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Victory at Entebbe Quotes

Victory at Entebbe is a Action, Drama, History, and Thriller that appeared on TV in 1976 on American Broadcasting Company. Victory at Entebbe ended in 1970.

It features Robert Guenette, and Albert J. Simon as producer, Charles Fox (composer) as theme composer, and Jim Kilgore as head of cinematography. Victory at Entebbe is executive produced by David L. Wolper.

Victory at Entebbe is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Victory at Entebbe is 119 min. long. Victory at Entebbe is produced by David L. Wolper and distributed by Warner Bros..

The cast includes: David Groh as Benjamin Wise, Helen Hayes as Etta Grossman-Wise, Burt Lancaster as Shimon Peres, Kirk Douglas as Hershel Vilnofsky, Elizabeth Taylor as Edra Vilnofsky, David Sheiner as Aaron Olav, and Allan Miller as Nathan Haroun.

Victory at Entebbe Quotes

Helen Hayes as Etta Grossman-Wise

  • (Helen Hayes) "The woman is a Nazi."
  • (David Groh) "Mother, now don't get excited."
  • (Helen Hayes) "I'm not excited. I took a Valium. The woman is still a Nazi."
  • (Helen Hayes) "Where do you think, Mr. Olav? You've had an extensive military background. Where do you think we're going?"
  • (David Sheiner) "What?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "My son says Khartoum. On the other hand, this gentleman --"
  • (Allan Miller) "Haroun."
  • (Helen Hayes) "-- says Somalia. And as for me -- I think India."
  • (David Sheiner) "India?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "Why not? I've never been to India. They have erotic temples there, I'm told. I've never seen an erotic temple."
  • (David Sheiner) "That's ridiculous. India? Who ever heard of being hijacked to India?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "Well, everybody has an opinion. Now, it's your turn."
  • (David Sheiner) "I don't know."
  • (Helen Hayes) "Well, think it over. When you decide it, let us know, hum?"
  • (David Sheiner) "India, hum? India -- Humph. Pfah. India."
  • (David Groh) "Are you serious? India?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "Certainly."
  • (Helen Hayes) "Or China."

David Sheiner as Aaron Olav

  • (David Sheiner) "They're Israelis. They're going to get us out of here."
  • (David Groh) "I don't think they're Israelis."
  • (David Sheiner) "No, they're Jews. You can tell. I'm telling you. It's alright."
  • (David Groh) "I don't think they're Jews."
  • (David Sheiner) "Oh. Where do they come from?"
  • (David Groh) "Probably Kampala. It's about 30 kilometers from here."
  • (Allan Miller) "Well, they're --"
  • (David Sheiner) "Arabs. Arabs -- You can tell -- Arabs."

David Groh as Benjamin Wise

  • (David Groh) "Mother, you have to sit around for the take-off."
  • (Helen Hayes) "He has a box."
  • (David Groh) "Who has?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "It's tinned. It's between his feet. It says dates. Why would anyone travel with a box of dates? You could carry anything in that box: a gun, a bomb --"
  • (David Groh) "Mother."
  • (Helen Hayes) "We should have travelled El Al."
  • (David Groh) "They were all booked."
  • (Helen Hayes) "I don't like Athens."
  • (David Groh) "I know. Very bad security in Athens."
  • (Helen Hayes) "You could come in to Athens from anywhere, and nobody will check between the transit lounge and another plane."
  • (David Groh) "What are you reading?"
  • (Helen Hayes) "Agatha Christie."
  • (David Groh) "You read that one in Tel Aviv."
  • (Helen Hayes) "Um-hum, I know. But fortunately, I have just gotten older and absent-minded enough to have forgotten who the murderer is."
  • (David Groh) "Mother, you have a British passport. You stay with the others."
  • (Helen Hayes) "Don't be foolish. They have my Israeli identification card. Besides, it says: Etta Grossman-Wise. Even a German might suspect something."

Burt Lancaster as Shimon Peres

  • (Burt Lancaster) "The government of Israel does not negotiate with terrorists."

Kirk Douglas as Hershel Vilnofsky

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