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Widows' Peak Quotes

Widows' Peak is a television program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Widows' Peak stopped airing in 1970.

It features Jo Manuel as producer, Carl Davis in charge of musical score, and Ashley Rowe as head of cinematography.

Widows' Peak is recorded in English and originally aired in Ireland. Each episode of Widows' Peak is 101 minutes long. Widows' Peak is distributed by Irish Screen.

Widows' Peak Quotes

  • (Lieutenant Rokesby) "And, forgive me, but are there non -teetotal beverages available?"
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Not for the likes of them that's had enough."
  • (Mrs. Edwina Broome) "Nigel had often spoken so affectionately of Ireland. He loved this country so. He told me how he used to come here for the shooting."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Really? What did he shoot? Irishmen?"
  • (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan) "Miss O'Hare. Honest to God."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Why not? It isn't as if we're ever out of season."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "You and I, as snug as two bugs."
  • (Godfrey Doyle-Counihan) "Well, it's all right rowing ashore, but rowing back to the cruiser isn't."
  • (Mrs. Edwina Broome) "Do you mean because of the currents on the lake?"
  • (Godfrey Doyle-Counihan) "No, I mean because of the pubs on the land."
  • (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan) "That's the Lucy girl."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "The poor creature."
  • (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan) "What poor? Now we gave her every chance, so we did. "Get it adopted," we said to her. But no. No, she'd sooner make a show of herself and of us."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Where will she go?"
  • (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan) "Where do you think she'll go? Why else did God, in his goodness, invent England?"
  • (Con Clancy, Kilshannon Dentist) "A woman, I always say, is born for widowhood. It is her natural vocation. A woman is incomplete until himself is six feet under."
  • (Mrs. Doyle-Counihan) "We have had 700 years of English tyranny. And now, let this meeting demand the rope be on the other neck for a change."
  • (Con Clancy, Kilshannon Dentist) "No-one's going to tell me I don't disinfect."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Even when the English are murdering you, they're always thorough gentlemen."
  • (Lieutenant Rokesby) "Permit me, ma'am. First Lieutenant Rokesby of His Majesty's ship Heroic. At your service, ma'am. The fact is, I've had a somewhat chequered 24 hours. Fell into bad company in Dublin last night and missed my ship. Courtesy visit, you know, not bombardment."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Maybe she credits me with being smarter than I am, but at last I know a gold ring from the brass one you'd find in a sweet cake on Halloween."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "Are we sinking? I can't swim."
  • (Con Clancy, Kilshannon Dentist) "It won't be necessary. One of the few advantages of going aground is that you can walk ashore."
  • (Mrs. Edwina Broome) "I came to Kilshannon for the climate."
  • (Godfrey Doyle-Counihan) "What climate? We are in Ireland."
  • (Mrs. Edwina Broome) "I don't like lawyers. They consort with criminals."
  • (Godfrey Doyle-Counihan) "No, they don't, they consort with other lawyers."
  • (Mrs. Edwina Broome) "That's what I said."
  • (Miss Katherine O'Hare) "And the devil's cure to you."

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