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Unleashed (Gotham) Quotes

Unleashed (Gotham) is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Unleashed completed its run in 1970.

Each episode of Unleashed (Gotham) is 43 minutes long.

Unleashed (Gotham) Quotes

  • (Ethel Peabody) "What is the meaning of this? You are upsetting the inmates."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "Where's your boss, darling? We got a warrant to search his office and everything in it."
  • (Ethel Peabody) "He's busy -- with patients."
  • (Edward Nygma) "The basement here, it's horrible. Just trust me, stay away. He's a very dangerous man."
  • (Selina Kyle) "Basement?"
  • (Edward Nygma) "Alive people, dead people, dead-alive people; it's horrible."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "Wait, wait, wait. I'm sure we're breaking more than a few laws right now."
  • (James Gordon) "Really? This is where you draw the line?"
  • (Harvey Bullock) "Come on. This doesn't creep you out, even a little bit? This is friggin' grave robbing."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "All right, everyone, listen up. I know we're all a bit freaked out right now. It's understandable, hmm? Some nut job in a Halloween costume and cape comes into our house and takes out four of our brothers?"
  • (Harvey Bullock) "He does this to our captain? Now, I've been around for a long time. It's like the bad guys in this town just keep getting weirder and weirder, but under that mask -- is just a man, and he can bleed, just like you and me, and if he bleeds, he can be beaten. So let's do what the cap would tell us to do for if he were here. Let's go out there and let's find that son of a bitch and let's get him, whatever it takes."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "I'm not one for speeches."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "You're more to me than just a guardian, Alfred. You're my friend."
  • (Alfred Pennyworth) "Your timing really is quite -- impeccable, Master Bruce."
  • (Selina Kyle) "Break in? To Arkham? A highly guarded place that's packed with crazy people?"
  • (Bruce Wayne) "If it's too dangerous for you, I'll just go myself."
  • (Selina Kyle) "I didn't say that."
  • (Bruce Wayne) "Prisons are meant to stop people from breaking out, not in. It can be done."
  • (Selina Kyle) "It's a loony bin, not a prison. I know it can be done."
  • (Tabitha Galavan) "Someone got inside my brother's head. It's not a safe place to be."
  • (Bridgit Pike) "Are you my human subject?"
  • (Selina Kyle) "What?"
  • (Bridgit Pike) "Were you sent here to test me?"
  • (Selina Kyle) "Bridgit?"
  • (Bridgit Pike) "Who's Bridgit?"
  • (Selina Kyle) "Bridgit, no, Bridgit, no, Bridgit, no. Bridgit, no."
  • (Bridgit Pike) "Don't call me that. My name's -- Firefly."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "What are they all doing?"
  • (James Gordon) "They don't have a captain, Harvey. I guess you're it."
  • (Harvey Bullock) "I ain't no captain. Say something to them."
  • (James Gordon) "I don't work here anymore, you do."

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