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Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1) Quotes

Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1) is a television show that debuted in 1970 . Window of Opportunity stopped airing in 1970.

Window of Opportunity (Stargate SG-1) Quotes

  • (Jack O'Neill) "Anyway I don't know why none of you remember any of this. But I do know for a fact there's no point in having ole Doc Frasier examine us AGAIN."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "I ask you -- What could possibly be in my eye that would explain this?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Well if you're lookin' for help translating it, you're barking up the wrong genius."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Uh, excuse me, George."
  • (Major General George Hammond) "Colonel, what are you doing out of uniform?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Handing you my resignation."
  • (Major Samantha Carter) "You're resigning? What for?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "So I can do this."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Anyway, I'm sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Okay, this section of the text seems to deal primarily with their arrival on P4X-639 --"
  • (Colonel) "If we don't find a way out of this soon, I'm gonna lose it."
  • (Colonel) "Lose it -- It means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a Happy Meal, wacko."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "What kind of archaeologist carries a weapon?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Uh, I do."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Bad example."
  • (Malikai) "Once I've correctly deciphered the symbols on the altar, I will be able to master the time device."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Why, so you can be king of Groundhog Day?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "You know the worst part about this? Every time we loop Daniel asks me a question, and I wasn't listening the first time."
  • (Teal'c) "You're not the only one to suffer some discomfort, O'Neill."
  • (Major General George Hammond) "Colonel O'Neill, what the hell are you doing?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "In the middle of my backswing?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Listen to me I know what it's like."
  • (Malikai) "You can't."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "I LOST MY SON --. I KNOW --. AND AS MUCH AS I; I could NEVER relive that again. Could you?"
  • (Malikai) "-- No."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Let her go."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "How far away is Alaris anyway?"
  • (Teal'c) "Several billion miles, O'Neill."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "That's gotta be a record."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "I distinctly remember sitting here, listening to Carter prattle on about solar activity and a -- corona -- something."
  • (Major Samantha Carter) "Coronal mass emissions; I was just about to bring it up."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "There you go, how would I know that?"
  • (Major Samantha Carter) "Maybe you read my report."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Maybe he read your report?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "What kind of archaeologist carries a gun?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Uh, I do."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Okay, bad example."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "On the other hand, it's kind of an opportunity."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "How's that?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Well think about it, I mean if you knew in advance that everything was going to go back to the way it was then --"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "you could do anything. For as long as you want, without having to worry about consequences."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Excuse me."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "If it was just me I'd agree. But what about Teal'c? Come on. Is this the face of a crazy man?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Bad example."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Weren't we just somewhere else?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Where?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Some planet."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "When?"
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Just now."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "No."
  • (Jack O'Neill) "Sure?"
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Yeah."
  • (Daniel Jackson) "Anyway, I'm sorry, but that just happens to be how I feel about it. What do you think?"

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