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Waiting for God (Red Dwarf) Quotes

Waiting for God (Red Dwarf) is a TV show that was first aired in 1970 . Waiting for God stopped airing in 1970.

Waiting for God (Red Dwarf) Quotes

  • (The Cat) "I'm smooth with a capital 'smoo'."
  • (Rimmer) "You ought to try reading you shirt sometime, Lister. It's probably a novel by Victor Hugo."
  • (Rimmer) "It's a garbage pod -- IT'S A SMEGGING GARBAGE POD."
  • (Lister) "They're just using religion as an excuse to be extremely crappy towards each other."
  • (Toaster) "So, what else is new?"
  • (Rimmer) "Constantly fails the exam? I'd hardly call 11 times constantly."
  • (Lister) "I am your god."
  • (The Cat) "Okay."
  • (The Cat) "Turn this into a woman."
  • (Lister) "I'm serious."
  • (The Cat) "So am I."
  • (Toaster) "What's the point of buying a toaster with artificial intelligence if you don't like toast?"
  • (Lister) "I do like toast."
  • (Toaster) "This is my job. This is cruel, just cruel."
  • (Lister) "Look, I'm busy."
  • (Toaster) "Oh, you're not busy eating toast are you?"
  • (Rimmer) "After intensive investigation, comma, of the markings on the alien pod, comma, it has become clear, comma, to me, comma, that we are dealing, comma, with a species of awesome intellect, colon."
  • (Holly) "Good. Perhaps they might be able to give you a hand with your punctuation."
  • (Holly) "The most interesting event that happened recently was that Lister pretended to pass the chef's exam, although really he failed. That gives you some idea about how truly exciting some days can be around here."
  • (Lister) "Never mind this, tot. Where's the Cat?"
  • (Rimmer) "Tot?"
  • (Lister) "Tot."
  • (Rimmer) "Tot?"
  • (Lister) "Tot."
  • (Rimmer) "Tot?"
  • (Lister) "Tot."
  • (Lister) "Tot."
  • (Rimmer) "TOT?"
  • (Lister) "TOT."
  • (Rimmer) "It must had looked something like -- a roast chicken."
  • (Rimmer) "It's the bloody garbage pod. WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME LISTER? IT'S THE f***ING GARBAGE POD."
  • (Rimmer) "Lister are you awake? Lister?"
  • (Rimmer) "LISTER."
  • (Lister) "What?"
  • (Rimmer) "Are you awake?"
  • (Lister) "Yeah."
  • (Rimmer) "Hmm, I couldn't sleep either."
  • (Holly) "Emergency. There's an emergency going on. It's still going on."
  • (Lister) "Six breasts? Imagine making love to a woman with six breasts."
  • (Rimmer) "Imagine making love to a woman."
  • (Rimmer) "Incredible. A stupendous moment in my personal history. The perfectly preserved remains of a Quagaar warrior."
  • (Lister) "Yeah, right, Rimmer. Absolutely."
  • (Rimmer) "They must have looked something like -- a roast chicken."
  • (Rimmer) "It's a garbage pod."
  • (The Cat) "If you're God, why that face?"
  • (Lister) "What's wrong with my face?"
  • (The Cat) ""What's wrong with your face"? It's upside down and inside out."

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