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Within Our Gates Quotes

Within Our Gates is a television program that first aired in 1970 . Within Our Gates completed its run in 1970.

It features Oscar Micheaux as producer, and Philip Carli in charge of musical score.

Within Our Gates is recorded in Silent film (English intertitles) and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Within Our Gates is 79 minutes long. Within Our Gates is distributed by Micheaux Book & Film Company.

Within Our Gates Quotes

  • (Efram - Gridlestone's Servant) "Hurry. Jasper Landry done murdered Mistah Gridlestone."
  • (Mrs. Elena Warwick) "Since I have decided to give her my assistance, I would be grateful if, as a Southerner yourself, Geraldine, you could point me the best way to do so."
  • (Mrs. Geraldine Stratton) "Lumber-jacks and field hands. Let me tell you; it is an error to try and educate them. Besides, they don't want an education. Can't you see that thinking would only give them a headache? Their ambition is to belong to a dozen lodges, consume religion without restraint, and, when they die, go straight up to heaven. Wasting $5,000 on a school is plain silly when you could give $100 to old Ned, the best colored preacher in the world -- who will do more to keep Negroes in their place than all your schools put together."
  • (Unnamed) "Years ago, in the depth of the forest, but not so far that one could help hearing of a late afternoon the somber echo of cow bells stealing across the valley from Gridlestone estate -- lived the workman Jasper Landry. Typical of the thousands of poor Negro laborers in the Great Delta, lacking education and the vote, but in whose heart burned as eternal hope: a home for their families, a few acres of land, a church to attend, and an education for their children."
  • (Unnamed) "Sylvia Landry; a schoolteacher from the South visiting her northern cousin; is typical of the intelligent Negro of our times."
  • (Unnamed) "Y'all knows what I always preach. This is a land for the white man and black folk got ta know their place. Let the white man go to Hell with his politics, wealth, and sins. Give me Jesus. Leave it to me, gen'men, I always preach that the vices and sins of the white folk will end them up in Hell. When the Judgement Day comes, more Negroes than whites will rise up to Heaven. Yessir, white folks is mighty fine."
  • (Unnamed) "Again, I've sold my birthright. All for a miserable 'mess of pottage. Negroes and whites; all are equal. As for me, miserable sinner, Hell is my destiny."
  • (Philip Gridlestone) "Poor white trash; and no better than a Negro."
  • (Philip Gridlestone) "I have always treated the coloreds well; but I remember that my father, who owned a thousand slaves, had callouses on his hands from --"
  • (Philip Gridlestone) "-- and he showed me that was the only way to keep 'em in line."
  • (Unnamed) "Reverend Wilson Jacobs, founder of the school and apostle of education for the black race. Constance, his sister, Reverend Jacob's sole ally in his unequal struggle against the Negroes' ignorance."
  • (Unnamed) "The weevils ate up the cotton crop; and bein' as I couldn't pay the rent, they took ma mule. I hears 'bout your school; 'n' so we walked from my place, a ways off, 'cause my children here don't do nothin' but say, 'Papa, without schoolin', we c'n never 'mount to nothin'.' So here I is, suh, ready ta work day 'n' night so's my children c'n get schoolin' 'n' be useful to society."
  • (Efram - Gridlestone's Servant) "T'ain' no doubt 'bout it; da whi' fo'ks loves me."
  • (Mrs. Elena Warwick) "I am very interested in the cause of your race, and I will find the means to help in the most effective way."
  • (Jasper's Wife) "Justice. Where are you? Answer me. How long? Great God almighty, How Long?"
  • (Jasper's Wife) "She is as educated as white girls now; so when you go pay the boss you tell him that."
  • (Unnamed) "While we's waitin', what ya say we grab this boy?"
  • (Efram - Gridlestone's Servant) "Bu -- bu -- bu' you knows me, Mistah John; ya knows I'se da one wha' tole you Landry killed Mistah Gridlestone."
  • (Alma Prichard) "Sylvia is my cousin but she was raised by a family named Landry; who were all lynched years ago."
  • (Unnamed) "Mrs. Geraldine Stratton, a rich Southerner passing through Boston; a bitter enemy of women's suffrage, because it appalls her to think that Negro women might vote."
  • (Sylvia Landry) "It is my duty and the duty of each member of our race to help destroy ignorance and superstition. I am going up north where I'll try to raise the money we need. May God be with us."
  • (Alma Prichard) "Do pardon me for interrupting; but I forgot this --"
  • (Unnamed) "The school has too many students, the money is just about gone, and Wilson hasn't the heart to turn away the new students who keep coming every day. The state pays only $1.49 a year to educate each Negro child; and the colored people who live here are too poor to help us."
  • (Efram - Gridlestone's Servant) "Dat Landry gal been ta school 'n' keeps her pappy's books now; so ya won't git ta cheat him no mo'."
  • (Unnamed) "From the soles of their flat feet to the crown of their head, Negroes are, undoubtedly, inferior beings."
  • (Philip Gridlestone) "You're gettin' mighty smart, eh? But I'm on to you. And remember that the white man makes the law in this country."

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