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Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) Quotes

Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) is a TV program that appeared on TV in 1970 . Witness for the Prosecution ended in 1970.

It features Arthur Hornblow Jr. as producer, Matty Malneck in charge of musical score, and Russell Harlan as head of cinematography.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) is 116 minutes long. Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) is distributed by United Artists.

The cast includes: Una O'Connor as Janet Mackensie, Charles Laughton as Sir Wilfrid, Marlene Dietrich as Christine Vole, Tyrone Power as Leonard Vole, Elsa Lanchester as Miss Plimsoll, Torin Thatcher as Mr. Myers, and John Williams as Brogan-Moore.

Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film) Quotes

John Williams as Brogan-Moore

  • (John Williams) "Touching isn't it? The way he counts on his wife."
  • (Charles Laughton) "Yes, like a drowning man clutching at a razor blade."

Tyrone Power as Leonard Vole

  • (Tyrone Power) "What are you looking for?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "My accordion."
  • (Tyrone Power) "I think I've found it."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "Step on it again. It's still breathing."
  • (Tyrone Power) "It's horrible. In a gemutlich sort of way."

Charles Laughton as Sir Wilfrid

  • (Charles Laughton) "Be prepared for hysterics and even a fainting spell. Better have smelling salts handy and a nip of brandy."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I do not think that will be necessary. I never faint because I am not sure that I will fall gracefully and I never use smelling salts because they puff up the eyes. I am Christine Vole."
  • (Charles Laughton) "Give me a match."
  • (Tyrone Power) "Sorry, I don't carry matches."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I thought you said I'd like him."
  • (Tyrone Power) "But I do have a lighter."
  • (Tyrone Power) "You're quite right, I do like him."
  • (Charles Laughton) "My Lord, may I also remind my learned friend that his witness, by her own admission, has already violated so many oaths that I am surprised the Testament did not LEAP FROM HER HAND when she was sworn here today. I doubt if anything is to be gained by questioning you any further. That will be all, Frau Helm."
  • (Charles Laughton) "You could be jailed for that. You had no search warrant for my cane."
  • (Charles Laughton) "We've disposed of the gallows, but there's still that banana peel somewhere."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I'd better take that thermos of cocoa with me. It helps me wash down down the pills."
  • (Elsa Lanchester) "Let me see. My learned patient is not above substituting brandy for cocoa."
  • (Elsa Lanchester) "Sniff, sniff. It is cocoa. So sorry."
  • (Charles Laughton) "If you were a woman, Miss Plimsoll, I would strike you."
  • (Charles Laughton) "Kings, prime ministers, archbishops, even barristers have stood in the dock."
  • (Charles Laughton) "The question is whether you were lying then or are you lying now -- or whether in fact you are a chronic and habitual LIAR."
  • (Charles Laughton) "I am constantly surprised that women's hats do not provoke more murders."

Elsa Lanchester as Miss Plimsoll

  • (Elsa Lanchester) "Shall we roll up the window, Sir Wilfrid?"
  • (Charles Laughton) "Just roll up your mouth, you talk too much. If I'd known how much you talk I'd never have come out of my coma. This thing weighs a ton."
  • (Elsa Lanchester) "Teeny weeny flight of steps, Sir Wilfrid, we mustn't forget we've had a teeny weeny heart attack."
  • (Elsa Lanchester) "Sir Wilfrid, you've forgotten your brandy."

Una O'Connor as Janet Mackensie

  • (Una O'Connor) "Perhaps you can help me, your Lordship. Six months, I have applied for my hearing aid and I am still waiting for it."
  • (Unnamed) "My dear madame. Considering the rubbish that is being talked nowadays, you are missing very little."

Marlene Dietrich as Christine Vole

  • (Marlene Dietrich) "Damn you. Damn you. Damn you. Damn you."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "You are burning my nose."
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "I'll give ya somethin' to dream about, Mister. Wanna kiss me, ducky?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "It isn't even my letter paper. I write my letters on small, blue paper with my initials on it?"
  • (Charles Laughton) "Like these?"
  • (Marlene Dietrich) "Damn you. Damn you. Let me go. Let me get out of here."

Torin Thatcher as Mr. Myers

  • (Torin Thatcher) "I hope we are not to be deprived of the learned and stimulating company of Sir Wilfrid?"

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