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Valley of the Dolls (film) Quotes

Valley of the Dolls (film) is a TV show that appeared on TV in 1970 . Valley of the Dolls ended its run in 1970.

It features David Weisbart as producer, André Previn & Dory Previn (songs) in charge of musical score, and William Daniels (cinematographer) as head of cinematography.

Valley of the Dolls (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Valley of the Dolls (film) is 123 minutes long. Valley of the Dolls (film) is distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The cast includes: Patty Duke as Neely O'Hara, Barbara Parkins as Anne Welles, Lee Grant as Miriam Polar, Susan Hayward as Helen Lawson, Sharon Tate as Jennifer North, Alexander Davion as Ted Casablanca, Martin Milner as Mel, Paul Burke as Lyon Burke, Robert H. Harris as Henry Bellamy, Naomi Stevens as Miss Steinberg, Tony Scotti as Tony Polar, Charles Drake as Kevin Gillmore, and Richard Angarola as Claude Chardot.

Valley of the Dolls (film) Quotes

Martin Milner as Mel

  • (Martin Milner) "Miriam's not gonna like that."
  • (Patty Duke) "Who's Miriam?"
  • (Martin Milner) "His sister, over there. She manages him. She does very well. He won't make a move without her."
  • (Patty Duke) "He's making one now."
  • (Martin Milner) "Honey, listen, it's a rotten business."
  • (Patty Duke) "I know. But I love it."
  • (Martin Milner) "Now, you're just like all the rest of 'em. Success is too big for you."
  • (Patty Duke) "If you ask me, my success is too big; for you."
  • (Martin Milner) "Yeah, sure. Sugar."
  • (Martin Milner) "She's changed, Jen. She's starts at 5:30 in the morning, still punchy from last night's sleeping pills. So, she takes a red pill to pep herself up and at midnight she's still flying. I try to talk to her. It's like a brick wall."
  • (Sharon Tate) "Well, I guess that's one of the drawbacks of being a big star."
  • (Martin Milner) "Only in Hollywood do women faint because some queer danes to design their clothes."

Patty Duke as Neely O'Hara

  • (Patty Duke) "Then I heard she went to Paris to make art films."
  • (Patty Duke) "Art films? Nudies. That's all they are. Nudies."
  • (Patty Duke) "Well, I've lost five pounds already. These pills are really great, Jen. They kill your appetite. Only trouble is they pep me up so much I can't sleep."
  • (Patty Duke) "They ordered me to take off my nightgown. I told them to "drop dead". They took it off for me."
  • (Neely O'Hara's Stage Manager) "Neely? Neely open the door, you're on. Neely."
  • (Patty Duke) "Hi."
  • (Neely O'Hara's Stage Manager) "My God. You've got on your costume for the second act."
  • (Patty Duke) "So? I'll do the second act first."
  • (Patty Duke) "Mel, let's get married."
  • (Martin Milner) "I-I thought you'd never ask."
  • (Patty Duke) "I'm not kidding. I'll be making good money and with your 150 we can really live. We can get a maid to clean up. We can get a mink coat."
  • (Patty Duke) "You stupid ass nurse. What are you looking at?"
  • (Patty Duke) "I'm scared. I've forgotten how to sleep without dolls. I can't get through a day without a doll. Please, Lyon, don't send me there. I need a doll. Lyon, don't leave me here. Just give me a doll. Just one. Lyon."
  • (Patty Duke) "I want a doll. I want a doll."
  • (Patty Duke) "I'm Neely O'Hara, pal, that's ME singing on that jukebox."
  • (Man in bar) "Neely O'Hara sings like a bird. You sound like a frog."
  • (Edward - Playhouse Bartender) "Shall I call you a cab?"
  • (Patty Duke) "I don't need it; I don't need ANYBODY. I got talent, Edward. BIG talent."
  • (Patty Duke) "They Love me."
  • (Patty Duke) "I didn't have dough handed to me because of my good cheekbones, I had to work for it."
  • (Patty Duke) ""I have to get up at five o'clock in the morning and SPARKLE, Neely, SPARKLE.""
  • (Patty Duke) "What do you want me to do?"
  • (Paul Burke) "I want you to go to a sanitarium; and dry out."
  • (Patty Duke) "A sanitarium?"
  • (Paul Burke) "I'm sorry, it's the only solution."
  • (Patty Duke) "In the afternoon we had: recreation hour. You never saw such a bunch of well breed kooks. They all acted as normal as apple pie."
  • (Patty Duke) "Mel? God? Neely? -- NEEEEEEELYYY O'HARAAAAAAAA."
  • (Patty Duke) "Jennifer, shame on you. Hey, still got that mole on your keister? Nope. They covered it up with make-up."
  • (Patty Duke) "Who's stoned? I am merely traveling incognito."
  • (Patty Duke) "Boobies, boobies, boobies. Nothin' but boobies. Who needs 'em? I did great without 'em."
  • (Patty Duke) "I can't stop thinking about that audience tonight. You don't know what it feels like, Mel, when they're all applauding and yelling and whistling. They did whistle, didn't they?"
  • (Martin Milner) "Oh, yeah, they sure did."
  • (Patty Duke) "I felt like they were all taking me in their arms and holding me. It's like when you put your hands on me. Only it was; double, triple."
  • (Patty Duke) "I started playing checkers with this real cute looking little girl. All of the sudden, she leans over and gets a half-nelson on my hair and accuses me of telling the rest of the inmates that she's a latent homosexual."

Paul Burke as Lyon Burke

  • (Paul Burke) "Boy, the old star sickness begins to appear. No more gratitude, just power."
  • (Paul Burke) "Miss Welles, a raw recruit always dives for the nearest foxhole at the first burst of enemy fire. But, eh, don't let that happen to you. Don't you throw in the towel, just yet. This is a rather cruel business. But, it's also a great business and a rewarding business. For every Helen Lawson, there's always a Helen Hayes or a Mary Martin. Now, you think about that."
  • (Paul Burke) "Tell me, why are you dismissing us so soon?"
  • (Barbara Parkins) "Because I think show business is cruel."
  • (Paul Burke) "Well, you're quite right. Oh, have a seat."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "People do despicable things."
  • (Paul Burke) "Yes, the certainly do."
  • (Paul Burke) "Offstage I hate her; but, onstage, I'm madly in love with her."

Naomi Stevens as Miss Steinberg

  • (Naomi Stevens) "How's your shorthand?"
  • (Barbara Parkins) "Weak; but, I type 60 words a minute."
  • (Naomi Stevens) "Mr. Bellamy, this is Miss Welles. She's here about the job."
  • (Robert H. Harris) "She's too good looking."

Susan Hayward as Helen Lawson

  • (Susan Hayward) "I'll go out; the way I came in."
  • (Susan Hayward) "Give me that damn wig. What the hell are you doing in there?"
  • (Patty Duke) "Giving it a shampoo. Goodbye, p*****cat. Meeowwww."
  • (Susan Hayward) "My God, she's throwing it in the can, I'll kill her."
  • (Patty Duke) "How do you like that? It won't even go down the john."
  • (Susan Hayward) "Give me that wig."
  • (Patty Duke) "Okay, you want it back? Here it comes, special delivery."
  • (Patty Duke) "So long, Granny. I'll tell your boyfriend not to wait."
  • (Susan Hayward) "I don't need pills like Neely. Sure, I knew you dried her out. But, it won't last. Neely hasn't got that hard core like me. She never learned to roll with the punches. And, believe me, in this business they come left, right and below the belt."
  • (Susan Hayward) "The only hit that comes out of a Helen Lawson show is Helen Lawson, and that's ME, baby, remember?"
  • (Susan Hayward) "You. Go back to the office and tell that son-of-a-bitch to get off his butt and earn his oats."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "But, Miss Lawson, you haven't finished signing the contracts?"
  • (Susan Hayward) "And I don't; intend to. Not until Bellamy ties a can to that little broad's tail."
  • (Susan Hayward) "Nothing can destroy her talent; but, she'll destroy herself."
  • (Susan Hayward) "Give me a fountain pen and not one of those lousy ballpoints."
  • (Susan Hayward) "And you, Lyon, you'd better watch it. Oh, sure, everything's rosy now. You skip from one thing to another; from one dame to another. But watch it, my friend. Find yourself a good girl. Have kids. Or, one day you'll wind up alone, like me, and wonder what the hell happened."

Alexander Davion as Ted Casablanca

  • (Alexander Davion) "You've got your new deal, and I've got my sanity back."
  • (Patty Duke) "With that little whore?"
  • (Alexander Davion) "That little whore makes me feel nine feet tall."
  • (Alexander Davion) "You're always too tired and too full of those damn dolls."
  • (Patty Duke) "You've got guts. I catch you red-handed with a naked broad in my pool and you sermonize me."
  • (Alexander Davion) "Not a sermon, Neely, just a few cold facts."
  • (Patty Duke) "Ted, you know how hard I work. When I come home, I'm exhausted. How can I think of sex?"

Robert H. Harris as Henry Bellamy

  • (Robert H. Harris) "I don't want to hear another word about quitting."
  • (Paul Burke) "The going get's rough, they all talk about retirement."
  • (Susan Hayward) "Not me. I've had it rough before. I'm a barracuda."
  • (Robert H. Harris) "Some days you'll have to work until midnight, having dinner with me and a prospective client. Now, I'll drink too much and won't remember a damn word the next morning. You'll have but one sherry and will remember everything."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "I have an excellent memory and I love sherry."
  • (Robert H. Harris) "Take these papers to Helen Lawson, and don't give her any of that "I loved you when I was a child" crap, or she'll stab you in the back."

Barbara Parkins as Anne Welles

  • (Barbara Parkins) "You've got to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls. It's a brutal climb to reach that peak. You stand there. Waiting for the rush of exhilaration; but, it doesn't come. You're alone and the feeling of loneliness is overpowering."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "Are you wooing me, Mr. Burke?"
  • (Paul Burke) "If you wish to be wooed."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "I used to pretend; you going bald and fat."
  • (Paul Burke) "I used to picture you with a sink full of dishes and a baby tugging at your skirt."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "Neely, you know it's bad to take liquor with those pills."
  • (Patty Duke) "They work faster."

Sharon Tate as Jennifer North

  • (Sharon Tate) "The sanitarium was very expensive."
  • (Play director) "Six hundred bucks for a headdress and not a soul will see it."
  • (Sharon Tate) "I feel a little top heavy."
  • (Play director) "Honey, you are a little top heavy."
  • (Sharon Tate) "Anne, honey, let's face it. All I know how to do is take off my clothes."
  • (Sharon Tate) "Tomorrow they have to perform a mastectomy. The doctor says it's not the end of the world. He says lots of women live long and happy lives after successful breast surgery. The point is to catch it in time."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "I'm sure they will, Jen. Afterwards you can come to the beach with us and recuperate."

Tony Scotti as Tony Polar

(We don't have any quotes for this character)

Lee Grant as Miriam Polar

  • (Lee Grant) "I'm gonna heat up the lasagna."
  • (Lee Grant) "Tony, how many times do I have to tell you? At night, all cats are gray."

Charles Drake as Kevin Gillmore

  • (Charles Drake) "Point number one: the girl to introduce our beauty products on TV show, will be known as the Gillian Girl. Two: she must be beautiful; but, more important, she must be refined, cultured. A girl like Miss Welles, here."
  • (Robert H. Harris) "That's not a girl. That's my secretary."
  • (Charles Drake) "The girl will be identified with Gillian products, exclusively. I will start her off at 300 dollars a week."
  • (Robert H. Harris) "Gillmore, that's sabotage."
  • (Barbara Parkins) "It's also very tempting."

Richard Angarola as Claude Chardot

  • (Richard Angarola) "I am interested in a young lady with your, eh, your, eh, how you say?"
  • (Lee Grant) "Measurements."
  • (Richard Angarola) "Generally, a French girl is inclined to be; flat in the bosom."
  • (Sharon Tate) "I see. Just what kind of pictures do you make, Mr. Chardot?"
  • (Richard Angarola) "Make? The art field."
  • (Sharon Tate) "Yes, I've seen a few. They're pretty raw. I mean, French subtitles over a bare bottom doesn't necessarily make it art."

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