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Up the Long Ladder Quotes

Up the Long Ladder is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Up the Long Ladder ended in 1970.

It features Ron Jones (composer) in charge of musical score.

Up the Long Ladder Quotes

  • (Danilo Odell) "Sir, would you happen to be married?"
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "No, why?"
  • (Danilo Odell) "No. Er, well, er, you see, sir, I have a daughter."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Felicitations."
  • (Brenna Odell) "What does he do again?"
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Prime Minister."
  • (Brenna Odell) "Hm -- Sounds important."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "I am fine."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "You're not fine, you fainted."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "I did not faint. Klingons do not faint."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "Excuse me, I'll rephrase: this Klingon suffered a dramatic drop in blood pressure; his blood glucose level dropped. There was deficient blood flow resulting from circulatory failure. In other words, he curled up his toes and lay unconscious on the floor."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Doctor, there is no need to insult me."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Yeah, what the hell was that thing?"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Automated fire system. A force field contains the flame until the remaining oxygen has been consumed."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Ah, yeah, w-what if I had been under that thing?"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "You would have been standing in the fire."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Yeah, well, leaving that aside for the moment, I mean, what would have happened to me?"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "You would have suffocated and died."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Ye-ah, sweet mercy."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "That isn't necessary. The ship will clean itself."
  • (Brenna Odell) "Well; good for the bloody ship."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Right, lads, everybody back onto the infernal machine."
  • (Brenna Odell) "And what are you staring at? You never seen a woman before?"
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "I thought I had."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "I can see why your father wants to marry you off."
  • (Brenna Odell) "Oh. And why is that?"
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "So he can have a pipe and a mug of beer in peace."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "Now, quote me a little of that poetry."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "I must be out of my mind."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "Starfleet will probably agree with you."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Madam, have you ever considered a career in Security?"
  • (Brenna Odell) "If it's anything like babysitting, I'm an authority."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "They started out together. It seems only -- fitting they should end up together."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "It's a match made in heaven."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Unfortunately, it will have to be a shotgun wedding."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "What have they done to my ship now?"
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "There is something damn odd going on here."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "They've got two or three generations, and then the fading will be terminal. They're among the walking dead now. They just haven't been buried."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Whisky."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Terrible. It has no bite."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Chech'tluth."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Now, that's what I call a wee drop of the creature."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Ms. Odell. You were the one who wanted a new home."
  • (Brenna Odell) "But I don't know if I want to be Eve."
  • (Brenna Odell) "You may have all the time in the world, but I've dozens of frightened and hungry children and women to look after."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "And what about the men?"
  • (Brenna Odell) "Well, I'm sure they'll find their comfort as they always do; in the bottom of a mug of homebrew."
  • (Prime Minister Granger) "They're so different."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "It is the differences that has made us strong."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "It is a test of bravery; of one's ability to look at the face of mortality. It is also a reminder that death is an experience best shared; like the tea."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "Worf, you're a romantic."
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "It is among the Klingons that love poetry achieves its fullest flower."
  • (Brenna Odell) "Father."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Remember what I said about the moment of pain? Well, 'tis about to begin."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "One William Riker is -- unique, perhaps even special. But a hundred of him, a thousand of him -- diminishes me in ways I can't even imagine."
  • (Prime Minister Granger) "You would be preserving yourself."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Human beings have other ways of doing that. We have children."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Send in the clones."
  • (Danilo Odell) "Every moment of pleasure in life has to be purchased by an equal moment of pain."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "Tell me, is your entire population made up of clones, Prime Minister?"
  • (Lieutenant Worf) "Clones?"
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "Clones?"
  • (Prime Minister Granger) "Clones."
  • (Lt. Commander Data) "Mariposa. The Spanish word for "Butterfly"."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "Thank you, Data."
  • (Lt. Commander Data) "I thought it might be significant, sir."
  • (Captain Jean-Luc Picard) "It doesn't appear to be, Data."
  • (Lt. Commander Data) "No, sir."
  • (Doctor Pulaski) "You know, they were anachronistic in 2123. It will be interesting to see how they cope."
  • (Commander William T. Riker) "They'll learn and adapt. If Danilo Odell is any indication, they'll be running this place inside of a week."

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