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Under Siege Quotes

Under Siege is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Under Siege stopped airing in 1970.

It features Arnon Milchan; Gary W. Goldstein; Steven Seagal; Steven Reuther as producer, Gary Chang in charge of musical score, and Frank Tidy as head of cinematography.

Under Siege is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Under Siege is 103 minutes long. Under Siege is distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate, Tommy Lee Jones as William Strannix, Colm Meaney as Doumer, Troy Evans as Granger, Damian Chapa as Tackman, Andy Romano as Admiral Bates, Glenn Morshower as Ensign Taylor, Nick Mancuso as Tom Breaker, Tommy Lee Jones as Krill, Thomas Mills Wood as Pvt. Nash, Eddie Bo Smith Jr. as Shadow, Sandy Ward as Calaway, Glenn Morshower as Taylor, Patrick O'Neal as Capt. Adams, John Rottger as Cmdr. Green, and Richard Andrew Jones as Pitt.

Under Siege Quotes

Thomas Mills Wood as Pvt. Nash

  • (Casey Ryback) "Krill's a maniac. Go tell the captain he spit in my soup."
  • (Thomas Mills Wood) "Ryback, you've got a fire in here."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Get my pies out of the oven."
  • (Commander Krill) "Private Nash, you came on board in Hawaii?"
  • (Thomas Mills Wood) "Yes, sir."
  • (Commander Krill) "Then you don't know about Chief Ryback. He is an extreme psychopath. He hates officers. He hates America. This is the Captain's birthday. I do not want him ruining it. No one is to speak to him. No one is to let him out. If he tries to escape, shoot him right here."
  • (Commander Krill) "I'm counting on you."
  • (Thomas Mills Wood) "Yes, sir."
  • (Commander Krill) "Let's go."
  • (Thomas Mills Wood) "You're WRONG Ryback. You're WRONG. Those were party poppers."
  • (Casey Ryback) "You got s*** for brains, Private. I know they brainwashed you at boot camp, but sometimes you gotta QUESTION authority. Trust me, boy. That's GUNFIRE. You get me out of here, I'll go take care of it."
  • (Thomas Mills Wood) "I'm gonna be relieved in a couple of minutes. So just shut up and sit tight."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Some thing's going on. Use your head this time, boy. Do what you got to do and get me out of here."
  • (Casey Ryback) "When I get out, I'll shoot you myself."

Tommy Lee Jones as William Strannix

  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "This little piggy went to market --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "This little piggy stayed home --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "And this little piggy -- oh, mama -- oh, mama -- went wee, wee, wee, WEEEEEEEEE --."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "ALL THE WAY HOME."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Daffy -- Porky Pig -- Little red f***er with the mustache --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Anything else you forgot to tell us about? Any other little memory losses or oversights, perhaps?"
  • (Commander Krill) "No other little memory losses or oversights perhaps. There's two men, one of them's locked up. And I'll take care of him --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "No, no, no. We'll handle it. Secure the galley. Send Cates, send Ziggs."
  • (Eddie Bo Smith Jr.) "You got it."
  • (Commander Krill) "This Marine's armed, Bill. I think we should send more, I'll go --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Don't worry about it. These guys are professionals. They can handle twenty Marines, and a hundred cooks."
  • (Casey Ryback) "What made you flip like this?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I got tired of coming up with last-minute desperate solutions to impossible problems created by other f***ing people."
  • (Casey Ryback) "All of your ridiculous pitiful antics aren't gonna change a thing. You and me, we're puppets in the same sick game. We serve the same master, and he's a lunatic and he's ungrateful. But there's nothing we can do about it. You and me, we're the same."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Oh, no. No, no, no. There's a difference, my man. You have faith. I don't."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Now, you, sir, you are the highest-ranking officer in this room."
  • (John Rottger) "That's right. The operations officer. Third in command."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander Green."
  • (Unnamed) "Any sign of Wile E. Coyote?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "No. Meet at the bird cage as planned, Roadrunner, out."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You're the roadrunner?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Yeah, never been caught. Mee-meep."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "The man that did this is a professional. Who is he, and what's he doing running around on my battleship, Mr. Krill?"
  • (Commander Krill) "Your battleship? You wouldn't be on this battleship if it wasn't for me. He's a cook, plain and simple --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "This is not the work of a cook."
  • (Commander Krill) "He came on board with the captain. I know his routine, front and back. He's good with cooking knives --"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Cooking knives ?"
  • (Commander Krill) "He got lucky. In my professional opinion, he is a military reject in command of a GALLEY."
  • (Colm Meaney) "GET DOWN."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Let this be a learning experience, gentleman. If you resist we will kill you and the man next to you. Now move out of here in an orderly fashion."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Now."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You're a maniac. Drown your own crew."
  • (Commander Krill) "They never liked me anyway."
  • (Colm Meaney) "I bet they f***in' love ya now, huh?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Bang, you're dead."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "All of my life -- Saturday morning cartoons. The best."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Doumer, Doumer, Doumer. Why didn't you hire this person? I don't know what his price would have been, but it would have been WORTH it."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "These things are gonna sell like hotcakes."
  • (Commander Krill) "Absolutely."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "What are you gonna do when you get two hundred million dollars in the bank?"
  • (Commander Krill) "Buy the presidency."
  • (Commander Krill) "What the hell was that?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "That was a bomb, jackass. He used the microwave as a detonator."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Come here. You secure everything between here and the CIC. You spot anything, you radio at once for backup. You don't get creative, you call for help. You understand? Move."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "PUT THESE FIRES OUT."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "I would like to see the ship's personnel file on this "plain and simple cook", Mr. Krill."
  • (Commander Krill) "Yes, sir."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "PUT OUT THESE god**** FIRES."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Four minutes ahead of schedule. Damn, I'm good."

Colm Meaney as Doumer

  • (Commander Krill) "Ryback's file wasn't IN personnel. It was in the Captain's private cabinet. Ryback is an ex-SEAL."
  • (Colm Meaney) "The god**** cook's a SEAL?"
  • (Commander Krill) "Shut up and listen. "Expert in Martial Arts, Explosives, Weapons and Tactics. Silver Star, Navy Cross, Purple Heart with Cluster, and Security Clearance revoked after Panama." That means he couldn't hold any rating except that of a yeoman or a cook. How little did I know."
  • (Eddie Bo Smith Jr.) "We just lost two more men in the Engine Room."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "You were told to review the personnel file on every individual on this ship."
  • (Commander Krill) "I know what I was told, but I didn't have access to the Captain's files at that time."
  • (Colm Meaney) "I'll get this f***er myself."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Oh no, calm down. You wanna get killed?"
  • (Commander Krill) "Are you an idiot ?"
  • (Colm Meaney) "You're calling me an idiot ?"
  • (Commander Krill) "Yeah, I'm calling you an idiot."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Calm down. Get me three roving patrols, keep the man pinned below the weather deck. Move out."
  • (Commander Krill) "Stay on schedule."
  • (Colm Meaney) "You're incredible, Ryback. It's a shame you're not cooking for us."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Next thing I know, you'll be dating musicians."

Sandy Ward as Calaway

  • (Casey Ryback) "Calaway, Gunner's Mate."
  • (Sandy Ward) "Yeah, Chief?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "You see those?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "We still got shells for those."

Andy Romano as Admiral Bates

  • (Andy Romano) "Mr. Strannix -- this is Admiral Bates speaking. Would you please tell us why the hell you're doing this?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Hi, Admiral. Six months ago, your boy Tom Breaker cancelled operation 'Cleopatra', and shortly thereafter two young men from Langley showed up in Miami tried to cancel me along with it. Now you did receive each man's right forefinger in the mail, didn't you Tom?"
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "TOM."
  • (Nick Mancuso) "Yes, I did."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Did you expect us to wait in Miami for you to try again?"
  • (Andy Romano) "Chief Ryback."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Sir?"
  • (Andy Romano) "I see you completely disobeyed my orders."
  • (Casey Ryback) "I'm sorry, sir. You can court martial me if I live, sir."
  • (Andy Romano) "Now, since your ass is on the line, sailor, I authorize you right now, to do whatever you can to aid in the arrival of the SEAL Team. Because if I god**** can't control you, I might as well support you. Correct?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "That's affirmative, sir."
  • (David Trenton, National Security Advisor) "But what would be the consequences of those missiles dropping on Honololu?"
  • (Andy Romano) "Colonel Sarnac?"
  • (Air Force Colonel) "Approximately one million people will reach ten thousand degrees Farenheit in less than a second."

Patrick O'Neal as Capt. Adams

  • (Patrick O'Neal) "What the hell's going on?"
  • (Commander Krill) "The party's just beginning."
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "Chief, get in your dress uniform."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Sir, you know how I feel about ceremonies. I thought maybe this time, uh --"
  • (Patrick O'Neal) "You know, if I had your ribbons, I'd wear 'em to bed."

Nick Mancuso as Tom Breaker

  • (Nick Mancuso) "Just last year we found out North Korea was refitting an old French sub to fire anti-ship missile, so we sent Mr. Stranix in."
  • (Andy Romano) "You've been financing this god**** maniac's private army, and it didn't occur to you it might become a problem?"
  • (Nick Mancuso) "Once we realized we had lost positive control, under Executive Order 136 we tried to neutralize him -- we missed."
  • (David Trenton, National Security Advisor) "Excuse me, um, this North Korean sub -- how do you know he sunk it?"
  • (Nick Mancuso) "Oh, we're positive he sunk it. Positive."
  • (Nick Mancuso) "Look, Bill, if this is about reliving the 60's, you can forget about it, buddy. The movement is dead."
  • (Tommy Lee Jones) "Yes, of course. Hence the name: movement. It moves a certain distance, then it stops, you see? A revolution gets its name by always coming back around in your face. You tried to kill me you son of a bitch -- so welcome to the revolution."

Erika Eleniak as Jordan Tate

  • (Erika Eleniak) "I told you I don't like guns."
  • (Casey Ryback) "I know. Neither do I."
  • (Erika Eleniak) "Hello?"
  • (Andy Romano) "Who in the hell in this?"
  • (Erika Eleniak) "Who in the hell is this ?"
  • (Andy Romano) "This is Admiral Bates speaking. I am trying to get a hold of Chief Ryback. Is he about?"
  • (Erika Eleniak) "He's in a gunfight right now. I'm gonna have to take a message."
  • (Erika Eleniak) "I hate being alone."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Do you hate being dead?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "It's morse code."
  • (Erika Eleniak) "What are they saying?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "They're saying, "Get me the f*** out of here"."
  • (Erika Eleniak) "The safest place on this ship is right behind you."
  • (Casey Ryback) "I'll tell you what. I'll carry everything if you kill whoever we run into, all right?"
  • (Erika Eleniak) "I have a little rule about killing people. Well, actually I have two rules. See, one: I don't date musicians, and two: I do not kill people, okay?"
  • (Casey Ryback) "I'm thrilled to death to hear that, yeah. But it leaves a lot of open territory."
  • (Erika Eleniak) "You're not a cook."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Yeah, well -- I also cook."

Glenn Morshower as Taylor

  • (Glenn Morshower) "Petty Officer Ryback."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Ensign Taylor."
  • (Glenn Morshower) "SIR."
  • (Casey Ryback) "You don't have to "sir" me, Ensign Taylor. We're casual in the galley, you know."
  • (Glenn Morshower) "I'd watch it, Ryback. We still have a week together."
  • (Casey Ryback) "I guess that means I won't get to see you go through puberty."
  • (Glenn Morshower) "Johnson, how is the Captain gonna authorize a surprise birthday party for himself?"

Troy Evans as Granger

  • (Casey Ryback) "We've got to save them."
  • (Troy Evans) "You know they're gonna have a trap for us."
  • (Casey Ryback) "Yeah, but they're expecting me, not all of us."
  • (Damian Chapa) "All of what? I do laundry. I was ironing during the Gulf War. I ain't cut out for this hero bulls***."
  • (Casey Ryback) "You're in the Navy, remember? It's not a job, it's an adventure."

Richard Andrew Jones as Pitt

  • (Richard Andrew Jones) "s***. I lost the Phalanx, the whole thing's dead, we're sitting ducks."

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