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Yes, Dear Quotes

Yes, Dear is a TV show that was first aired in 2000 on CBS. Yes, Dear ended in 2006.

Yes, Dear was on for 6 seasons and 122 episodes. It features Rick Marotta as composer. Yes, Dear is executive produced by Alan Kirschenbaum. Yes, Dear is created by Alan Kirschenbaum.

Yes, Dear is recorded in English and originally aired in United States. Each episode of Yes, Dear is 22 minutes long. Yes, Dear is produced by Greg Garcia (producer) and distributed by 20th Television.

The cast includes: Tim Conway as Kim Warner, Anthony Clark as Greg Warner, Liza Snyder as Christine Hughes, Mike O'Malley as Jimmy Hughes, Joel Homan as Dominic Hughes [#2], Liza Snyder as Curtis, Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Savitsky, Jerry Van Dyke as Big Jimmy Hughes, Vicki Lawrence as Natalie, Alley Mills as Jenny Ludke, and Phill Lewis as Roy.

Yes, Dear Quotes

Anthony Clark as Greg Warner

  • (Anthony Clark) "Great, dinner with Jimmy. It's like "Tuesdays With Morrie" except you don't learn anything, and at the end you want to guy to die."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Hey, what's up?"
  • (Tim Conway) "Nothing. Just thinking of names for Jimmy's boat."
  • (Anthony Clark) "How about the S.S. Jimmy's An Idiot?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Does it still hurt, Sammy?"
  • (Sam 'Sammy' Warner) "No."
  • (Liza Snyder) "I'm just glad he stopped crying --"
  • (Anthony Clark) "I was worried about my son."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Where do you see yourself in twenty years?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "I don't know. Where do you see me in twenty years?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Hopefully just at holidays and other family functions."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Where's Sammy?"
  • (Tim Conway) "Up in the room with Dominic and Logan."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Really?"
  • (Tim Conway) "They asked for three sheets and shut the door. Either they're playing ghosts, building a fort or having a clan meeting."
  • (Anthony Clark) "There were a lot of things I hoped I'd never see and three of them are hanging from Jimmy."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Christine did look good though."
  • (Tim Conway) "Shut up."
  • (Anthony Clark) "So, Curtis; you went to college?"
  • (Liza Snyder) "Yeah, for about a year and a half; then the money ran out so I went to ask my mom for money and that's how I wound up in jail."
  • (Anthony Clark) "It's not a crime to ask your mother for money for college."
  • (Liza Snyder) "It is if your mother is a bank teller and you're holding a gun on her while asking."

Tim Conway as Kim Warner

  • (Tim Conway) "It was amazing -- all the screaming --"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Yeah -- I just hope I didn't wake Sammy."
  • (Tim Conway) "How's Emily?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Sleeping like a 'Jimmy'."
  • (Tim Conway) "In that case, she's sprawled on her back with one hand down her diaper."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Yeah, in a bed that belongs to us."
  • (Tim Conway) "How is the practice date going?"
  • (Joel Homan) "She won't even let me get things started"
  • (Tim Conway) "I'll bet no one who's been on a first date with you has ever said that."
  • (Gloria) "Oh, I'm sorry -- have you met my husband Guillermo?"
  • (Tim Conway) "No, I don't believe I have."
  • (Gloria) "Well, if you do, don't tell him about Lou."
  • (Tim Conway) "Every time something goes wrong at work do you want me to put on the Batman cape and fly into town because they upset my Greggy?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Actually Batman can't fly."
  • (Tim Conway) "Is that really important?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "It is to the citizens of Gotham."

Mike O'Malley as Jimmy Hughes

  • (Mike O'Malley) "Ok, the men are leaving to fight this battle. It would be nice if the women would greet us appropriately when we return."
  • (Liza Snyder) "I'll be waiting in bed with a grilled cheese sandwitch"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Let's go."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Get a room."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Get a house."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Hey, hey; all dressed up and ready, huh?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Jimmy, you are seeing the being of a great and wonderful Valentine's Day."
  • (Liza Snyder) "As long as I don't have to see the end."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Can you imagine watching those two skinny little bodies naked? It would be like watching a praying mantis having sex with a cricket."
  • (Logan Hughes) "I'm not wearing any of Dominic's old clothes"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Now you're being picky? The last three mornings I had to make you spit out Dominic's gum."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Wait, I thought you said you would support my decision no matter what."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Yeah. If you made the right one."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Well, Dad; this is a good opportunity for you to be around kids."
  • (Jerry Van Dyke) "Are you kidding? The people at Sun City have their grandchildren running around all of the time. I've never seen so many people wearing diapers changing diapers."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "What's more important to you, playing the game or winning the dog?"
  • (Joel Homan) "I want the dog."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Give me the hammer."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "How hot is that?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "So you and that girl Lisa seem to be getting along."
  • (Marcellas Reynolds) "Yeah, she's sweet."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Oh she is fine. I think you have a chance with her."
  • (Marcellas Reynolds) "Jimmy, you do know that I'm gay, right?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Oh -- Okay -- well check out the abs on Nathan."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "It's great to see you, Dad. Too bad Mom couldn't come with you."
  • (Jerry Van Dyke) "Yeah, well, it's the big gin tournament at Sun City this weekend."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Gin tournament? I didn't know Mom played gin."
  • (Jerry Van Dyke) "She doesn't play it; she drinks it. She's got a good chance this year. Last year's champion is waiting for a liver transplant."

Liza Snyder as Christine Hughes

  • (Liza Snyder) "Why are you worried about Greg?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Well, Roy and I were kidding him about being scared to go to that barbeque place down in 'the hood'. He's been gone about two hours and we haven't heard from him."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Well, what did he tell you when you called him on his cell phone?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Uhhhhhhh."
  • (Liza Snyder) "You didn't call him on his cell phone?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Uh, well, no."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Well, excuse me if I don't wait around for the exciting end of 'CS-I'm-a-moron'."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Ok, this baby monitor will let you keep track of Dominic from the house. Now, if he begins to cry, press this button to turn it off."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Jimmy, I can't believe you got Dominic a mullet."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Why? It's an acceptable haircut. Everybody in our hometown has a mullet."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Jimmy, people in our hometown even give their dogs mullets. This isn't back home, this is LA."
  • (Anthony Clark) "Uh, Dominic; you want to go out back and play catch with me?"
  • (Joel Homan) "Sure."
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Why'd you do that?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Well, I didn't think he should hear you two arguing over his haircut. It might break his heart; his 'Achy Breaky Heart'"
  • (Liza Snyder) "You don't know who Uday and Qasay are?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "No. I never learned Pig Latin."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Here, have your Daquiri maker back."
  • (Tim Conway) "Why, doesn't it work?"
  • (Liza Snyder) "Well, yeah, it works just fine, but -- do you remember yesterday?"
  • (Tim Conway) "Yes."
  • (Liza Snyder) "I don't."
  • (Logan Hughes) "Why do we have to take a bath? We're not dirty."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Logan, in the last hour I've seen you stick your finger up three different nostrils."
  • (Liza Snyder) "I don't like hitting my kids. What are we Bill Cosby."
  • (Tim Conway) "Bill Cosby didn't spank his kids."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Who am I thinking of?"
  • (Anthony Clark) "Bing Crosby."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Look, the governor is chasing some guy around the basketball court. Natalie, isn't that Tom running around and making a fool out of himself?"
  • (Vicki Lawrence) "Yep."
  • (Liza Snyder) "You didn't even look."
  • (Vicki Lawrence) "Don't have to."
  • (Liza Snyder) "Jimmy, I've told you before, it's okay if you look at porn. Just let me know when you find something good."

Joel Homan as Dominic Hughes [#2]

  • (Joel Homan) "Can I have some coffee so I don't fall asleep in school again?"
  • (Mike O'Malley) "Dominic, you are six years old, you can't have coffee. Here, drink these Mountain Dews."

Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Savitsky

  • (Brian Doyle-Murray) "Listen, Warner; do you think if I just made this out to 'Money Grubbing Whore #2', the bank would still cash it?"
  • (Brian Doyle-Murray) "Warner, give me that Bop-It game."

Phill Lewis as Roy

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Alley Mills as Jenny Ludke

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