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Walking Tall (1973 film) Quotes

Walking Tall (1973 film) is a television show that was first aired in 1970 . Walking Tall ended its run in 1970.

It features Mort Briskin as producer, Walter Scharf in charge of musical score, and Jack A. Marta as head of cinematography.

Walking Tall (1973 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Walking Tall (1973 film) is 125 minutes long. Walking Tall (1973 film) is distributed by Cinerama Releasing Corporation.

The cast includes: Joe Don Baker as Buford, Bruce Glover as Grady, Felton Perry as Obra, Gene Evans as Thurman, Rosemary Murphy as Callie, Logan Ramsey as John Witter, Kenneth Tobey as Augie McCulluah, Don Keefer as Dr. Lamar Stivers, Brenda Benet as Luan Paxton, and Elizabeth Hartman as Pauline Pusser.

Walking Tall (1973 film) Quotes

Joe Don Baker as Buford

  • (Joe Don Baker) "I'm gonna take, and take, and take, till they ain't got nothin left to give but BLOOD --. And I'm gonna take that, one drop at a time."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "If you let them do this to me and get away with it, THEN YOU'RE GIVING THEM THE ETERNAL RIGHT TO DO THE SAME DAMN THING TO ANY ONE OF YOU."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "There's only two rules, and thats all -- But don't ever forget them. Number one we enforce the law equally. Number two, any man caught taking a bribe gets his head knocked off by me."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Mister, you're hand is shaking. If you miss, you'll never shoot again."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "If you let those people that own those joints have an inch, they'll steal the whole state -- It looks like they already got a leg up on it."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "It's not the fine that's important. It's the principal of the thing. You got public respect, Obra."
  • (Felton Perry) "Come over to my house tonight with public respect and watch the bonfire."
  • (Unnamed) "Why you self appointed dictator --. All you know is force and violence --. You don't understand the simplest things about the law."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "I understand the difference between a poor honest judge and a rich dishonest one."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Hey Grady. What about you? Are you just gonna let them throw me in a hole and bury me?"
  • (Bruce Glover) "What am I supposed to do? He deals the cards -- I just play the hand I get"
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Well, go find yourself another game."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "I got tired of being a trained animal in somebody else's circus."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Don't you just hate someone like that"
  • (Felton Perry) "What do you mean?"
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Well -- he ruined our bonfire."
  • (Joe Don Baker) "Hey Arno, howzit hangin?"

Gene Evans as Thurman

  • (Gene Evans) "Hey, Buford; How'd ya like a nice plush job as my deputy? No presence required, JUST BRUTE ANIMAL FORCE."
  • (Unnamed) "You better be rememberin' one thing before election time: the people of this county give you that badge, and they can damn well take it away from ya."
  • (Gene Evans) "Not like you to threaten a man, Carl."
  • (Don Keefer) "He doesn't speak only for himself, Al."

Logan Ramsey as John Witter

  • (Logan Ramsey) "Ya know, ideals and realties are very far apart. One day you're gonna see that son. And if ya don't, someone's gonna point it out to you -- CLEARLY."

Elizabeth Hartman as Pauline Pusser

  • (Elizabeth Hartman) "Is your pride worth those children's safety? -- Of all of us?"

Brenda Benet as Luan Paxton

  • (Brenda Benet) "Lookin's for free -- What I mean is lookin' don't cost nothin'."

Rosemary Murphy as Callie

  • (Rosemary Murphy) "Those Nashville papers are playing up that big stick of his like he's Sir Lancelot or somebody"

Felton Perry as Obra

  • (Felton Perry) "You had that jury ready to walk barefoot over hot coals."
  • (Felton Perry) "How does it feel to be part of the oppressed minority?"

Kenneth Tobey as Augie McCulluah

  • (Kenneth Tobey) "We otta take Sir Lancelot's big stick and shove it up his ass."

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