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Wind Chill (film) Quotes

Wind Chill (film) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Wind Chill stopped airing in 1970.

It features Graham Broadbent as producer, Clint Mansell in charge of musical score, and Dan Laustsen as head of cinematography.

Wind Chill (film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United Kingdom. Each episode of Wind Chill (film) is 90 minutes long. Wind Chill (film) is distributed by TriStar Pictures (US).

The cast includes: Ashton Holmes as Guy, Emily Blunt as Girl, and Martin Donovan as Highway Patrolman.

Wind Chill (film) Quotes

Emily Blunt as Girl

  • (Emily Blunt) "Hey, didn't you just hear me banging in there?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "When?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "Oh that's funny to you? Me locked in, you think that's funny?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "What are you talking about? Locked in where?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "You're telling me, you didn't just hear me banging on the door. I could hear you."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Listen I don't know what you're talking about."
  • (Emily Blunt) "Forget it, it doesn't matter, let's just get back on the road."

Ashton Holmes as Guy

  • (Ashton Holmes) "I think I remember losing a candy bar down the seat cushions the other day. God, I'm starving."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Ahhhh."
  • (Emily Blunt) "What? What is it?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Ahhhh."
  • (Emily Blunt) "What?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "It's a candy bar."
  • (Emily Blunt) "You're an asshole."
  • (Unnamed) "Remember the highway's your best bet."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Don't worry about it man, I got it all covered."
  • (Emily Blunt) "Are we lost or something?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "No, I've done this drive a million times."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "I was going to tell you everything eventually."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "So, did your parents do the whole traditional family Christmas?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "Yeah."
  • (Emily Blunt) "You?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "No, my grandparents are Dutch. So I was raised on salted licorice and Sinterklaus."
  • (Emily Blunt) "How is that different from regular Santa Claus?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Well, instead of the North Pole, he lives in Spain and instead of elves, he's got this enforcer named Black Pete. So he's basically like your Santa Claus, only scarier."
  • (Emily Blunt) "That's charming."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Ok, so let me get this straight, you think I intentionally arranged for us to get stranded out here?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "I don't know."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "It was an accident goddamit. You saw the other guy. You think he was in on it too?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "Maybe."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "You're crazy."
  • (Emily Blunt) "I'm crazy?"
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Yes."
  • (Emily Blunt) "You know what, while you were supposedly unconscious, I got through to a friends voice mail and I'm sure she's called the cops."
  • (Ashton Holmes) "Would you listen to yourself? What kind of a psycho do you think I am?"
  • (Emily Blunt) "Exactly."

Martin Donovan as Highway Patrolman

  • (Martin Donovan) "You're not going anywhere."

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