, can you deliver?"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "I said 30. I'm ready."
  • (Traber Burns) "Well; it's gonna be a good year. At least as long as they can keep the Chinese from dumping their honey."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "The Chinese don't have anything like our Tupelo."
  • (Traber Burns) "Ulee, most folks don't seem to care any more. The cheap honey floods the market."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "The bees and I have an understanding. I take care of them, and they take care of me. We both just have to work a little harder, that's all."

Christine Dunford as Helen Jackson

  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Once you're better, I don't care what you do. But you're not moving until all that poison's out of your body. Even if only for a day."
  • (Christine Dunford) "Oh, man. You always think you know, don't you?"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Well, I know better than to run from responsibility."
  • (Christine Dunford) "Is that right?"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Right."
  • (Christine Dunford) "There's all kinds of running, Ulee. Your body might have stuck around, and that lousy bully part of your mind, but your heart took off a long time ago."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Oh, you can't say that. That's not true."
  • (Christine Dunford) "Maybe you're right. Maybe you never cared anything about anybody. Year after year, nothing touches Ulee."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "No. No, it was you and Jimmy wanted too many shortcuts. I told Jimmy if he went down that road, I wouldn't lift a finger to help him. And you both managed major f***-ups."
  • (Patricia Richardson) "Ulee, come on."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "I mean, who the hell are you, Mrs. Helen Jackson? A mother? Wife? No, you're nothing."
  • (Patricia Richardson) "Come on."
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "And we don't need the whole damn world knowing what's going on in our house."

Patricia Richardson as Connie Hope

  • (Patricia Richardson) "What's so special about this Tupelo honey?"
  • (Ulysses Ulee Jackson) "Well first, it's very uh, very rare --"
  • (Patricia Richardson) "You are almost a good man, Ulee Jackson, but you try too hard."

Vanessa Zima as Penny Jackson

  • (Vanessa Zima) "See, sometimes the bees get confused, and run away. That's them there on the tree. But they don't really want to be gone. And they're happy when someone helps them back into their home. But you got to keep calm and don't panic when they sting, 'cause they don't mean nothing by it."

Peter Fonda as Ulee Jackson

  • (Peter Fonda) "You'll pay for the rest of your life for being a jackass."
  • (Jessica Biel) "Yeah, well, it's better than dying of boredom."

J. Kenneth Campbell as Sheriff Bill Floyd

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