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Warlords of Atlantis Quotes

Warlords of Atlantis is a TV program that was first aired in 1970 . Warlords of Atlantis stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jim Brown (producer) as producer, and Mike Vickers in charge of musical score.

Warlords of Atlantis is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Warlords of Atlantis is 96 minutes long. Warlords of Atlantis is distributed by Columbia Pictures.

The cast includes: Peter Gilmore as Charles Aitken, Derry Power as Jacko, John Ratzenberger as Fenn, Doug McClure as Greg Collinson, Michael Gothard as Atmir, Shane Rimmer as Captain Daniels, Cyd Charisse as Atsil, Hal Galili as Grogan, and Donald Bisset as Professor Aitken.

Warlords of Atlantis Quotes

Doug McClure as Greg Collinson

  • (Doug McClure) "Are you sure you've got the right outfit on? We're not goin' to a cricket match, old boy."
  • (Peter Gilmore) "It's the gear that's been recommended by the Royal Society. That's a rather knowledgeable group. Not that you've ever heard of it."
  • (Doug McClure) "Well, I can't be a genius about everything, Charles."
  • (Doug McClure) "A city. A city in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "You will not find it on any map. But you know its name."
  • (Peter Gilmore) "Atlantis."
  • (Doug McClure) "Some welcome, Atmir."
  • (Michael Gothard) "Do not waste your energy on anger. Soon you will come to think of Atlantis as your only home."
  • (Doug McClure) "When are you geniuses going to learn? They were going to rub you out, Charlie."

John Ratzenberger as Fenn

  • (John Ratzenberger) "You've got a mortal fear of everything."

Peter Gilmore as Charles Aitken

  • (Peter Gilmore) "Science creating Utopia. Perfect society --"
  • (Peter Gilmore) "It got my pencil."
  • (Peter Gilmore) "Seven cities to Atlantis? You know, the Greeks always claimed there were nine."
  • (Michael Gothard) "Plato was not always right."
  • (Peter Gilmore) "You know about our history?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "Far more than you realize."

Shane Rimmer as Captain Daniels

  • (Shane Rimmer) "Man crammed into that sardine can? Under the sea? How you gonna expect to breathe?"
  • (Doug McClure) "Simple. Pass the coffee. Think of this coffee cup turned upside-down. You plunge the cup into the water, and there's air trapped inside, right?"
  • (Shane Rimmer) "Yeah, but that bottom's wide open. I mean, that's crazy. Crazy."
  • (Doug McClure) "Crazy, but it works. Believe me. Would I go down if it didn't? Skipper, I'm tellin' ya, this baby's got an emergency backup system throughout. And besides, I'm no hero."
  • (Shane Rimmer) "Look, I'm not very happy about this voyage."
  • (Donald Bisset) "So you keep telling me, Captain."
  • (Shane Rimmer) "I try to give you some sound advice. You could at least listen."
  • (Donald Bisset) "I hear you perfectly well. You have an irrational dislike of these seas."

Michael Gothard as Atmir

  • (Michael Gothard) "That is Troi, the third city. We can rest there."
  • (Peter Gilmore) "The third city?"
  • (Doug McClure) "So what happened to one and two?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "They are lost beneath the waters of the outer limits --.forever."
  • (Shane Rimmer) "What, just to rot?"
  • (Michael Gothard) "All things decay. We control many things, but even we cannot make time stand still."
  • (Michael Gothard) "This is the newcomer, At-ken."
  • (Cyd Charisse) "At-ken. At-ken. A superior name."

Derry Power as Jacko

  • (Derry Power) "Holy Saint Hilda. Where are we?"
  • (John Ratzenberger) "Grogan, what's happened to us? Where's the Texas Rose and the others?"
  • (Hal Galili) "Take it easy, kid. We're alive. And that's good enough for now."
  • (Derry Power) "And we're not the only ones. Hey. Skipper."
  • (Hal Galili) "Don't get too carried away, Jacko. Daniels might have some idea of what we were up to."
  • (Derry Power) "Oh."
  • (Derry Power) "A sewer. That's no way for a gentleman to travel."
  • (John Ratzenberger) "If it's good enough for rats, it's good enough for you."
  • (Derry Power) "Now don't joke, Fenn. You know I've a mortal fear of tunnels."

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