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Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Quotes

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Under Siege 2: Dark Territory ended in 1970.

It features Arnon Milchan as producer, Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and Robbie Greenberg as head of cinematography.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Under Siege 2: Dark Territory is 100 minutes long. Under Siege 2: Dark Territory is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Everett McGill as Penn, Peter Greene as Mercenary #1, Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback, Eric Bogosian as Travis Dane, Brenda Bakke as Captain Linda Gilder, Andy Romano as Admiral Bates, Peter Greene as Mercenary # 2, Peter Greene as Mercenary, Morris Chestnut as Bobby Zachs, Peter Greene as Holy Mercenary, Katherine Heigl as Sarah Ryback, and Nick Mancuso as Tom Breaker.

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Quotes

Peter Greene as Mercenary #1

  • (Peter Greene) "Something's coming in. Intermittent signals, very faint."
  • (Everett McGill) "F-117s. Stealths."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "They found us. Casey f***ing Ryback."
  • (Everett McGill) "Shoot 'em down."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I'd have to unlock Grazer from Washington. I don't have the transponder numbers. I CAN'T TARGET THEM. They'd kill all the hostages."
  • (Peter Greene) "Check the baggage."
  • (Merc # 3) "Baggage checked."
  • (Peter Greene) "Ryback's hitting the hostage cars."
  • (Everett McGill) "RRRRRRRRYBACK."
  • (Peter Greene) "You know, I never considered myself a vicious person. But you, you're like a f***ing cockroach. So what do you do when the little bastard shows himself? You squash him, right? Get what I'm trying to say to you here bus boy?"
  • (Morris Chestnut) "I'm a porter, not a bus boy."
  • (Peter Greene) "Okay, Mister porter. You got balls, man. So I'm gonna let you decide, okay? You wanna see it coming -- or do you wanna turn around?"
  • (Morris Chestnut) "Hey -- you wanna help me out here, man?"
  • (Morris Chestnut) "Oh s***, you definitely are a bad motherf***er. Let's go kick some more ass, dog."

Eric Bogosian as Travis Dane

  • (Eric Bogosian) "Bonjour guys. Comment allez-vous?"
  • (Andy Romano) "Who the hell is that?"
  • (Gen. Cooper) "Jesus Christ."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Uh, not quite, General Cooper. Although, I have sort of risen from the dead. No, it's just your old friend Travis Dane. You remember. They guy you FIRED."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Why are you bringing Ryback here? Can you handle this?"
  • (Peter Greene) "Looks like you f***ed up, old man. I say it's time to cut and run."
  • (Everett McGill) "Excuse me."
  • (Everett McGill) "Now, does anyone else think I f***ed up?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "No."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "300,000 pages of code. Or 60 minutes of triple-X rubber-and-leather bondage porno. Technology can be used for beauty, or debasement. And until you plug it in, you'll just never know."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Oh, oh. I seem to have brought up targeting codes."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is your captor speaking. There's been a slight change in your travel plans tonight. You have, you will note, been moved to the last two cars of the train for your own well-being. First, I'd like to call your attention to the highly trained men with the automatic weapons in your cars. In the event of an emergency, they may be called upon to shoot you. Your safety IS our primary concern. However, if you try anything stupid, Federal Regulations require that I kill you. So please, no hero s***."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "You're entering into another dimension, not only of sight or sound but of mind. There's a signpost up ahead. Your next stop? Dark Territory."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Who says I have a one-track mind?"
  • (David Trilling) "I'll never -- give you the code."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "The psychological profile we have on you says you will. However, if you wish to prove the profile incorrect, see what happens when an intensly hot needle penetrates the lens of one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. The needlepoint will pass through the lens with, very little difficulty. The heat will cauterize and seal the wound. However, the instrument will continue to transfer heat into the fluid of the eyeball. The fluid itself comes to a boil, and the eyeball itself -- explodes."
  • (David Trilling) "J B N -- 1, 2 1."
  • (David Trilling) "They said you were dead."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Yeah, very restful, no phone calls. Now you two have been very naughty. ATAC has strict rules about employees becoming involved with each other."
  • (David Trilling) "Is that what this is about?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Ugh, yeah, right. I uh -- FAKED my own death and hijacked a passenger train because I care about who YOU'RE f***ING. No, I was just wondering what other rules you might be willing to break."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "They fired me. Broke into my lab. Confiscated EVERYTHING. Told me the technology was NON-ESSENTIAL. Well they WANTED it. They're gonna GET IT."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Poison gas, chemical fire, total devastation for a one hundred mile radius -- thousands of people are going to die."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Ryback's tactics."
  • (Everett McGill) "Ryback?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "That's what is says -- Ryback."
  • (Peter Greene) "Casey f***in' Ryback?"
  • (Peter Greene) "Jesus Christ."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Who's Casey f***ing Ryback?"
  • (Everett McGill) "Casey Ryback is a former SEAL Team captain. And a counter-terrorism expert."
  • (Peter Greene) "He was my instructor at Fort Bragg."
  • (Peter Greene) "He's the best there is."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I thought you were the best there is, Penn."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Boom. Earthquake in midair."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I not only INVENTED Grazer, I've UPDATED it to use part of the electromagnetic spectrum ATAC is only DIMLY aware of."
  • (David Trilling) "What the hell is that?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "As long as we're moving, the signal is completely transparent. AS you can see, we're on a choo-choo. No stop signs for six hours. ATAC would KILL to get a hold of this technology. In fact, I'm sure they'll try."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "-- works just as well underground, underwater --"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I not only designed the SYSTEM, I designed the BLOCKS."
  • (Brenda Bakke) "What are you doing, Dane?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I'm hacking into ATAC, Linda."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Now. Watch this."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "It's MINE again."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Turbulence. If it moves, Grazer can see it."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "They disturb the air as they fly through it. Low altitude turbulence, that's how you find these things."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "There you are."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Stealths. I can target these."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Shooting me won't do any good. ATAC can't get past my ghost satellites and YOU can't get past my encrypted program."
  • (Steven Seagal) "You mean to tell me there's no way I can just shut that off?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "No way."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "I Never thought of that."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Ryback --"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "RYBACK --."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "RY -- BACK --."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Now this is where the s*** really starts to fly. A fertilizer plant in Guangzhou."
  • (Everett McGill) "A fertilizer plant?"
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Yeah, I'm gonna shock the world by spreading ca-ca all over the place. Guangzhou is a chemical weapons plant masquerading as a fertilizer plant. We know this. The Chinese know that we know. But we make-believe that we don't know and the Chinese make-believe that they believe that we don't know, but know that we know. Everybody knows."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Chance favors the prepared mind."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Well, here you are. The last place anyone would expect to find you. Amazing."

Katherine Heigl as Sarah Ryback

  • (Lady Hostage) "Who are they looking for?"
  • (Katherine Heigl) "Me."

Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback

  • (Steven Seagal) "That's what I hear. Mostly from you. But that's what I hear."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Nobody beats me in the kitchen."
  • (Steven Seagal) "What am I doing? Oh, I'm making a bomb."
  • (Lady Hostage) "I broke my bra."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Tits to die for, huh?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Is this your lunch?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "Ah, this is Casey Ryback, the hostages are safe."
  • (Steven Seagal) "You think this is being shot? This ain't being shot."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Hi. Um, I was just wondering what the girl in the corner there was drinking?"
  • (Kelly, Barmaid) "You mean the little girl with the tonic and lime, and the bad I.D.?"
  • (Steven Seagal) "That's the one."
  • (Steven Seagal) "Penn?"
  • (Everett McGill) "Ryback."
  • (Steven Seagal) "I'm coming to get my niece now."
  • (Everett McGill) "Come and get her."

Everett McGill as Penn

  • (Everett McGill) "+1. It could be his girl or a child."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Maybe it's wife or something."
  • (Everett McGill) "Man doesn't call his wife +1."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "So, what? We're looking for some babe?"
  • (Everett McGill) "Some bait."
  • (Everett McGill) "Ryback's gone, Dane."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Did you see the body? Assumption is the mother of all f*** UPS."
  • (Everett McGill) "You let me handle Ryback. And you take care of the techno-s***. He's mine. I'll take him myself hand-to hand."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "C'mon my little Ghost Satellites. I need you with me to hide my baby up there, so she can blow the f*** out of Washington."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "Yeah, go get your throat ripped out. I've got 8 million people to kill and a billion dollars to pick up."
  • (Everett McGill) "Not mace, sweetheart. Pepper spray. Sold to civilians."
  • (Everett McGill) "But once you get used to it --"
  • (Everett McGill) "-- it just clears the sinuses."
  • (Everett McGill) "When she shot the intruder, did you see the body?"
  • (Peter Greene) "No, just a s*** load of blood, and I figured if you get run over by a train --"
  • (Everett McGill) "Did -- you -- see -- the body?"
  • (Peter Greene) "I ASSUMED he was DEAD."
  • (Everett McGill) "Assumption is the MOTHER of all f*** ups."

Andy Romano as Admiral Bates

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Brenda Bakke as Captain Linda Gilder

  • (David Trilling) "He can't use the code."
  • (Brenda Bakke) "Why do you think he's doing this, David?"
  • (David Trilling) "Because he's crazy."
  • (Eric Bogosian) "You can argue that point later. NEXT. Are we up for this?"
  • (David Trilling) "You can't hack into the system. There are quadruple blocks. Linda, even if you could, the codes need to be entered simultaneously. There's not enough power here. you've seen the size of the ATAC generators. C'mon it's impossible. You know that. The codes, they're different now. They're no good for anything. He can't use them."
  • (David Trilling) "Linda. For God's sake, please, GIVE HIM THE CODE. GIVE -- HIM -- THE -- CODE. AHHH. AHHH. AHHH."
  • (Brenda Bakke) "E U I 4 7 6."
  • (David Trilling) "What was that?"
  • (Brenda Bakke) "It is called an orgasm."

Morris Chestnut as Bobby Zachs

  • (Merc # 3) "Empty your pockets. I said empty your god**** pockets right now."
  • (Morris Chestnut) "All right, all right, all right man. I'm just a kid, man, c'mon I'm just a kid. I'm trying to tell you, I lost it down there, I ripped my pocket, everything fell out. The only thing I've got in my pocket, man, is your ASS."
  • (Peter Greene) "Porter checked."
  • (Morris Chestnut) "Ok, safety off --"
  • (Peter Greene) "It's that f***in' porter."
  • (Helicopter pilot) "Honey, you sure taught that boy how to fly."
  • (Morris Chestnut) "Oh, we sure did, honey. So now what we're going to do is we're gonna keep this chopper right here, OK. Or I'm going to blow your MOTHERf***ING BRAINS OUT. You got that? Honey?"

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