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Worst Case Scenario (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

Worst Case Scenario (Star Trek: Voyager) is a TV show that first aired in 1970 . Worst Case Scenario ended in 1970.

It features Dennis McCarthy (composer) in charge of musical score.

Worst Case Scenario (Star Trek: Voyager) Quotes

  • (Neelix) "I've got a great idea for a holo-novel: about a daring trader, who becomes a cook on a starship. Eventually he rises to --"
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "Mr. Neelix; if Mr. Paris and I do create another work of holo-fiction, I assure you, we will choose a subject much less close to home."
  • (Captain Janeway) "With all due respect, Mr Tuvok; loosen up."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "I don't care what kind of story it is, as long as I'm not the bad guy this time."
  • (Chakotay) "Kathryn, don't try to be a hero. I've been reasonable so far. I'll allow you to keep the shuttle; I'll even transport you some extra provisions. But if you don't stand down, I will destroy your shuttle."
  • (Janeway) "You've just threatened the wrong woman, Chakotay."
  • (Seska) "Do you want me to shoot him?"
  • (Chakotay) "We're still going to need a cook."
  • (Chakotay) "Take a good look around you. You're under armed guard. You may also notice that your senior officers aren't here. They're in the brig. They'll be put off the ship at the first habitable planet we come to; all except Janeway and Paris, who will arrive at their rendezvous co-ordinates to find that Voyager's not there. In short, I've taken control of the ship. I don't blame any of you for the mistakes of your leaders. So I'm giving you a choice: you can be put off the ship with your superiors or -- you can do what Neelix and some of your other crew members have already done, and join me. If you do, you'll be part of the crew and it's going to do whatever it takes to get us home as fast as possible. Under my command, we won't let almighty Federation principles get in the way of opportunities; the way Janeway did when she destroyed the array that could have gotten us home. And we won't be wasting precious time stopping to investigate every insignificant anomaly that we come across. What we will do -- is use any means necessary to acquire technology that can shorten our journey. To hell with Starfleet regulations."
  • (Captain Janeway) "I'm more than just a captain. I'm the leader of a community, and communities need entertainment, culture, creative outlets. Since we're not exactly privy to every new piece of music or holo-novel that's written back home, I think it's only natural that we should start creating our own."
  • (Commander Chakotay) "Besides, Tuvok, if the crew doesn't get an ending, you may have a real mutiny on your hands."
  • (Captain Janeway) "Apparently you didn't account for B'Elanna's exceptional computer skills."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "Nor her somewhat excessive curiosity."
  • ("Ensign" Tom Paris) "It's been over an hour already, I'm getting bored."
  • (Tuvok) "I am not concerned with your amusement, Ensign. We are in a crisis situation and we will follow procedure; and procedure dictates that we wait for the right opportunity to attempt an escape, whether it takes an hour or a week."
  • ("Ensign" Tom Paris) "A week? Who wrote this stuff?"
  • (Captain Janeway) "Good. Then it's settled. I for one can't wait to see if Captain Janeway manages to outwit the conspirators."
  • (The Doctor) "20 ccs nitric acid; a little proverbial salt in the wound."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "You should never have crossed her, Tuvok."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "She has been dead for over a year now. There would have been no way to predict this turn of events."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "I guess we should've known Seska wouldn't let a little thing like death stop her from getting even."
  • (Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres) "Now, up until now, the story's been nothing but action, which is fine; but what it needs is a little heart, a little emotion."
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "We are not writing a romance novel, Lieutenant."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "So, Tuvok; anything in the Dictates of Poetics -- about how to escape from a ship full of insane holograms?"
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "Need I remind you that it was I who first began the scenario?"
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "And you think I'm compromising your creative vision?"
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "In so many words, yes."
  • (Neelix) "I would never presume to interfere in the creative process. It's more of a comment, really. About the Neelix character --"
  • (Lieutenant Tuvok) "How surprising."
  • (Neelix) "He would never betray the Captain the way he does in that story. Er, no offense, Mr. Vulcan, but I don't think you understand my character very well."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "Tuvok, did you forget to follow the Dictates of Poetics?"
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "Oh, just great. Maybe we can go to the mess hall now and let the holographic Neelix burn my arm with a frying pan."
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "Remember the good old days when it was impossible to keep a secret on a ship this small?"
  • (Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres) "Are you in the habit of just walking in on people's private holodeck time?"
  • (Lieutenant Tom Paris) "Well, it's not as if I caught you dancing the rumba with a naked Bolian."

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