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Villain (1971 film) Quotes

Villain (1971 film) is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Villain stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jay Kanter as producer, Jonathan Hodge in charge of musical score, and Christopher Challis as head of cinematography.

Villain (1971 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Villain (1971 film) is 98 min. long. Villain (1971 film) is distributed by MGM-EMI (UK).

The cast includes: Donald Sinden as Gerald Draycott, Fiona Lewis as Venetia, Ian McShane as Wolfe Lissner, Nigel Davenport as Bob Matthews, Richard Burton as Vic Dakin, Joss Ackland as Edgar Lowis, Tony Selby as Duncan, James Cossins as Brown, T. P. McKenna as Frank Fletcher, Del Henney as Webb, John Hallam as Terry, Clive Francis as Vivian, and Colin Welland as Tom Binney.

Villain (1971 film) Quotes

Fiona Lewis as Venetia

  • (Fiona Lewis) "I know his face, don't I?"
  • (Ian McShane) "Should do, seen it often enough on telly. Stirring the conscience of the nation, he's an MP."
  • (Fiona Lewis) "Well he wouldn't get my vote."
  • (Ian McShane) "It's not your vote he's after."
  • (Fiona Lewis) "Who's she?"
  • (Ian McShane) "Sssh. It's his gaffe. Only a marquis, isn't he. Influencing friends and making people."

Nigel Davenport as Bob Matthews

  • (Nigel Davenport) "See them?"
  • (Nigel Davenport) "And them. And them. You can't put the frighteners on all of them. Not all the time."
  • (Richard Burton) "Why not?"
  • (Nigel Davenport) "You call 'em punters. We call 'em witnesses."
  • (Richard Burton) "You know, if I looked at one of them, they'd piss in their pants. Because I'm Vic Dakin."
  • (Nigel Davenport) "Used to be."
  • (Richard Burton) "And who are you? What do you do? Keeping Britain clean on thirty quid a week. Respect. Respect. You don't know what it is. Unless you're Vic Dakin. Tell 'im, someone, tell 'im."
  • (Richard Burton) "A hundred witnesses. But only twelve men on the jury. You remember that. Only twelve men on the jury."
  • (Richard Burton) "Who are you looking at?"
  • (Unnamed) "Mr Dakin comes here for our excellent restaurant."
  • (Nigel Davenport) "And to collect "the insurance"."
  • (Unnamed) "I don't quite follow you."
  • (Nigel Davenport) "Bollocks, Mr Barzun."
  • (Nigel Davenport) "I don't know what you're hoping to achieve, except perhaps an orgasm."
  • (Richard Burton) "Don't be a burke all your life. Take a day off, Sergeant."
  • (Nigel Davenport) "Inspector."
  • (Richard Burton) "Oh it's come through, has it? That's nice. Bit more on your widow's pension."

Clive Francis as Vivian

  • (Clive Francis) "Wolfe, I'm so glad you could come, how terrific."
  • (Ian McShane) "Hello Vivian, this is Venetia."
  • (Clive Francis) "Hello Venetia. Well we're all drinking in here so do come on through. I do wish you'd been here last night Wolfe, some lovely faces came down."

Richard Burton as Vic Dakin

  • (Richard Burton) "Bleeding pigeons."
  • (Richard Burton) "Why don't you go make a cup of tea?"
  • (Richard Burton) "Very nice car, Terry. Very good steel."
  • (Richard Burton) "Fancy living here."
  • (Del Henney) "Nice and quiet."
  • (Richard Burton) "Stupid punters. Telly all the week, screw the wife Saturday."
  • (Richard Burton) "Pick 'im up, pick 'im up."
  • (Richard Burton) "Frank, Frank. We're the boys, aren't we? Aren't we the boys. Always have been, ever since we were kids. Hardly got off our mother's tit when we had 'em quaking down in Hackney."
  • (Richard Burton) "He doesn't seem glad to see us. I mean, there's no enthusiasm. We sprung you, didn't we? Aren't you glad to be out? I mean, where's your gratitude?"
  • (Joss Ackland) "I'm sick, Vic. They were going to operate."
  • (Richard Burton) "I'll operate."
  • (Richard Burton) "If you don't tell me where that money is in ten seconds, I'll open you OUT."
  • (Richard Burton) "Drinking, whoring, gambling, pathetic -- pathetic -- pathetic."

Tony Selby as Duncan

  • (Tony Selby) "That's a nice dog you got there, Ken. A friend had one like it. It got run over -- a few times."
  • (Tony Selby) "It's not our sort -- It's not your sort -- What I mean is -- A bit of robbery these days, I mean, you can't tell."
  • (Richard Burton) "We're being very erudite today, aren't we? Bit of blazing eloquence there."

James Cossins as Brown

  • (James Cossins) "I haven't said anything. I wouldn't. I mean, you've no worries from me; from this end."
  • (Richard Burton) "I'm sure you haven't, Mr Brown. I just want to impress on you not to get too silly; not to do anything heroic."
  • (James Cossins) "You know me. No fear."
  • (Richard Burton) "I just wanted to IMPRESS upon you."
  • (James Cossins) "I'm a clerk, and a clerk, Mr Bellamy, is nothing now. Oh just before the war he was important, he gave the orders, he was the one who could rise to 400 a year, little modest saloon by the time he was 40. Your working man stayed at 3 quid a week. Not now, and my wife knows it; she says to our kid, you won't be a failure like your father."
  • (Richard Burton) "Sounds like a right cow."

T. P. McKenna as Frank Fletcher

  • (Unnamed) "Big tough lads."
  • (T. P. McKenna) "From the local rugby club."
  • (Unnamed) "Yeah, well they'll be short on Saturday."

Joss Ackland as Edgar Lowis

  • (Joss Ackland) "He's losing a lot of claret, Vic."

Del Henney as Webb

  • (Del Henney) "Here's Benny now. He can tell you."
  • (Tony Selby) "He's only pulled. He's only pulled a bird. I'd give her one."

Donald Sinden as Gerald Draycott

  • (Donald Sinden) "Vivian tells me you're not staying, Wolfe."
  • (Fiona Lewis) "What do you mean, you're not staying?"
  • (Ian McShane) "Got to get back into town, love. I've got things to do. Listen, I'll take your car, OK. I'm sure someone will give you a lift back in the morning."
  • (Donald Sinden) "Yes, I'm going back myself."
  • (Ian McShane) "Got things to do, pet."
  • (Fiona Lewis) "You are a sod, Wolfe."
  • (Ian McShane) "What can I do?"
  • (Donald Sinden) "What a shame. Still, I hope you'll enter into the spirit of things, Venetia."

Colin Welland as Tom Binney

  • (Colin Welland) "I think it's going to be a lovely day."

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