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We Don't Live Here Anymore Quotes

We Don't Live Here Anymore is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . We Don't Live Here Anymore ended its run in 1970.

It features Harvey Kahn as producer, Michael Convertino in charge of musical score, and Maryse Alberti as head of cinematography.

We Don't Live Here Anymore is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of We Don't Live Here Anymore is 101 minutes long. We Don't Live Here Anymore is distributed by Warner Independent Pictures.

The cast includes: Peter Krause as Hank Evans, Naomi Watts as Edith Evans, Mark Ruffalo as Jack Linden, and Laura Dern as Terry Linden.

We Don't Live Here Anymore Quotes

Peter Krause as Hank Evans

  • (Peter Krause) "Look, just love everybody you can. Love your kids, love your wife, keep the peace. Then once, just once, try f***ing somebody else just 'cos it feels good. Your wife, you know, may be living exactly according to these principles."
  • (Peter Krause) "It's much easier living with a woman who feels loved."
  • (Peter Krause) "Go to school."
  • (Unnamed) "It's summer. I don't have to. You go to school."
  • (Peter Krause) "It's Saturday. I don't have to."
  • (Peter Krause) "It's much easier living with a woman who feels loved."

Naomi Watts as Edith Evans

  • (Naomi Watts) "He'll be busting out soon. Trust me; I know the routine. He's been hibernating with that novel so long, next thing you know he'll look around and blink and f*** the first thing that walks into his office."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "Jesus, I hope someone goes in there before I do."
  • (Naomi Watts) "Well, he screws his wife once in a while, why not another man?"
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "And your husband making passes at my wife, how do you feel about that?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "Well, everybody deserves to be happy, right?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "He said he was happy for us, and now he's sad for us. He's happy that you were taking care of me, and now he's sorry that you can't."
  • (Naomi Watts) "You know what I wanted. I wanted to know where we were. Now I know."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "And?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "You love the person you're having the affair with."
  • (Naomi Watts) "I think he want to have sex with her."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "Why?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "Why?"
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "Yeah."
  • (Naomi Watts) "Because he likes her and she's pretty. And he hasn't had any strange p***** since that French c***."
  • (Naomi Watts) "I'd like to just concentrate on hating his guts right now."
  • (Naomi Watts) "I'm not leaving you because you're unfaith Hank, I'm leaving because I was."
  • (Peter Krause) "Look, none of that matters any more. It's over. Isn't it? Isn't it, Edith?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "Yeah. It's over."
  • (Peter Krause) "Well then, why leave now?"
  • (Naomi Watts) "Because I can."

Laura Dern as Terry Linden

  • (Laura Dern) "You say, "You are what you do"? Who really believes that? I mean, what does that mean? Does that mean I'm a cook, an errand runner, a f***er, a god**** cleaning lady? Because if you, you bastard, lost all discipline and folded up, and turned drunk and got bald and lost everything, I'd love you. I love you. You, Jack."
  • (Laura Dern) "You gotta admit -- even adultery has morality to it."

Mark Ruffalo as Jack Linden

  • (Mark Ruffalo) "They're pissing me off, they're trying to kill me."
  • (Peter Krause) "Cigarettes don't have souls, Jack. They don't mean you any harm."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "You know, you're a funny girl. After a long carnivorous f***, you're talking about a marriage counselor? Who are you?"
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "Men have left their wives for other women and been happy."
  • (Peter Krause) "Until they start cheating on their new wife."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "It occurred to him that what had seemed impossible before; that he had not spent his life as he should have; might, after all, be true. His professional duties and the whole arrangement of his life, of his family might all have been false."
  • (Mark Ruffalo) "Sometimes I think that I love even more than I think I do. Which is a lot."

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