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WUPHF.com Quotes

WUPHF.com is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . WUPHF.com ended its run in 1970.

WUPHF.com Quotes

  • (Jim Halpert) "Oh, nice, wasting time, here we go."
  • (Meredith Palmer) "Hey, back off. It's Solitaire."
  • (Creed Bratton) "Hey, kid. Hear you're looking for work."
  • (Jim Halpert) "Talk to me."
  • (Creed Bratton) "How far can you reach those lovely, long arms of yours?"
  • (Creed Bratton) "Eh, put 'em down. How long can you hold that pretty little breath of yours?"
  • (Creed Bratton) "Good."
  • (Gabe Lewis) "Hey, Jim? Are you distracting these people?"
  • (Creed Bratton) "We're working."
  • (Gabe Lewis) "Can you at least try to look busy?"
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Did I truck three hundred bales of hay to a parking lot to rectify some childhood disappointment? Yes."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Every fall growing up, my Uncle Eldred used to build a maze out of hay bales for us kids to play in. We called it Hay Place. Eldred called it Hay World, eventually lawyers were brought in. That's all behind us. Hay Place lives on."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Uh-oh. Ok, ok, nobody panic. Listen up, listen up."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Everyone, follow me to the shelter. We've got enough food for fourteen days. After that, we have a difficult conversation."
  • (Michael Scott) "My bad. Space Heater and Fan were both on high, plugged into the same outlet. So --"
  • (Jim Halpert) "Um -- it's saying the server went down? Does anybody know that password? 'Cause otherwise, we can't do any work."
  • (Michael Scott) "Uh -- try password."
  • (Jim Halpert) "Nope."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Try 000000."
  • (Jim Halpert) "No."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Okay, now try 000001."
  • (Jim Halpert) "Okay, I'm not doing every number."
  • (Pam Beesly) "Wait, um, does anyone remember when it was set up?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Uh -- it was like, eight years ago?"
  • (Pam Beesly) "Lord of the Rings stuff? I don't know, I'm just trying to think of things that were happening at the time."
  • (Erin Hannon) "Everyone was getting their driver's license."
  • (Jim Halpert) "Why don't we just call the IT guy who set it up? What's the name of the guy in glasses again?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Okay, moving backwards our IT guys have been -- Glasses, Turban, Earhair, Fatty 3, Shorts, Fatty 2, Lozenge and Fatso. I think Lozenge was the one who installed it."
  • (Andy Bernard) "I got it. Try, um --"
  • (Michael Scott) "You know what? It made me laugh but Pam got really offended."
  • (Kevin Malone) "Big boobs."
  • (Meredith Palmer) "Drama queen?"
  • (Angela Martin) "Nosy?"
  • (Pam Beesly) "You're typing big boobs?"
  • (Jim Halpert) "I'm trying everything."
  • (Dwight Schrute) "Try big boobs with a z."
  • (Jim Halpert) "That's --"
  • (Jim Halpert) "the password. We're in."
  • (Michael Scott) "The important thing is, this kept us secure, people."
  • (Ryan Howard) "Hey, I'm Wuphf."
  • (Michael Scott) "I'm Facebook."
  • (Ryan Howard) "What's up, Facebook?"
  • (Michael Scott) "I sent you a Facebook message yesterday, I still haven't heard anything back."
  • (Ryan Howard) "You should have sent me a Wuphf."
  • (Michael Scott) "A what?"
  • (Ryan Howard) "When you send a Wuphf, it goes to your home phone, cell phone, email, Facebook, Twitter and home-screen, all at the same time. Wuphf."
  • (Michael Scott) "Wuphf.com."
  • (Jo Bennett) "The moment Darla put the cupcake in her mouth, her daddy pulled aside her and said you're too fat. No one's gonna like you if you're too fat."
  • (Jo Bennett) "The next time I saw David Geffen at the Buffalo Club, I love you, you gay bastard, I said."
  • (Toby Flenderson) "When Ryan came here, uh, you really idealized him."
  • (Michael Scott) "No, just the opposite. I thought he was the coolest kid I ever saw."
  • (Michael Scott) "The world sends people your way. Ryan came to me through a temp agency. Andy was transferred here. No idea where Creed came from. The point is, you just have to play with the cards that you're dealt. Jim, that guy is an Ace. Dwight is my King up my sleeve. Phyllis is my Old Maid. Oscar is my Queen. That's easy. Give me a hard one. That's what Oscar said. Toby is the Instruction Card you throw away, Pam is a solid 7, and you know, Ryan is probably like a 2. Sometimes 2s can be wild, so watch out. And I'm obviously the Joker. So --"
  • (Michael Scott) "That's, uh --"
  • (Unnamed) "Wuphf from Ryan Howard: Decided to sell company. Thanks, bro. Hell of a ride."
  • (Michael Scott) "Thank God."
  • (Michael Scott) "Excuse me, everyone. SEX. Now that I have your attention --"
  • (Stanley Hudson) "You don't have our attention."
  • (Michael Scott) "MONEY."
  • (Stanley Hudson) "I'm listening."
  • (Kevin Malone) "You had me at sex."
  • (Michael Scott) "Pervert."
  • (Phyllis Vance) "You have all of our attentions just by screaming anything."
  • (Michael Scott) "That's good to know. AAAAH."
  • (Pam Beesly) "What do you want to say, Michael?"
  • (Michael Scott) "Wuphf."

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