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Zazie dans le Métro Quotes

Zazie dans le Métro is a television program that debuted in 1970 . Zazie dans le Métro ended in 1970.

It features Louis Malle as producer, Fiorenzo Carpi in charge of musical score, and Henri Raichi as head of cinematography.

Zazie dans le Métro is recorded in French and originally aired in France. Each episode of Zazie dans le Métro is 89 minutes long. Zazie dans le Métro is distributed by Astor Pictures.

The cast includes: Catherine Demongeot as Zazie, Carla Marlier as Albertine, Antoine Roblot as Charles, Annie Fratellini as Mado, Philippe Noiret as Uncle Gabriel, Vittorio Caprioli as Trouscaillon, Yvonne Clech as Madame Mouaque, and Jacques Dufilho as Ferdinand Grédoux.

Zazie dans le Métro Quotes

Annie Fratellini as Mado

  • (Annie Fratellini) "Something wrong, Mr. Gabriel?"
  • (Philippe Noiret) "I have stage fright."
  • (Unnamed) "Gabriel, you're on."
  • (Annie Fratellini) "I think you're so beautiful."
  • (Carla Marlier) "Do you?"
  • (Annie Fratellini) "Oh, I do. I really do. I think you're swell-looking. You're so well-stacked and so elegant, on top of it."
  • (Carla Marlier) "Don't let's exaggerate."
  • (Annie Fratellini) "Oh, but you are. You're real swell. Why don't we see more of you? I'd like to see more of you."

Catherine Demongeot as Zazie

  • (Catherine Demongeot) "I'm waiting for the others to go see Uncle dance."
  • (Yvonne Clech) "That elephant dances?"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "In a tutu, too."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "What a swell town."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "Goodbye, sir."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "I grew up some."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "Are you a homosessual?"
  • (Antoine Roblot) "I look like a fruit?"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "No, you're the driver."
  • (Antoine Roblot) "You see?"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "See what? So why aren't you married?"
  • (Antoine Roblot) "Can't find my dream girl."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "You're a snob."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "You must be repressed. Wait for me. Tell me about your hang-ups. You scared of women?"
  • (Antoine Roblot) "There she goes again. Sexuality all over the place, all the time. Excrementation. Putrefaction. All dames have one-track minds."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "When Mom's got a new squeeze, it's so long, family."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "What makes him a homosessual? 'Cause he wears perfume?"
  • (Antoine Roblot) "You got it."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "That's no crime."
  • (Antoine Roblot) "Of course not."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "We taking the metro, Unc?"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "When's the strike over?"
  • (Philippe Noiret) "Dunno. I don't do politics."
  • (Antoine Roblot) "It ain't politics. It's about bucks."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "Mister, you ever go on strike?"
  • (Antoine Roblot) "Gotta, to get fares hiked."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "You oughta pay people to ride in this stinking crate."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "Say, Unc, when you guys spout crap, you do it on purpose?"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "-- they got American military surpluses, too?"
  • (Vittorio Caprioli) "Of course. And great French fries, made right that afternoon."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "I'll take the American military surpluses."
  • (Vittorio Caprioli) "They got mussels, too. That don't screw you all up."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "They got those American blue jeans?"
  • (Vittorio Caprioli) "Of course. And their compasses too, and that's not all --"
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "f*** all that, I just want the blue jeans."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "What's a hormosessual?"
  • (Carla Marlier) "A man who wears blue jeans."
  • (Catherine Demongeot) "You're spoofing me."

Yvonne Clech as Madame Mouaque

  • (Yvonne Clech) "People are mostly c***s. You too, c***."
  • (Jacques Dufilho) "You hear this --"

Philippe Noiret as Uncle Gabriel

  • (Philippe Noiret) "I've tried dream analysis."
  • (Antoine Roblot) "What do you dream of?"
  • (Philippe Noiret) "Wet nurses."
  • (Philippe Noiret) "I wonder why Paris is always pictured as a dame."
  • (Philippe Noiret) "Paris will always be Paris. Isn't it gorgeous, Zazie. The Pantheon. The Invalides. The cabaret. The metro."
  • (Philippe Noiret) "Okay, so I dance in drag in a nightclub. That means nothing. Strictly for laughs. With my build, you see --"
  • (Philippe Noiret) "I got a confession stuck in my craw. I can't hold it in no more. I'll say nothing of my youth. Of my upbringing, I had none. Of my education, there's little to tell. On this score, there's no more to say. Now I come to my military service on which I won't dwell. A bachelor early on, life made me what I am. Rise, descend, descend, rise, come, go; so does Man until he finally vanishes. A taxi bringeth him. An elevator taketh him away. Neither the Tower nor the Pantheon take any note. All Paris is a dream. Zazie is a reverie. All this is a reverie within a dream. A reverie within a dream."
  • (Philippe Noiret) "And over there, way out yonder, the cemetery is piled high with former Parisians -- who went up and down countless steps, to and fro along endless streets, until in the end they went and were no more. Pleasure bringeth them, a hearse taketh them away. Meanwhile, the Tower rusts, the Pantheon cracks, quicker than their bones rot -- and melt away in the humus of the woeful metropolis. But I -- I am alive. And there my knowledge ceases. Of the cabbie and my niece, 1,000 feet up in the air, and of my sweet spouse, Albertine, back at the hearth, at this precise moment, I know only this: that they are almost dead since they are not here. Created in a flash -- animated in a splash -- negated in a dash."
  • (Philippe Noiret) "In 20 years, there won't be teachers anymore. They'll all be replaced by movies, TV, electronics, stuff like that. That was in the paper the other day too."

Carla Marlier as Albertine

  • (Carla Marlier) "For an engagement, a medium white is indispensable, with a touch of virginal silver."
  • (Annie Fratellini) "I'll skip the virginal part."
  • (Carla Marlier) "Gabriel, Gabriel, you forgot your lipstick."

Vittorio Caprioli as Trouscaillon

  • (Vittorio Caprioli) "I -- was orphaned -- in the Resistance."

Antoine Roblot as Charles

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