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When We First Met Quotes

When We First Met is a television program that debuted in 1970 . When We First Met completed its run in 1970.

It features Adam Saunders, Mason Novick, Mary Viola, and Michelle Knudsen; McG as producer, Eric V. Hachikian in charge of musical score, and David Hennings as head of cinematography.

When We First Met is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of When We First Met is 97 minutes long. When We First Met is distributed by Netflix.

The cast includes: Andrew Bachelor as Max, Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby, Shelley Hennig as Carrie, Alexandra Daddario as Avery, and Robbie Amell as Ethan.

When We First Met Quotes

Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby

  • (Adam DeVine) "If only I could go back, and do everything differently. I could be the kind of guy she would want."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Carrie, for the past three years, I've been pining over what I thought was destiny. But, no matter what I would do, Ethan would end up connecting with Avery, and I would always seem to connect with you."
  • (Adam DeVine) "It was the perfect first date. But I waited too long, and then I got -- hugged."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Don't fall in love. She's gonna rip your heart out."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Holy s***. I owned your ass, space-time continuum. I just travelled through time."
  • (Adam DeVine) "There's been times when you've hated me, and there's been times when you're hit me with trees, and then, there's been times when -- you've been my only friend."
  • (Adam DeVine) "I'm stuck here, and the girl that I love is dating someone else. Is that what you're saying?"
  • (Chad) "Yeah. Story of my life."
  • (Adam DeVine) "No, It's not the story of your life, because you're not a time traveller, Chad."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Something unexplainable is happening to me, Max. Look at all these papers. They all have the exact same date. It's the exact same date on them. Where am I? How did I get here? What is happening to my life?"
  • (Andrew Bachelor) "Dude, did I not tell you the day you dropped out of business school, something exactly like this was going to happen to you."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Exactly like what?"
  • (Andrew Bachelor) "Like a quarter-life crisis. How many times did I tell you, I can talk to my boss and he would offer you a job here. You and I, we're supposed to be the Anna and Elsa of the corporate assistant game."
  • (Adam DeVine) "From Frozen?"
  • (Adam DeVine) "I thought things were suppose to happen for a reason."
  • (Andrew Bachelor) "That's what strippers and idiots say."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Why do you keep hitting me with trees?"
  • (Adam DeVine) "God damn, time travel."
  • (Adam DeVine) "I'm talking about fate."
  • (Andrew Bachelor) "Fate is a tricky lady. When you try to figure her out, you just get more confused. Listen, all I know is the mistakes I've made, and the ladies I've laid have made me who I am today. If I were to go back and relive it differently, I wouldn't be me. And I like me."

Shelley Hennig as Carrie

  • (Shelley Hennig) "Ever keep spinning around in the same relationship, over and over, and it's just going nowhere?"
  • (Shelley Hennig) "Don't touch her, asshole."
  • (Adam DeVine) "Don't touch her asshole?"

Robbie Amell as Ethan

  • (Robbie Amell) "I've been coveting my neighbour's wife, in my mind."

Andrew Bachelor as Max

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